Thursday, May 13, 2010

L.A. Colors Swatches

Before I share the swatches with you I wanted to just make you aware of some things I added to my blog. I updated my header. I think it looks better. There are no missed spelled words and it's cleaned up!. If you look above you'll see links to pages. If you click on "My Stash" it will show you a complete list of all the nail polish I have. If you're interested in seeing a certain color(s) swatched you can email me or leave me comment! Also, on my sidebar I added a poll. I think I'll do weekly polls just for fun and some to help me out with future giveaways!

On to L.A. Colors! This is my first experience with these and overall I'm pleased.
-Amazing variety in finishes (duochrome, shimmer, jelly, creme, neon, frost, foil, glitter)
-Great price
-Plenty of colors to choose from
-Some of the colors formulas are thin and require many coats

Blue Paradise

This is beautiful original color. I haven't seen a color like it. It's pale blue-violet shimmer with a gold/pink duochrome. It is gorgeous. This goes on very sheer. It took me around 5-6 coats to get this result. I think it would be great for layering but personally I think it's worth the extra coats to wear it on its own!


This is a lavender shimmer with gold/pink duochrome. Beautiful shade. Again, like Blue Paradise this went on very sheer. I did this in 4 coats and you can still see a bit of VNL (visible nail line). Regardless, beautiful color and totally worth the extra effort!

Antique Burgundy

This is the only color I'm disappointed in. In the bottle this appeared to be more of bronzy red w/ gold shimmer. On the nail it looks more like a true red with subtle gold shimmer. The color has burgundy in its name and there is nothing burgundy about it. It's a pretty color but not unlike many reds I already have. :(


In the bottle I thought this was going to be a berry-red creme, but on the nail it is a berry-red jelly! I love jellys and this was a pleasant surprise. I definitely do not have a color like this especially with a jelly finish.

Metallic Pink

This is pink silvery foil! This is definitely a winner especially for $2. This looks great and really only needs 1 coat. I think I'm going back to the store to get the metallics in other colors

Pink Sizzle

I LOVE this one. Pink Sizzle is a pink-violet shimmer with gold duochrome. It is a beautiful color that looks different at different angles and light. It reminds me of a sunset.

That's all for L.A. Colors swatches? What do you think of these colors do you have a favorite?

Enjoy the rest of the day!


  1. Blue Paradise looks so unique, and I love the name! I'm also diggin' Berry since I'm loving jellies lately, and reds for some reason... I think it's because I've been wearing blues/greens/purples and pastels for so long ;p

  2. I'm in love with Blue Paradise and Enchanting! Duochromes are great :)

  3. Caitlin- I'm loving Blue Paradise too name and all! I'm the opposite of you right now I normally wear reds,oranges, and corals and now I'm really into blues,greens, and purples!

    Jo-Duochromes are great! I have very few of them but now I want tons more!

  4. I love Blue Paradise, Enchanting, and Pink Sizzle!

  5. I love this brand. I can pick it up for $1. Of course the colors look great on you! Fabulous little haul, heh heh.

  6. That's weird, I was sure I posted a comment a couple of hours ago, I even remember the security code. Oh well must have disappeared into the black hole that single socks and hair clips go into.
    I love Pink Sizzle. I think I have a Zoya that is close somewhere. Time to dig it out I think.


  7. wow- blue paradise is unique - I like the L.A. Colors brand, I'm adding Blue Paradise and enchanting to my list!


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