Saturday, May 8, 2010

And the giveaway winner is.................................


Caitlin of Chrysanthemum!!!!!

She'll be receiving these goodies.

I had all 266 entries on a spreadsheet and used to pick the winner. Congratulations, Caitlin! I really appreciate all of you who read my blog. It really means a lot to be able to connect with all of you wonderful people! I enjoyed reading all of your favorite color families. I will be hosting more giveaways in future. I will probably be doing a special summer one at the beginning or middle of June. I think I may do 1st, 2nd, 3rd place prizes with my future giveaways so we can have more winners.

I'm sure you're wondering who my favorite Disney Princess is? Well, quite a few of you got it. I'm sorry to all those Belle fans (she's wonderful too!), but my favorite Disney Princess is......


I've loved Ariel since I was 3 years old when the movie came out. It was the first Disney movie I really followed through all the way. I always had the cassette tape playing "Part of Your World" and I think I wore out that VHS tape of movie. I wanted to be her when I was young. I think it's why I was such good swimmer growing up! I actually do collect Ariel things (ceramic figurines, glass figures, and etc). I'm a dork :P. I do love Disney Princesses and Disney stuff in general. Regardless of age Disney can whisk you away to childhood which I love!

Here is some further proof of my Ariel love. This is me probably at my 4th or 5th birthday party wearing my Ariel dress, eating Ariel cake, and wearing Ariel hats. Please excuse my horrible mushroom helmet haircut.

Have a great day and thank you again for reading my blog!


  1. Congrats Caitlin! I LOVE the helmet hair! :)

  2. Love the picture. Your mother was responsible for that haircut.

  3. my friend loves ariel too! nice bday party! cute! :)

  4. dad commented on my blog :P


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