Thursday, May 27, 2010

Going down the funky rabbit hole....

I won My Lucid Bubble's Funky Fingers giveaway a bit ago. I just received these polishes, so I figured I'd swatch them for you all.

Five of these polishes are based off of Alice in Wonderland. I LOVE Alice in Wonderland. I even went to Alice's day in Oxford, England (I didn't go for that it happened to be going on when I was there!). It is one of my favorite stories can you tell? I'm very picky about movie versions though. My absolute favorite Alice version is the one they made for TV in 1985. I wasn't even born until 1986, but I know they replayed it a lot. It featured a lot of old famous stars, like Carol Channing, Sammy Davis Jr., Ringo Starr, and etc. Did anyone see that one? It had all these catchy songs. It was my favorite and I have it on DVD now. I'm a nerd. I know this. :P

Back to polishes!
L-R: Off With Their Heads, Mad Hatter, Cheshire, Alice, Jester, White Queen, & Moonwalk

These are great polishes! I don't own any Funky Fingers polishes, so I was excited to get these. I think these are only sold in the Northeast of the US. The application of these were great! I am very impressed. I also love the names obviously...

Off With Their Heads
-a bright raspberry creme, reminds me of China Glaze Heli-Yum

Mad Hatter- a bright sky blue creme

Cheshire- a bright purple creme, probably OPI Funky Dunkey's lighter brighter cousin

Alice- a sapphire blue foil-GORGEOUS!!!!

- a grape purple holographic

White Queen
-a chunky iridescent white glitter, probably best for layering.
Index finger- White Queen over Black, Middles & Pinky- White Queen on its own 4 coats, & Ring Finger- White Queen over white.

-a black creme with holographic glitter

These are great! Thank you so much Lucid Bubble for this giveaway! :D Which ones are your favorites?


  1. I love these!! I've never heard of them before now. I really really like Cheshire and Mad Hatter.

  2. Oo. I really like the significant amounts of red in Jester and Moonwalk.

  3. These are all gorgeous! Congrats on winning such an awesome prize!!

  4. as long as there's holo glitter IM IN :D gorgeous!

  5. LOVE jester, grape holo... *drool*

    I too love that version of Alice. It was def my fav growing up. Although I haven't seen it on tv recently... they used to play it all the time. Where'd you find the DVD? I need it!

  6. I'm glad you all like these too! :D

    Midge- I found mine @ Target about 3 years ago.I don't think they sell it there anymore. I know they have it on Amazon for $9.

  7. Moonwalk and Jester are stunning! I really want them! What a great prize to win :D

  8. I WAAAAANNNNTTTT those. They are gorgeous. I love them all. You lucky lucky lady! How does the teal-ish turquoise color compare to the Essie you just got?

  9. I love every single one of them, but Alice is the best my eyes can caught. You must be a really high-lucky girl, congratulations :)

  10. Dang! Now I have to go and get Cheshire for myself! I'm glad you like them. I'm also glad they went to an Alice in Wonderland fan. Makes it extra special.


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