Thursday, August 27, 2015

I Trust Indie Polish

The Mentality issue I brought a few days ago has really blown up all over the inter-webs. Mentality really needs to be held accountable for their actions and their mistakes. What I don't want to happen though is for all indie nail polish brands to suffer because of one incompetent brand.

I can't talk about the legality of things, regulations, FDA, chemicals, and etc. I'm not familiar enough to discuss that aspect of things, but I do know this Mentality situation has caused concern for the entire indie market. 

What I can say, is that I've been involved in the nail polish community and into nail polish since late 2008. Indie polish started to come onto the scene in 2011. I'm not the most fervent indie purchaser, but I've been buying indies since their fruition. I've probably purchased from around 50 brands over the past 4 years. 

I have never ever experienced or heard about any harm caused by indie polish ever until Mentality Nail Polish. I've been around the block. I'm an old school nail girl. I know this stuff!  I know there are people who have never tried or heard of indies who are completely turned off by the idea based on the Mentality articles popping up on major publications. I know there are people in our own nail community who are approaching indies with hesitancy now too. 

I will always continue to support indie brands because I know there are hundreds of excellent makers in this market. Mentality has made one big and very ugly mistake, and they absolutely 100% need to face the consequences. I am glad they've been put on blast based on the harm they've done to their customers. I just want people to know that despite this one horrible brand and incident there are hundreds of indies out there you can trust.

The brands I'm listing below are trusted brands by me. These are brands I've personally used and many I have had positive and personal communication with in the nail community.

Cupcake Polish
Different Dimension
Glisten and Glow
Savvy Naturalista
Sweet Heart Polish
Loaded Lacquer
Frenzy Polish
Girly Bits Cosmetics
Firecracker Lacquer
Darling Diva Polish
Northern Star Polish
Supericially Colorful Lacquer
Serum No.5 
Bliss Polish
Painted Polish by Lexi
Emerald and Ash
Elevation Polish
Glam Polish
Silly Bee's Chickadees
Sea Lore Polish
Black Cat Lacquer
Love, Angeline
Krafty Gurl Designs
Hare Polish

There are hundreds of other brands besides these I've listed I just do not have experience with them. I recommend searching your favorite bloggers to find their recommendations too. I know many other bloggers have made IG posts and other social media related posts mentioning their trusted indie brands!

Support the indies you love! I think if anything during this nasty ordeal it's made me appreciate the excellent indies out there.

Happy Thursday! 

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My Very First Indie: Girly Bits Shift Happens

I recently was asked to join (thank you Polished Pathology) a group of bloggers who do monthly InLinkz posts featuring indies. This month's prompt was our very first indie. Looking back through my indies made me realize how long the indie movement has been around. I always seem to refer to it as a newer concept, but it's been around at least since 2011! I had to go back into my blog archives to discover my first indie. I kept thinking it was Floam, but it was a Girly Bits polish I got in 2011. Shift Happens was my first indie and I remember exactly why I needed it.

Shift Happens (over KBShimmer Right as Reign)
Shift Happens is fiery color shifting shimmer topper in a red sheer base.

This polished arrived when people were desperately searching for Clarins 230 a very similar dupe (Clarins 230 comes in a purple sheer base). People were spending a ton of freaking money on eBAY for Clarins 230 then. Max Factor happened to release a dupe to the Clarins 230 polish to at this time too, but it was only available in the UK. Many people in the US were paying for people in the UK to get them a bottle.

Then, Shift Happens arrived and that solved all of our polish problems! This polish is absolutely stunning! It has this beautiful lit-from-within glow to it that adds so much dimension to a polish especially dark colors. This is like magical pixie dust in a bottle.

I have to admit, I don't think I've taken this polish out in years. I feel like a fool now because as soon as I put it on I was mesmerized with it's beauty. This is a definite must have for any nail polish lover. You cannot go wrong with this polish.

Thankfully, this polish is still available for purchase! You can purchase it from Girly Bits for $9.86.

What was your first indie nail polish?

Check out my blogger friends first indies below!


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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Link-Up Round-Up Tuesday: 8/25/15

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Monday, August 24, 2015

DazzleGlaze All Night Glow Stick

I discovered a local indie this past weekend! I went to a local indie art/craft fair yesterday, and DazzleGlaze was set up there. I have been familiar with the brand. We even have a mutual friend, but I never tried the brand or met the maker. I was so excited to see indie polish represented locally! I immediately was attracted to DazzleGlaze's stunning jelly glitters, and purchased a handful. This is one of the colors I picked up. 

All Night Glow Stick
All Night Glow Stick is a deep purple jelly base with green and purple glitters and holo glitters.

Collection: DazzleGlaze Slammin' 90's Summer Collection Summer 2015

Color: I was immediately attracted to this color because of the contrast between the purple and those bright green glitters. I love this color combination and it's not one I see often with nail polish. I love the amazing sparkle in this, and I love that it's a jelly glitter.

Formula: This was a great easy to apply formula. I didn't have any issues with having to fish for glitter. I used 3 coats above.

Price: This is $8.00 on the DazzleGlaze website.

Overall: I love All Night Glow Stick, the color is very true the name. I love the color combination and the holo sparkle. This is a blingtastic jam-packed glitter polish that makes me very happy. The formula was great and on par too.

My Rating: 5 out of 5 *Golden* Paint Splatters
 Happy Monday!
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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Mentality Nail Polish

I'm sure many of you are aware now of the issues with Mentality Nail Polish. I'm not going to get into all the exact specifics. I'm more interested in sharing my opinions, but I will link all other bloggers who posted about this below who have more detailed information

Mentality released some neon nail polishes between April-June that caused some very severe and unfortunate damage to some peoples nails in the way of lifting from the nail bed, discoloration, and pain/sensitivity. This is a disturbing problem in itself, but what is even more troubling is Mentality's complete lack to promptly and effectively report this issue to their customers.

Mentality felt that using Instagram in July was an effective way for them to share this information. As to this day Mentality, chooses only to use social media to update on this situation, leaving I'm sure thousands of people in the dark. Mentality has been in business a long time and has been a well-known and popular indie. They have thousands of customers, not all of which are social media users. The type of damage to peoples nails you'll see pictured in some of the blog posts linked below is absolutely unacceptable for them not to immediately take charge and notify all of their customers.

This needed to be by email. They are an online business, so they have all of their customers email address. A mass email should of been made to notify their customers of what is taking place as well as a notification on their actual webpage. Instead, Mentality has been quiet about the issue except briefly on social media. I see now it's because they are most likely not insured as a business and do not have the funds to refund their customers. I don't see any other reason why they would be so covert about this whole situation.

As far as I know up until today, if you heard about this through the grapevine Mentality would offer to replace the polishes or refund (though I'm not sure anyone was actually refunded). Today, Mentality announced they would no longer be replacing or refunding people for these nail polish as well as shifting blame on their customers and the nail polish community for "bullying" and "harassment". This on top of them promoting new collections and sales on their faulty neon polishes.

Am I in the Twilight Zone? This can't be real. I have never come across a company so unprofessional and unethical in my life. It is absolutely disgraceful how the are treating their customers. First, they don't give them the courtesy of disclosing this information in a timely matter to their customers. Secondly, they now refuse refund orders. Thirdly, they're calling concerned and upset customers internet bullies.

This is not only peoples money they've wasted, but they've put people at risk to their health. Again, am I in the Twilight Zone? How is this OK by any means? How is this the correct way to handle an issue as a BUSINESS. Did I mention they've also left their stockists high and dry with this too?

A business should treat their customers with respect and their customers safety should be their priority. Mentality clearly doesn't have concern for their customers as they're more concerned about covering their asses. It's shameful that this brand is part of this community. These people do not deserve to be in business anymore. I don't wish failure on people, but this is unacceptable and they need to be shut down. They do not deserve to be a part of the wonderful indies out there who do wonderful work and care about their customers.

Integrity and respect especially in terms of how you treat people are values that are of the utmost importance to me in my life. These are values I expect in my friends and family. I also expect these values in businesses. As a paying customer I feel people are owed these values. It should be common sense to treat customers with respect and value. That means going out of you way when you've done something wrong to try and make it right.

I do not feel the slightest bit of pity for Mentality. They dug their grave and that's their own fault. I will never review, support, or post about Mentality on this blog.

Please check out the posts below addressing the Mentality issue for me information:

Please also check out Be Happy Buy Polish's FB post which links other blog posts and Facebook updates from other bloggers and indie makers!

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