Friday, April 17, 2015

HPB Presents: April Showers Manicure Link-Up

It's time for another monthly Hobby Polish Bloggers link-up post. This month's theme was "April Showers".

"Drip, drip, drop, little April showers....."

Since I'm pretty much incompetent when it comes to nail art I decided to do a little abstract interpretation of the theme.

 I did a glitter gradient using Essie Bikini So Teeny as a base and Essie Stroke of Brilliance as the glitter. I then topped it off with Essie Shine of the Times for a little rainbow effect. My thinking was that the glitter represented the "showers" and the flakies where the rainbow after the rain. That works in my head! I had fun with this theme and I really love my result!

For your entertainment...

Check out my fellow HPB friends manis below!

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Way-Cool Mani Wednesdays: Mo-heat-oes and Mambo

I'm going to declare it. Spring and summer are my favorite seasons for nail polish. I'm sure I'll say the exact opposite come September in October, but for right now I just love brights, pastels, and neons. I can't get enough. One of my favorite colors this time of year is mint. I love anything in that mint, soft green, and pale green family. This was a color I used to avoid at all costs thinking it looked bad on me, but I've been reformed.

Here is a fun mani I did recently.

Polishes Used: OPI Feel the Moe-heat-oes with Krafty Gurl Mambo in Miami

I really like this mani. It's hard for me not to think of the Golden Girls with these colors. I wouldn't be surprised if Blanche Devereaux had a blouse in these colors! The Golden Girls house alone was decked out in colors like this!

"Miami, Miami, you've got style!"

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

LeChat Dare To Wear: Honeysuckle

When I placed my last Head2ToeBeauty order, they were out of stock of a Color Club color I wanted, so they asked me to pick a substitute. I had heard of LeChat Dare to Wear brand before, but had never tried it. I looked through their selection, and found quite a I few a liked. This shade definitely stood out to me, literally!

Honeysuckle is neon lime green creme.

Collection: LeChat Dare To Wear Floral Fantasy Collection Summer 2013

Color: Wow! This is bright! I love this color. It's not green and i'ts not quite yellow, but it's more green-toned to me. I love the vibrancy and pigmentation of Honeysuckle. This is such a fun color, and not a typical neon shade I see done often.

Formula: Even more wow! This formula was amazing. This had a perfectly smooth, easy to apply, even, and level formula. I was very impressed. Neons typically have tricky formulas and this was like buttah. Ah-mazing. I have clearly been missing out by not having any LeChat polishes!

Price: I paid $3.25 for this on Head2ToeBeauty.

Overall: Blown away. Totally. I love discovering new to me brands that are excellent in every way possible. I am so impressed. Honeysuckle is a fun and vibrant color with an impressive formula. I have absolutely nothing but glowing things to say about this nail polish and this brand so far.

My Rating: 5 out of 5 *Golden* Paint Splatters
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Monday, April 13, 2015

Color Club Poptastic Pastel Neon Remix Collection (Glow in the Dark)

I don't often have entire collections to share with you all, but I do today. I glanced by this collection on Head2ToeBeauty about 2 weeks ago and I was very intrigued. I understand the repetition we get in seasonal collections. Spring=Pastels, Summer=Neons/Brights, Fall=Vamps, and etc. I like these types of colors enough, but I'm always wanting something extra. I want to see these types of seasonal colors amplified.

This is what I saw with this Color Club collection. They took pastel neons and made them into jelly glitters and glow in the dark. Thank you! I bought this blind without seeing swatches or anything, so it was a bit of a gamble, but I'm pleased!

This is going to be a rather extended review. I really want to give you the best review possible, since I see very few reviews of these so far from bloggers.

Boogie All Night

 Boogie All Night is a soft bubble gum pink jelly packed with iridescent glitter. (3 coats)

Call Of The Disco Ball
Call of the Disco Ball is a peachy-creamy orange jelly packed with iridescent glitter. (3 coats)

Soul Sister
Soul Sister is a soft marigold yellow jelly packed with iridescent glitter. (3 coats)

It's Electric!
It's Electric! is a pale neon yellow jelly packed with iridescent glitter. (3 coats)

On The Flip Side
On The Flip Side is a pale spring green jelly packed with iridescent glitter. (3 coats)

Get Down Tonight
Get Down Tonight is a soft sky blue jelly packed with iridescent glitter. (3 coats)

Feel The Funk
Feel the Funk is a soft lilac jelly packed with iridescent glitter. (3 coats)

Glow the Dark:
Mind you, I've never photographed glow in the dark polishes. In all honesty, I do not have the right camera or skills to capture these decently, but I have put together a collage of what I could capture to the best of my ability. I used my phone for these photos.
Collection: Color Club Poptastic Pastel Neon Remix Spring/Summer 2015

Color: When I got this I hoped they would be opaque. These can be paired with the Color Club Pastel Neon collection which are just cremes. I do not own those. I didn't want to layer these because I feel you would get virtually the same result by just adding a coat of one of those thousands of iridescent glitter toppers out there by doing that. I've never seen pastel jelly glitters, and I wanted them to be exactly that! These do achieve opacity easily (mostly) in three coats. Yes, these colors are pale and soft, but they are definitely opaque! My only concern would be if you have long nails or if your nails are stained, you may need a 4th coat.

Glow in the Dark Effect: These definitely glow brightly, after I put them under the light. The glow doesn't last long,but it is a cool effect. When I photographed the bottles by themselves the glow color did someone coordinate to the color in the bottle not glowing. When I added my fingers to the pictures my camera went funky and all the glow colors looked relatively similar. In person I noticed a difference which did not pick up on camera well for me.

Formula: These formulas are thick, but workable. I found 5 out of the 7 polishes to be easy to decent to work with. These were not the perfect formula, but they were decent to good. I'm the most impatient with formulas and these didn't bother me.  The blue-Get Down Tonight and neon yellow-It's Electric had the trickiest formula.. These two were clumpy, patchy, and pooled really thick on certain spots on my nail. I think you maybe able to remedy this with some nail polish thinner, but these 2 formulas wise were a pain in the butt.

Price: I purchased these for $3.50 each on Head2ToeBeauty.

Overall: I am so excited and impressed with this collection. I love that this offers something totally different in the mainstream market. I'm over the moon these are opaque too, and I really love the soft look of these colors. They're not perfect though. The formulas are not ideal, but far from bad or not manageable outside of 2 colors. You can absolutely layer these too, and I'm sure they'd look beautiful. I just really wanted to be able to wear these on their own! This is the type of collection that makes me get excited about nail polish all over again.

My Rating: 4 out of 5 Paint Splatters
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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Share With You Sunday: 4/5/15-4/12/15

I want to get right to the chase today, as I've spent the past 2 days doing swatching, editing, and writing. I'm a bit burned on blogging for the next few days! I do have some stuff I wanted to share with you this week though!

Imperfectly Painted Posts:
Sinful Colors Zest of Times
Throwback Thursday-Sally Hansen Burmese Ruby
Love, Angeline Lapis Ensemble

Favorite Posts of the Week:
Polish Obsession swatches the Color Club Poptastic Pastel Neon collection.
Marine Loves Polish shows us her "Into the Clouds" manicure.
Wacky Laki shares with us her delicate stamping manicure.

Favorite Products of the Week:
Bath & Body Works Twisted Peppermint Deep Cleansing Hand Soap: Yes, it's April, not Christmas time. I love Twisted Peppermint though, and if you're like me you end up having immense excess of Bath & Body Works holiday collection stuff. I love this scent though. It's fresh, clean, and bright. I also prefer the deep cleansing formula much more than the foaming. This gets your hands clean and smells great! You probably can't get this currently at Bath & Body Works, but if you're like me, you probably have one laying around.

ScentSationals Bee Sweet Scented Wax Cubes: Again, with the wax cubes. I love these! One of my all time favorite scents is pure honey scent. This is exactly that, nothing frilly or perfumey added to it. Straight up honey! I stocked up on this one! I found this at Walmart for $2.

Almay Clear Gel Sensitive Skin Antiperspirant and Deodorant: Any name brand deodorant after a month or two of use breaks me out in horribly itchy rashes. I've been told to switch to natural no this or no that. I can't. I live in Florida, it is spring time. We're averaging 90 degree days with 60%+ humidity. I can't go natural without the antiperspirant. I am sorry. I sweat a lot. I'm not one of those fortunate people who do not sweat. I sweat even more in the heat and humidity. It is gross. It smells and I do not want to subject the inhabitants of earth to my sweaty stench. This Almay deodorant works for me. I've been using it consistently for 3 months without any beak outs or itchiness. It keeps the sweat to a minimum, and keeps me from stinking! I purchase this at CVS or Walgreens for around $4-$5. I

New To Me Products of the Week:
Pacifica Coconut Crushed Pearl Bronzing Body Butter: I'd say I have light skin, not super fair. I am afraid of most tanning products in fear of the result, but sometimes I want a bit of a bronze glow to my skin without that commitment. I thought I found that with this body butter. This adds a bronze glow to your skin without tanning it. I do like this, but I live in a humid climate. This took FOREVER to dry on me, and it will stain your clothes. This took in Florida humidity even in air conditioning about an hour to fully dry. It was semi-dry after 5-10 minutes. It wasn't soaking wet on my skin for an hour, but it did not feel completely dry until an hour later. I didn't feel comfortable moving around too much or touching my arms to my shirt in fear of it smearing on my clothes. I so wanted to love this, and perhaps if you live somewhere drier this would be better for you. I also wasn't a fan of the scent. It smells like coconut brownies or something of the sort. It's a delicious scent, but it completely overtakes you. You can't add any other perfume or body spray. You just smell like a coconut brownie all day. There are worse things, but I don't tend to like smelling like a baked good. I purchased this at Ulta for $18.

Wet n' Wild Fergie Shimmer Palette in Hollywood Boulevard: I've been getting into highlighters more as the weather warms up. I'm over matte by now, and want glowing and radiant makeup these days. I've been using this lightly as a cheek highlight and LOVE it. It's a beautiful champagne gold color when all the colors are swirled together. This really gives sa very luminous look without being glittery or tacky looking. You only need a light touch! Super cheap too. I paid around $5-$6 for this at CVS. Check out swatches on NouveaCheap!

The Body Shop Honeymania Lip Butter: I picked this up when it was on sale at The Body Shop recently. I love lip products. I'm sure most of us do. I love the Honeymania scent also. Clearly, this meant I needed to try this product. This is a very luxurious lip butter. It's very conditioning and thick in a pleasant, not gross way. I use this at bedtime and wake up with moisturized and soft lips. This is $6 at The Body Shop, but I'm sure they'll be a sale soon and it will be $3 again.

Happy Sunday!

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