Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Vote for the Best of 2015!

*This week's Link-Up Round-Up has been postponed to next week!

It's time for Imperfectly Painted's 5th annual Best of 2015 nail polish poll!
2015, in my opinion is when nail polish has fully transferred over its power to the indie world, so this year's poll will be different than in past years.

The focus on this year's ballot will be on indie brands, but I've included some questions on mainstreams, drugstore, and high end brands too. No more multiple choice this year! All questions are up to you to fill in your own answers. I figured this would be easier than trying to narrow down picks from hundreds of indie brands. The winners will be chosen based off your responses, the brand/polish/answer with the highest votes will be the winner of that category. I will tally them by hand.
To participate, please fill out the form below, but first please read through some quick guidelines! 

  1. Only one answer per question! If you submit more than one answer I'll delete your entire ballot. I know it's hard, but make a decision. 
  2. All of your responses must be based off 2015 releases with the exception of top coat and base coat. 
  3. You do not have to answer every question if you do not have a response for all of them. Just leave the question blank.
  4. Please only vote once.
  5. Do not over think this poll. This is all just for fun. 
  6. You have until Tues. 12/15 11:59PM EST to vote. The results of this poll will be posted on New  Year's Eve Thurs. 12/31
  7. Have fun!
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Monday, November 30, 2015

Pure Ice True Love's Kiss

I walked into Walmart a few weeks ago with no intent to look at their beauty section. I needed kitty litter. In all honesty as I've mentioned before I have not found anything of interest when it comes to drugstore nail polish, so I don't bother looking much. On the way to the kitty litter, which happens to be near the beauty section I came across a new display of Pure Ice polishes. The collection was called Fairytale Forest and it is a new collection for winter with 8 polishes. I stopped dead in my tracks in awe of finding such a beautiful collection these days in a store! They all were gorgeous pastel shades with beautiful glass fleck like glitters in them. I had to get them all!
 I have the pink one of this bunch to share with you today called True Love's Kiss.

True Love's Kiss
True Love's Kiss is a pale pink with a golden iridescent glass fleck shimmer.

Collection: Pure Ice Fairytale Forest Winter 2015

Color: This is a beautiful soft pink. I say this often, but there is a severe lack of beautiful and original pinks in nail polish these days. True Love's Kiss is beautiful and unique. I love this soft shade of pink, but we all know it's this beautiful golden iridescent shimmer that gives it the wow factor. This color is stunning.

Formula: I'd say for $1.97 nail polish this formula is pretty good. It's not great or out of this world, but it is good. The first 2 coats are bit streaky and patchy, but it is opaque on a 3rd coat. This isn't a sheer pink it is opaque and meant to be.

Price: $1.97 each at Walmart. Polishes that are unique these days at $1.97 are unheard of.

Overall: I'm extremely happy about discovering this collection and this color. This is a stunning pink with an extraordinary shimmer added to it. It stands out as unique in a sea of hum-drum mainstream and drugstore nail polishes these days. The formula for the price point is good, it's not perfect, but I can honestly let that aspect go. It's great polish and I think us oldsters in nail polish world and newbies to polish will equally love this one.

My Rating: 5 out of 5 Paint Splatters
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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Weekly Wax Wrap Up: 11/22/15-11/29/15

I hope everyone had a great holiday week if you celebrated Thanksgiving. I had an almost perfect wax week the exception of one wax. I've been breaking out more of the holiday wax lately, but I think I'm still going to try to balance it out still. I don't want to burn out on holiday wax!
Ten Digit Creations Frosted Pumpkin
Scent Description: a warm, delicious recipe of pumpkin, spices, honey and maple topped with sugary vanilla frosting
My Experience: No, this wasn't the wax I didn't like this week. I'm not a bakery fan in the least, but I like Frosted Pumpkin. I melted this one while Thanksgiving dinner was cooking, so I think that's why this one worked for me. I find this is heavy on the pumpkin spice element with a hint of sugary notes from the frosting. It's sweet, but it's balanced out well with the spice and pumpkin. It really smells delicious and I oddly didn't tire of this one like I do with practically other bakery scent after an hour. 

Yankee Candle Red Apple Wreath
Scent Description: This inviting blend with the merry aroma of sweet apples, cinnamon, walnuts and maple sets the stage for a heartwarming homecoming.
My Experience. This one was absolutely worthless. The lovely scent description is accurate when you smell it on cold or if your nose is practically touching the hot wax when it's warmed, otherwise this had absolutely not throw whatsoever. I couldn't smell this at all when warmed. 

Ten Digit Creations Bedtime Bath
Scent Description: soothing and calming baby lotion scent with added notes of lavender and chamomile 
My Experience: This smells just like the Johnson & Johnson lotion. I actually use this lotion on myself many nights and I'm not a baby. I used this one in my bedroom and loved it. It has that soft lavender, not an herbal lavender (I love that type too) mixed with chamomile. This is scent is soft, soothing, and perfect for bedtime. This one had a great throw to that lasted for several hours. I had this melting in my bedroom probably for 4-5 hours a night over 6 nights, so that's around 30 hours of scent! Love this one! I just ordered it in TDC's room spray too. 

Ten Digit Creations Bayberry Forest
Scent Description: fir, cedar, and moss accompanied by notes of clove, black currant, plum, bergamot, and musk
My Experience: This is an excellent Christmas greenery/tree scent if you're not a fan of some of those heavier and earthier Christmas tree scents. This is bright, crisp, and fragrant. I think the blend with those fruity notes and the bergamot really brightens up those heavier tree notes. It's an excellent blend of notes that's festive and perfect for this time of year. 

Better Homes & Gardens Iced Winter Cranberry
Scent Description: N/A
My Experience: Excellent cranberry scent. I would say this is 70% tart cranberry and 30% sweet cranberry. The tartness is what makes this scent for me as you know I don't like overly sweet scents. This is perfect. It almost smells like wine to me. This scent has some depth and richness to it that I love. It has a strong throw, but its not unpleasant or overpowering. This scent is very natural and I don't find it artificial. I'm pretty sure this is a dead on dupe for Bath & Body Works Frosted Cranberry too! 

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Friday, November 27, 2015

Noodles Nail Polish Peppermint Twist

It's my favorite time of year! I'm not out shopping right now. Are you? I'm scared of Black Friday here. I live in major tourist area so it's not only shopping traffic, but tourist traffic too. Nope! I'm staying inside.

That being said, I'm ready to start the holiday cheer with a new to me indie brand. I came across Noodles Nail Polish holiday collection on Instagram a few weeks ago and knew I would be purchasing some of her pretties. I loved this collection so much and especially this color I'm showing you today.

Peppermint Twist
Peppermint Twist is a white crelly base with metallic red, metallic silver, and matte mint green glitters.

Collection: Noodles Nail Polish Holiday 2015

Color: This is peppermint perfection! I love this color. What I love so much about this is how this isn't a simple red and white polish. I love the depth the mint and silver glitters give this along with the varying glitter shapes. I love this take on peppermint!

Formula: This has a great formula. I used 3 coats above. This was so easy to apply and all the glitters spread out evenly on the nail.

Price: This is $8.50 on Noodles Nail Polish's etsy site. (**Currently on sale for $6.80 through 11/30)

Overall: What a great polish to kick off the holiday season. I love this crelly glitter. The colors in this are great, it fits the name perfectly. The formula on this is great. I have no complaints, and I'm a definite customer of Noodles now! I think this is Top 25 of 2015 contender worthy!

My Rating: 5 out of 5 *Golden* Paint Splatters
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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Serum No. 5 Power Reflective Top Coat

*I received the following product in exchange for my honest review. 

Yes, I'm still working through Cosmoprof polishes! This one is by Serum No. 5. This is my first polish from them, but I'm very familiar with the brand as I've been oogling over their polishes for a long time. This polish is definite oogle worthy!

Power (over Color Club Take A Hike)
Power is a clear blase filled with a rainbow of multichrome micro flakies.

Color: Wow! This is perfection. I love the rainbow of color-shifting flakies in Power. This shiny, sparkly, and color-shifty (hehe)! This is stunning. I don't have much else to say about that.

Formula: Top notch. I love the size of these flakies. They're teeny which gives you excellent coverage. I used one coat above and this was a breeze apply. You can see the great coverage I got in only one coat.

Price: This is $14.50 on Serum No. 5's website.

Overall: Power is a beautiful flakie topper. I love the rainbow of colors and the multichrome effect. The formula is spectacular and it's just an all around winning polish!

My Rating: 5 out of 5 *Golden* Paint Splatters
Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow to all we celebrate!

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