Friday, July 22, 2016

Follow Me & These Bloggers at CosmoprofNA

I'm on my way to Las Vegas tomorrow to attend Cosmoprof North America! I'll be attending the show itself followed by an indie event hosted by Cupcake Polish, Different Dimension, and Glisten & Glow. If you want to follow my updates along with my blogger friends check out the links below!
Here is a list of bloggers who will be at the show and where to follow them. If you click on their logo, you'll go to their blog, but the social media methods they will be posting on, are located under their logo.

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Throwbacks Week: OPI DS Glamour

Last month's Throwbacks Week I featured an OPI DS color and I've decided to do the same. I really had a good look at my polish stash a little while ago while doing a destash. When I came across my OPI DS colors I knew they would definitely be staying, especially this one.

DS Glamour
DS Glamour is a denim blue holographic.

Collection: OPI Designer Series 2007

Color: What is there to say? This is a fantastic color. You'd expect in 2007 they'd either do a pastel blue or a dark blue, but this denim blue is amazing. The holo effect in this is very crisp and bright. I'd call this a scattered/linear combo as far as holos go.

Formula: Excellent formula that has stayed in tact for 9 years. I used 2 coats here. This one applies beautifully.

Price: You can catch this on eBay every so often, but it's usually pretty pricey.

Overall: This is an all star polish. It's an amazing and beautiful blue. The holo effect is spectacular. Again, what else is there to say? Glamour speaks for itself.

My Rating: 5 out of 5 *Golden* Paint Splatters
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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Throwbacks Week: Cult Nails Captivated

I wish Cult Nails was still around. I think they had some of the most high-quality formulas and colors with their polishes before the indie market became oversaturated. One of my favorite polishes from theirs was Captivated. I loved it so much I got two bottles.

Captivated is a coral jelly with golden iridescent glitter.

Collection: Cult Nails A Day At The Races 2011

Color: I love this color combination. This is definitely reminiscent of  those early 90's jelly shoes. I adore the golden iridescent glitter mixed in there against that bright coral. 

Formula: This formula is a bit on the thick sign. I do remember it being this way when I originally had it, so it's not from age. I used 3 coats on this and I think adding a bit of thinner could be beneficial to keep it from getting too thick on the nail when building coats.

Price: N/A. This has been discontinued as the brand is no longer in business. You might be able to spot this in a destash sale though.

Overall: I have so much love for this polish. I love the brightness of the coral and I'm practically drooling over the iridescent glitter. This is a polish that has withstood the test of time as far as appeal goes. This is probably the only time in the history of Imperfectly Painted I'll do this but despite its thick formula it's definitely worth 5 golden paint splatters.

My Rating: 5 out of 5 *Golden* Paint Splatters
Happy Wednesday! 
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Monday, July 18, 2016

Throwbacks Week: Claire's Galaxy

It's time for another week of throwbacks. I love this week because I really get to shop my stash and rediscover some oldies but goodies. I came across this Claire's polish this past week and I was quickly reminded why it was one of my favorite black glitter polishes.

Galaxy is a black jelly with silver micro glitter.

Collection: N/A. I believe I purchased this in 2011 or 2012.

Color: This is definitely best silver glitter/black polish I own because it's the only one that does it right because of the balance. This is a great base to glitter ratio going on. The glitter is prominent and isn't drowned out by the base which I see in many polishes that try to do this.

Formula: This formula is good. I used 3 coats here. I think the jelly base and the use of the micro glitter is definitely what makes this polish a success.

Price: N/A. Claire's polishes always seem to just come and go on a whim. I got this around 4-5 years ago so it's long gone.

Overall: This is great polish. I think this would make the perfect base for galaxy manicures if I ever were to attempt nail art of any sort. I love the balance of glitter and base and it's an overall great look.

My Rating: 5 out of 5 Paint Splatters
 Happy Monday!

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Friday, July 15, 2016

Different Dimension Yeti Goes Stargazing

Have a told you how much I love indie grab bags? I know, I know, I've told you countless times. I was recently gifted another Different Dimension one in a recent gift exchange and this was one of the stunners in the grab bag. This polish was made as a part of charity auction last year.

Yeti Goes Stargazing 
Yeti Goes Stargazing is a rich blue-teal base with scattered holo and shredded glitter mixed in.

Collection: N/A

Color: This is one of the most richly pigmented holographic polishes I've come across. It is absolutely stunning. I love the richness and saturation of this blue-teal color. I love jewel-tones and they make amazing bases for holographic colors.

Formula: Excellent formula I used 2 coats here. It applied easily and smoothly.

Price: N/A. The only way I assume you can snag this one now is through luck with a grab bag like I did.

Overall: Different Dimension really knows how to make holographic polishes. They're definitely on my very short list of indies who make my favorite holos. They always have some special touch added either through glitter or flakies that keep them from just being ordinary holos. The color itself in this is gorgeous, but the other added holo bits and bobs gives this polish depth and pizazz.

My Rating: 5 out of 5 *Golden* Paint Splatters
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