Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Nail Polish Collection & Facebook

I just wanted to let you all know Imperfectly Painted is now on Facebook! You can add me as friend if you click the Facebook button in the right sidebar! I spent yesterday evening uploading all my swatches from my blog posts on there. I will update those swatches daily. I hope with Facebook I can connect with you all outside my blog. I encourage you to use Facebook to ask me questions, share comments, or make requests for my blog.

On last week's poll I asked how many nail polishes you have in your collection.

Here were the results:

under 20: 12%
20-50: 21%
50-100: 16%
100-200: 27%
200-300: 6%
300+: 18%

It was across the board with 100-200 winning with 27%. I found it funny how there was a big gap between the 100-200 and the 300+. I'd say 100-200 is a big collection while 300+ is huge I guess there aren't many people in the in between stage of that.

I have to admit. I am in the huge category. I actually thought I was in the 200-300 range until I recently recounted. I currently have 344 bottles of nail polish not counting top coats and base coats. That number seems insane to me, and probably sounds even more insane to non-nail polish people. So lets just keep this between us? I told my dad this number and he jokingly told me I was a "beginner".

Lets take a walk through my collection by color!







Whites-Grays-Silvers-Blacks-Layering Glitters/Shimmers

"Look at this stuff...isn't it neat? Wouldn't ya think my collection's complete?"

Sorry had to thrown in some Little Mermaid in there. This can go two ways. You're either going to like it or think I'm certifiable :P! I realize now the way I laid out my polish looks like alien crop circles. LOL. Oh well, there ya go!

How many polishes do you have in your collection? Do you think your collection is going to grow rapidly or slowly creep up on you?

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My New Zoyas!!!

Today's going to be a quick post writing wise :P. My computer is having a bit of an attitude problem today and my boyfriend is going to try and fix it. I'm just going to share with you my new Zoyas then hand my computer over to him so it will work correctly again!!! So, please excuse me if my descriptions of are pretty lame and uneventful. I'm rushing :P

I didn't think I'd be able to do the Zoya Exchange this year, but I figured I'd be dumb not take advantage of the opportunity even if it means I hardly have any extra money to spend this month. I know the exchange ends tomorrow so if you're interested you need to put the pedal to the metal. It's a great offer!

Here are the polishes I got....


Anastasia..there is no way for me to describe this polish. The color changes depending on the light you are in. I'd have to say it's purple-brown shimmer with gold shimmer mixed in. It's a truly interesting polish that has been on my wishlist for over a year so I'm glad I got it!


Gwin is a beautiful orange that leans slightly towards the coral side. It has that beautiful Zoya signature gold shimmer that lights up this polish.


Kalista is a reddish-brown shimmer. It's one of those polishes that looks great on its own, but once it hits the sun it comes alive.


Oh Kotori, where have you been all my life? This by far is my favorite. Kotori is a black/gray base packed with a jewel toned turquoise shimmer. It is beautiful. It takes a few coats build up, but it is worth it. This is definitely an amazing creation by Zoya. I say this is a must have!


Nidhi is part of the new Sparkle collection. It is a tomato red packed with iridescent glitter that changes from silver to yellow to green to blue depending on how you look at it. Unlike some glitters the red base of this color is truly a creme is it not jelly or sheer. It's quite unique and I can't pass up a great red!


Rihana is a wine colored purple shimmer. It's one of those colors I think is a standard in many nail polishes collection, but I didn't have! It's beautiful color that has touches of red and blue shimmer to it.


Roxy is a purple jelly base packed with purple and pink glitter. This color didn't "wow" me in pictures or in the bottle. It is simply one of those colors you have to see for yourself. In person it really shines and sparkles! I'm glad I got this one.

That's it for today. Sorry for my stinky descriptions and not so interesting of a post! Hopefully, my computer will be working right tomorrow!

Did you get any polishes from the Zoya Exchange? What were your favorites you got?

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, June 28, 2010

The polish that started it all....

My nail polish love started back in December 2009. I remember some specifics one being what polish started it all. The polish that started it all is some unnamed mini Sally Hansen.

I have no idea the name of this polish if anyone can ID this that would be great! It's medium pink with pink shimmer throughout. Nothing special eh?

I found this polish in a set with a few others at Target. It was getting very close to Christmas and I believe these were in a display with other "stocking stuffer" type beauty items. I saw this set and another set. I remember it taking me awhile to pick which set I wanted, but I ended up going with this one. I don't know what compelled me to buy it. I had never really been "into" nail polish. I had a few random bottles that I would wear maybe 2-3 times a year, I'd sport bare nails or, I'd go and get acrylic french manicures every month and get fills every 2 weeks. Ugh, those acrylics screwed my nails up! I will NEVER do that again.

The lady who did my nails ended up leaving that salon, so I just stopped getting them done and I guess the idea to just have some more nail polish options sounded interesting. I ended painting my nails with that pink first and I really wanted to try out all the other colors. So, every 2-3 days I'd try out a new color. While doing that I realized how fun painting my nails was and how neat the colors were. This opened me up to the wonderful world of nail polish. Ever since then I have been into it. I started reading nail blogs and joined the nail board and Makeupalley and I was hooked. I discovered these brands like China Glaze, Orly, Essie, Finger Paints, and loads of others I had never heard of before.

It's funny, that pink color isn't all that exciting or interesting, but it truly got me into this very fun hobby that I really enjoy. It took me forever to start a blog, but I'm so glad I did. I'm thrilled at all the connections and people I have met with this mutual obsession we all have!

What got you in to nail polish? Was it a specific color, an event, something else, or has it always been something you loved?

I'd love to hear everyone's stories on how they got into nail polish!

Happy Monday!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Revlon Tropical Temptation..Take me away!!

Let's now all imagine ourselves on a beautiful tropical island. The sun is shining the the weather is warm and their is a slight cool breeze in the air. You're sitting in a lounge chair on white sandy beach under palm tree and out in distance you see miles an miles of the turquoise blue ocean. You look down at your nails and what color are you wearing?

If I was in that amazing location I'd be wearing Revlon Tropical Temptation. I think it's the perfect shade and with the name like that you couldn't go wrong.

Tropical Temptation

Tropical Temptation is a pink-toned coral creme. It is truly a great creme. The color makes me think of a mango/papaya/pineapple daiquiri I'd definitely be sipping on in that chair on that beach. This is one of my favorite corals almost tied with Finger Paints Coral Collage. I believe this one was originally limited edition, but made it into their coreline. I highly recommend this color to have in your stash!

Now back to the beach...while I turn on some Jimmy Buffett

What are some of your favorite beachy shades or shades that make you think of a tropical getaway?

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Imperfectly Painted's Birthday Giveaway!!!--CLOSED

I have no amount of patience. I was going to wait to post this until the 1st of July, but since I had all the stuff. i figured I'd post it now.

My birthday is next month July 19th. In the birthday spirit I figured I'd do a birthday giveaway for you all!

Here is what you can win....(click to enlarge)

1. Icing Limited Edition Bright Collection
-Bright fuchsia pink w/ shimmer
-Bright orange w/ subtle shimmer
-Bright yellow w/ subtle shimmer
-Bright lime green w/ subtle shimmer
-Bright aqua blue w/ subtle shimmer

2. Milani Breezy- medium blue shimmer
3. N.Y.C. String of Pearls- white creme
4. Milani Ms. Milani- silvery-beige metallic
5. Sally Hansen HD Spectrum- bright blue w/ blue-violet glass fleck duochrome
6. Maybelline Red Comet- red jelly glitter
7. Milani Pink Pop- bright neon pink creme
8. Milani Purple Passion- purple shimmer
9. Victoria Secret Very Sexy Blush/Highlighter Duo in Backstage Blush Coral
10. Victoria Secret Very Sexy Mascara in Blackest Black
11. Victoria Secret Beauty Rush Luminous Shadow in Smokey Night
12. LA Colors Nail Dazzling Kit in Picture Perfect
-red creme polish
-white iridescent loose glitter
-gold loose glitter

13. LA Colors Nail Dazzling Kit in Beauty Bliss
-fuchsia shimmer polish
-hot pink iridescent loose glitter
-silver loose glitter

14. LA Colors Nail Dazzling Kit in After Party
-red violet blue/pink glass fleck glitter polish
-blue loose glitter
-purple loose glitter

**All these products are brand new and unused WITH the exception of Sally Hansen HD Spectrum & Milani Purple Passion. They both were only used once.


- You must be 18 or older to enter or if you are younger and live with your parents get their permission.
-This is open internationally. However, if an international winner is chosen I will be shipping to them the least expensive way possible.
-Giveaway will end Sunday, July 18th @ 11:59pm EST
-Winner must reply to my email within 48hours or another winner will be chosen
-I will be choosing a winner using
-Leave your entries in the comment section below. Please try to put all of your entries in to one comment
-Winner will be announced on my birthday Monday July 19th!

How to Enter:

1. You must be a follower (new or old) of this blog. Please let me know you are a follower and provide me with your email address. If you do not leave your email I cannot enter you because I will have no way to contact you if you win. (1 entry)

2. Blog about this giveaway either in a post or your sidebar and please leave me the link. (1 entry)
3. *Freebie* What brand of nail polish do you have the most of in your collection? (1 entry)
4. *Freebie* What brand of nail polish are you not very fond of? (1 entry)

That's it!

If you have any question please feel free to email me

Happy Saturday!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Blast from the Past!

Current Song: All Star- Smash Mouth

Today I wanted to share with you some of the oldest polishes I have. These are all polishes I've managed to somehow keep in my collection over the past possibly 10/11 years? I wasn't into nail polish growing up, yet they seemed to have traveled with me through my stages in life.

As I'm writing this post I'm listening to all the tunes from late 90's-early 00's to get in the spirit of things. I must admit my taste in music back then was pretty stereotypical preteen-teenage junk. There was a lot of NSYNC, Britney, Mariah Carey, and etc. I'll update you on each song I'm on while I'm posting these polishes. You have every freedom to cringe and rag on my terrible taste in music!

Note: Songs are in no related to the polishes just what is randomly playing on my iTunes

Cover Girl Nailslicks- Very Berry

Current Song: Genie in a Bottle- Christina Aguilera
Very Berry is probably the oldest polish in my collection. I think I've had this since 1998 or 1999 when I was 12-13 years old. The awkward years. Words cannot describe the horror of those preteen years. Very Berry is a fuchsia with silver and blue shimmer throughout. It's a very pretty color. I'm surprised the formula hasn't changed since I first purchased it. Unfortunately, there is no genie in this bottle of polish, but I'll live.

Maybelline Wetshine Diamonds- Peach Glimmer

Current Song: You Oughta Know- Alanis Morissette
I think Wetshine Diamonds came out around 2000-2001, so I was around 14-15. I LOVE this color and I still adore it after all these years. It is a beautiful sheer peachy-coral with gold iridescent color mixed in. The formula of this one definitely took a turn for the worst. It was a chunky mess, but I revived it with some nail thinner and I couldn't be happier. I think this is a very happy color obviously not in tune with this Alanis song, but that's what you get with shuffle on iTunes!

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms- Pink Rose Diamond

Current Song: Pop- NSYNC
Feel free to laugh at my NSYNC song. NSYNC had a significant impact on my teen years. I was in love with them. They were my first love and will always have that little special place in my heart LOL. I believe the Nail Prisms came out in the early 00's. I MISS THESE SO MUCH! These were gorgeous. I know I had more but lost track of some. This is a nude-pink holographic. It's very blingy. I love holos and these were great! The formula on this went very thin. It's still usable but it's very watery.

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms- Ruby Sapphire

Current Song: Blue-Eiffel 65
Well this definitely isn't blue, but it does have blue shimmer throughout it! This like the previous one was released probably in the early 00's. I don't see much Ruby in this. I'd say it's more a of purple with blue/green shimmer. I don't find this holographic, but more of a duochrome. A very unique shade. I miss this Sally Hansen! The HD's are pretty cool, but I remember they used to have more unique collections more frequently?

Sally Hansen Chrome- Burmese Ruby

Current Song: I Wanna Know- Joe
I pretty sure the Chromes came out around 2003-2004? I remember buying this one on purpose. My high school colors were blue & red and in Texas where I grew up like the saying goes everything is bigger. Pep rallies, football games, and etc were HUGE events in high school. I got this polish to match my red & blue attire for a school pep rally. I was in marching band in high school and played the flute. I remember flute section always dressed up extra school spirited on Friday football game days. Shoot me. I didn't really like being band and wasn't into school spirit, but I went along with it all :P. Anyways! Burmese Ruby is a true red chrome. It has that mirror finish. This color is OK. I'm not too fond of it now. I haven't worn it in years and I remember why, it chipped like crazy!!!

Current Song: Iris- Goo Goo Dolls

That's all I hope you all enjoyed my trip down nail polish and music memory lane. You definitely have the freedom to make fun of my music tastes from back in the day!

What are some of the oldest polishes in your collection?

Happy Friday!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Confetti-CVS Brand Review

I've seen a few bloggers recently post about new brand of nail polish displayed called "Confetti". I've heard it dubbed CVS's version of Sinful Colors. They have a wide selection of colors that are $2 a piece. I bought 3 and I'm going to give you my review on the brand.

Here is the display

-Wide selection of colors
-Great price

-Limited selection in finishes
-Formula was a bit thick
-Some brushes were misshapen
-Very basic colors

Overall, I'm on the fence leaning towards not liking this brand. There are things I really like about it. If you are just starting up a nail collection I think this brand would be good. You can find many popular colors and get your basics covered for a cheaper price. I also found this brand helpful for me even though I have a large collection. It would be a great brand to go to fill in holes in your collection. If you're missing certain colors or you want to dabble in a new color you're never tried to before this brand would work out well. I saw a shade called "Moonstruck" that looked just like $OPI Metro Chic. It is great in that sense being able to substitute pricey colors for lesser expensive ones.

The things I didn't like is when I saw this display at a price of $2 a bottle I was so excited. At $2 I knew I could fill up my basket without feeling guilty. However, these colors didn't "wow" me. I didn't really see anything I hadn't seen before. I found the colors very basic except for a handful. I'd say probably 80% of the brand were cremes. There were hardly any shimmers or glitters. The application of the ones I bought were inconsistent, and I as left with bald spots after 3-4 coats. Also, some of the formulas were quite thick and the brushes on 2 of them were misshaped and frayed out.

If I were to compare Confetti to Sinful Colors. Sinful Colors would take the cake. They have a more interesting and unique selection. Their formula is also much better. I wouldn't completely dismiss Confetti though. They did have some colors Sinful didn't. I would probably shop the brand if I was looking for some specific I didn't want to spend more money on.

Here are the colors I got...


Dreamdate is a sheer shimmery baby pink with iridescent gold I'd almost say glass fleck? I'm not sure how to describe the finish. I really love this one. I think it would be better off for layering, but it's a nice soft shade with some extra sparkle!

Belle of the Ball

First of all I apologize. Before I took the photo it looked like I had full coverage on the nail, but I guess not. This was 3 coats. Belle of the Ball is a light purple creme. Like I said before, this is a color I don't have in my collection, so I saw this as a good polish to add since I wasn't really lemming a similar color from a specific brand. The application and formula of this was pretty awful. My brush was frayed, the formula was thick, and I was left with bald spots. That being said I like the color and I'm hoping some nail polish thinner will help it out!

Blue Bombshell

Blue Bombshell is a VERY sheer pearl-like shimmer blue. This is a very pretty color. This was the only polish of the 3 I bought that the brush wasn't messed up and the formula seemed normal. I like this color, but be prepared to layer on some coats.

That's all I got. The more I write the more I realized how I am more displeased with this brand than pleased. These are just my opinions though and I encourage you to try them out for yourself. I'm not going to cut them off completely, but I know what to expect in the future!

Have you tried this brand? What are your thoughts?

Have a great Thursday!

Update:I've been seeing a lot of reviews of this brand today. Many people seem to like it and are not having formula/application/brush troubles like me. I just want to throw out there it is very possible that 2 of the 3 bottles I got were just bad bottles! I definitely do not want to deter anyone from purchasing or trying this brand because I think it does have some positive points. I just wanted to throw that out there. :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's not easy being green.....

I'd have to say since I've been involved in nail polish one of the most popular colors among many is green. People get excited about green shades. Any collection that introduces a green shade becomes famous and an instant lemming.

I don't have luck with green at all. It is that one color that I don't think really works at on me at all. I can only have luck with a few dark greens, but light greens and medium greens..shimmers..cremes...glitters..they just don't work. One example, the mint green phase. I remember this was huge a few months ago, but mint green looks terrible on me! I don't want to give up on greens, but it's difficult going through so many that don't work. Another example...

Sinful Colors-San Francisco

San Francisco by most is medium true green shimmer. To me, it looks like nasty green bean casserole slime mucus mess. I actually like this color, but not on my nails. It just makes my hands look weird. I can't pinpoint it. Is it the shade on my hands or are greens just not my color? I know when I wear the color green I don't find it does anything for my coloring or very flattering? I'm a bit lost with green. If we were in a relationship on Facebook it would say "It's Complicated". I want to love green, but I just can't.

Can you recommend a green you think would look good on me?
Are there any colors that just don't work on you?

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tis the Season?!?!?

Ok, I have a confession. I have some obsession with Christmas. I know a few posts ago I was talking about being ready for fall colors now I'm talking about winter. I don't if it's the extreme heat and humidity here, but there comes a time in summer when I put on the Christmas music on full blast and pretend it's cold outside and everyone is full of good cheer.

I'm not a religious person, but I always loved the holiday spirit. I love the music, the decorations, the lights, the season of giving, food, and the scents of cinnamon and pine. However, since I live in Florida, the only scents of pine I get come from a Glade plug-in or Febreeze air freshener spray. I crave Christmas in summer. I get so excited for Christmas. I'm the psycho who starts decorating November 1st. I had to stop doing that because when it came time for Christmas I was WAY over it. I've managed to wait until the second weekend in November to start decorating.

Anyways, since I'm in the Christmas spirit too far in advance where some of you may think I'm insane...I'll share with you some of my favorite colors of the season or anytime of year!

China Glaze-Ruby Pumps

Ruby Pumps is a classic favorite by China Glaze. I don't think I've come across anyone who hates this color much less doesn't have it in the top polishes of all time list. It is a cooler toned red jelly with red micro-glitter throughout. Dorothy would be proud. This would definitely beat out my make-shift ruby slippers I made in the 1st grade. I made them using tennis shoes, obnoxious amounts of goopy glue, and sprinkled enough red glitter that even a Drag Queen would turn her nose up at! It was a fail, but China Glaze Ruby Pumps is definitely a win.

Claire's Goldmine

Goldmine is an amazing sparkly blingy polish. It's gold foil-glitter base mixed in with silver glitter and chunkier holographic glitter. This could take the place of the dreaded Christmas sweater, but in a good way. It is a gorgeous polish. My only complaint is it does feel gritty on your nails, but I can dismiss that because of how pretty it is.

China Glaze- Emerald Sparkle

Emerald Sparkle is another awe-inspiring amazing creation by China Glaze. This is one of those polishes that is favorite by all. I completely agree it deserves its glorified status. It is a rich emerald green jelly with green micro-glitter mixed in. I am not a fan of green polish, but this one has stolen my heart.

That's all for today. Now, I could go for a glass of eggnog, some Christmas carols by the fire, and Home Alone movies, but it is currently in the mid 90's with 80% humidity, there is no eggnog in sight, and I don't own the Home Alone movies. Oh well, I can wait until Christmas, or at least until the 2nd week of November!!!

Seasons Greetings!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Zoya Elke & The Brand I Want it All From!

Today I wanted to share with you my absolute favorite Zoya Polish..Elke!

Elke is a pink-toned red full of amazing gold shimmer. This polish is totally lit from within. It is beautiful! This color is one of kind and in my Top 5 polishes of all time. I think this color would be beautiful year round.

Last week I had a poll going on that asked..

"If you could own every polish from one brand which one would you choose?"

I had 50 votes! Yay, thank you to all who participated. I got many comments saying that was a hard question I can see why there were answers across the board.

Here are the results...

China Glaze- 34%
OPI- 34%
Zoya- 14%
Essie- 4%
Sally Hansen- 6%
Orly- 2%
Other- 6%

China Glaze & OPI tied for first with Zoya coming in second. I have to say I can totally understand China Glaze. I own the most China Glaze of any other brand in my collection. They have great coreline and come out with amazing collections. OPI, I can understand too. I don't have many OPI, but they also have great collections and I adore their names.

My pick was Zoya! However, China Glaze would have to come in a close second. The reason I picked Zoya was for a variety of reasons. I love Zoya's color range, their unique finishes, and how they name their polishes after female names. If you've seen some my Zoyas most all of them have their signature gold shimmer that I fawn over. I even told Zoya a few months ago on Twitter I'd do hard labor to own every single one of their polishes!

As much as I love China Glaze, they are bit easier to come by than Zoya. Zoya polishes are like the icing roses on your birthday cake you always wanted to get. They're that special treat you get every once in awhile. They always have some great deal going on. On top of that, I really am fond of how interactive they with their customers through Twitter, Facebook, and their blog. They are very personable and seem to really go out of their way to answer questions and get to know their fans. I really appreciate that in a company. As a consumer, $7 is a bit high for me to pay for nail polish, but the way they make me feel valued and appreciated as a customer makes that $7 seem nothing. That on top of their beautiful and amazing polishes definitely makes them the brand I'd want to own everything from!

What brand did you choose in my poll? Why did you choose them?

Happy Monday!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Baseball Mani for Father's Day!!!

Hello there! I want to wish everyone's fathers/grandfathers/husbands with kids out there a Happy Father's Day!

I'm pretty sure not many fathers or males for that fact read this blog, but I know my Dad does. I've mentioned him a few times before, he has no interest in nail polish, but I know he reads my blog because he knows how important and special it is to me. I can't express enough the appreciation and admiration I have for my Dad. He has supported me in all my successes, failures, and everything in between. I can always count on him to be my #1 fan and biggest support. I only wish we didn't live over 1000 miles apart, because I miss him so much!

In honor of my Dad on Father's Day I did a special fun manicure for him. My Dad is a HUGE baseball fan. He loves the Atlanta Braves. They are his team since he was born and raised in Atlanta,GA. He loves the Braves I'd say more than I love nail polish and for WAY longer. I decided to do a little Atlanta Braves funky french manicure for him today. I'm not great with nail art, but I tried!

I used dark blue, red, and white their team colors for the manicure. The "A" is a little wonky, but for the most part I like it. It's very team spirited!

Here is what I used...
L-R: Sally Hansen White Nail Art Pen, Orly La Playa, Pure Ice Siren, China Glaze Ruby Pumps, & Nailene French Polish Guides

That's all for today!

Those of you who are celebrating Father's Day dd you get anything special or are you doing anything special for your dad today?

Happy Father's Day!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sephora by OPI Metro Chic & On Stage

Note: I've added a formspring box on my sidebar. You can use that to ask me any questions you like..nail polish related or not.

You know what I've noticed? Many nail polish addicts seem to be a season ahead when it comes to color choices or eager to be in the next season. I read many posts on nail boards, twitter, and other blogs about how even though it's summer people are wanting to wear more fall-like colors or vampy shades.

I do this too. Of course, I put on my share of bright colors, but I always am craving the more deep, muted, and rich shades. In winter, I was ready to go with bright pastel. I think it maybe because we wear out the season too soon. We get all excited about the new season of colors sport them regularly and then we're ready for change. Also, it doesn't help to get promo pics from nail brands of their upcoming seasons colors! I don't think anyone needs to wear shades appropriate for the season. You can wear whatever you want when you want, I'm just making an observation. :P

Speaking of more muted and fall-like colors I'm going to share with you the rest of the Sephora by OPI shades I purchased recently.

On Stage

On Stage is what I would describe as a medium muted lavender/plum creme. I'd consider it a neutral where it could go with anything. I don't know what it is, but this color seems very hip to me. I'm not a trendy person. Instead of "That's so last season!" I'm more like "That's so 10 years ago". I am clueless, but this color seems trendy to me.

Metro Chic

Metro Chic is a medium purple-toned grey taupe. This color got a ton of buzz last fall, so I knew I wanted to purchase it when I had the gift card. I think this and On Stage a very similar as far as being a neutral muted shade. I really like this one.

I'm very proud of myself. I have to admit before I started blogging I was very close minded about colors. I stuck to what I thought looked good on me and didn't venture elsewhere. Lately, I've been interested in trying out colors I dismissed before. The shades above are great examples. Muted shades and taupes never appealed to me before, but after trying these out I'm in love!

Do you find yourself craving fall colors even though it's summer (or the opposite for my S. Hemisphere friends)?

Are there colors or finishes you've dismissed before, but are now interested in trying or have found out you love?

Have a great Saturday!

Friday, June 18, 2010

I'm a Barbie Girl!- China Glaze Rich & Famous

No, just no. I am definitely not a Barbie girl in any sense. I won't continue that song that plagued my youth. However, today's color definitely reminds me of that perfect Barbie Pink. I actually don't have many issues with Barbie, just that ridiculous song!

China Glaze- Rich & Famous

Rich & Famous is a cool toned pink creme. As you can see my bottle is in rough shape. This polish has gotten a lot of use out of it that I was completely not conciously aware of. I really like this color, but I guess I like it more than I thought because compared to other bottles this is about 1/3 empty. It's a great creme color. I think it is just one of those staple creme colors that can work with anything.

This color reminds me exactly of the color of those Barbie clothes cases from the late 80's early 90's and Barbie cars. I never had those cases and cars, but my best friend did. I was SO jealous of my friend. She had storage boxes full of Barbie clothes. She had multiple cases, Barbies, and she even had that awesome Barbie McDonalds set that came with the drive-thru window. I spent a lot of time playing at my friends house! She also had cool nail polish too, this was before I was into it, but I remember she had a nice stash!!

I don't really have any nail polish related question for you today, but how about a Barbie one?

Did you like Barbies growing up or other dolls? Were you a girly girl?

I liked Barbies growing up, but I hated other dolls especially baby dolls. I wouldn't say I was a girly girl but I wasn't a tomboy either. I was in the middle!

Have a great Friday!