Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's not easy being green.....

I'd have to say since I've been involved in nail polish one of the most popular colors among many is green. People get excited about green shades. Any collection that introduces a green shade becomes famous and an instant lemming.

I don't have luck with green at all. It is that one color that I don't think really works at on me at all. I can only have luck with a few dark greens, but light greens and medium greens..shimmers..cremes...glitters..they just don't work. One example, the mint green phase. I remember this was huge a few months ago, but mint green looks terrible on me! I don't want to give up on greens, but it's difficult going through so many that don't work. Another example...

Sinful Colors-San Francisco

San Francisco by most is medium true green shimmer. To me, it looks like nasty green bean casserole slime mucus mess. I actually like this color, but not on my nails. It just makes my hands look weird. I can't pinpoint it. Is it the shade on my hands or are greens just not my color? I know when I wear the color green I don't find it does anything for my coloring or very flattering? I'm a bit lost with green. If we were in a relationship on Facebook it would say "It's Complicated". I want to love green, but I just can't.

Can you recommend a green you think would look good on me?
Are there any colors that just don't work on you?

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I think it looks splendid on you! But yes, I also have trouble convincing myself that green is an acceptable color to wear on my own nails. I would shell out the money for China Glaze Emerald Sparkle, that one looks spectacular! But...don't fight it, if your head and heart keep telling you that you don't like green on your nails, just don't do it! =) But really, I think this shade is really really pretty.

  2. I think this is quite pretty on you but I understand the "its complicated" feeling I feel that way about purples, I just don't like them on me what so ever.

  3. I honestly believe that everyone can rock green nail's all about picking the right shade.
    I think that some of the darker, more blue-based greens would look gorgeous on you. Like RBL Recycle, Nfu-Oh #569, Orly Enchanted Forest, Illamasqua Rampage, Nubar Forest, Nubar Greener, Zoya Veruschuka, Zoya Envy, OPI Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow, BB Couture Green Goblin....colors like that would be your friend, I imagine.

    For me, the evil colors are yellows (especially warm ones) and oranges. Most of them just look butt ugly on me. :(

  4. this polish looks good on you :)

    I to me, yellows, oranges and poopy browns don't work on me

  5. Hmm i've picked this polish up many times at Walgreens and thought about getting it but always decide against it... I might just end up getting it lol. I dunno i kinda like it but kinda don't... I feel like it would be a good creme shade, but it's not a creme. hmmm! I don't think that greens look bad on you at all though! You should maybe try Essie's new green creme Pretty Edgy though :) i know that shimmery/frosty greens usually don't work on me but I love creme ones!

  6. You all may have a good may just be in my head that green doesn't look good on me.

    Aggie- You're right. I think some bit of it is in my head, but I also don't HAVE to love green.

    Jessica- Yeah it's hard because you really want to love a color but you just can't!

    Chaos-Thank you for your suggestions!!! I have trouble with yellows too

    Caitlin- You know the more I see that new Essie shade the more I want to try it. It does look pretty.

  7. I like that color. I guess I don't know what to recommend for you...if you go for Nubar at all, try something from their Greener collection as it has various shades of green so one might fit. I don't make it a habit to wear reds and not many pinks mostly because I don't care for the color but I also don't think its flattering on my hands.

  8. That nail varnish is amazing! Great blog i've followed :)

    Nicola xo

  9. I LOVE SC San Fran. It's one of my all-time fave greens, but I kind of agree that it's not super flattering for your skintone. Sorry!! :( It seems to look a lot more yellow than it does for me. On my nails, it looks like a true Christmas green with no yellow undertones at all. So weird, huh? Have you tried Zoya Ivanka? It's got more blue in it, so it might work out a lot better against your skintone. :)


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