Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sephora by OPI- Mr. Right Now

Have you ever purchased a color and then got home thinking how that color doesn't seem that exciting and you probably already have a color similar? However, when you finally put it on your nails your amazed and very happy you bought it?

This is how I feel about Mr. Right Now, except I purchased it online. I had to guess what it was going to look like. When I got it, it just looked like a general red that you can find anywhere but on the nail it was a different story. This color has a little secret that you can't see through the bottle!

Mr. Right Now

Mr. Right Now is that perfect sexy JELLY red. It doesn't go on streaky, it is as close to perfect as you can get. This color is hot and sexy. I'm not even going to use pretty words to describe it. This isn't a frilly happy bunny and rainbows color. I'd even say this a blood red or a candied apple red.

I think that it is important for women to feel sexy and beautiful. I think many of us have certain colors or outfits that make us feel that way. I think for me Mr. Right Now is definitely that color for me!

Do you have nail polish color that makes you feel confident, sexy, or beautiful (or all 3)? Which color is it?

Happy Tuesday!


  1. GORGEOUS! I love it! I've got lots of reds but I don't think they compare to this one!

  2. That's a lovely red! For me Ruby Pumps is one of those polishes :)

  3. Gorgeous! My power color is OPI- My Private Jet!

  4. That is seriously beautiful!!! I love it on you, this is YOUR color. =)

    Ruby Pumps is my sexy color

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  6. wow that red does look sexy on you! anything vampy does the trick for me

  7. Polish Hoarder- I'm glad you appreciate this one as much as me. It's definitely gorgeous!

    Shiny- Ruby Pumps is a great statement polish :)

    jbrobeck- I know. Jellies make me happy too!


    Jackie- That's a GREAT color too. I don't have my hands on that one yet :(

    Aggie- Thank you!!! :) I get told a lot red is my color. Ruby Pumps is definitely a sexy color. I love that one too.

    Tanya-Vampys are great too. I need more!

  8. Jelly jelly jelly...I like saying that. :P I was thinking about your question and I think just about every color I own does something for me in some way...I'm always looking at my nails and admiring them. I think rich colors are sexy...whether its a deep blue, or vampy dark red.

  9. thescienceofstyleJune 6, 2011 at 4:22 PM

    This is my favourite polish too! 


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