Monday, June 21, 2010

Zoya Elke & The Brand I Want it All From!

Today I wanted to share with you my absolute favorite Zoya Polish..Elke!

Elke is a pink-toned red full of amazing gold shimmer. This polish is totally lit from within. It is beautiful! This color is one of kind and in my Top 5 polishes of all time. I think this color would be beautiful year round.

Last week I had a poll going on that asked..

"If you could own every polish from one brand which one would you choose?"

I had 50 votes! Yay, thank you to all who participated. I got many comments saying that was a hard question I can see why there were answers across the board.

Here are the results...

China Glaze- 34%
OPI- 34%
Zoya- 14%
Essie- 4%
Sally Hansen- 6%
Orly- 2%
Other- 6%

China Glaze & OPI tied for first with Zoya coming in second. I have to say I can totally understand China Glaze. I own the most China Glaze of any other brand in my collection. They have great coreline and come out with amazing collections. OPI, I can understand too. I don't have many OPI, but they also have great collections and I adore their names.

My pick was Zoya! However, China Glaze would have to come in a close second. The reason I picked Zoya was for a variety of reasons. I love Zoya's color range, their unique finishes, and how they name their polishes after female names. If you've seen some my Zoyas most all of them have their signature gold shimmer that I fawn over. I even told Zoya a few months ago on Twitter I'd do hard labor to own every single one of their polishes!

As much as I love China Glaze, they are bit easier to come by than Zoya. Zoya polishes are like the icing roses on your birthday cake you always wanted to get. They're that special treat you get every once in awhile. They always have some great deal going on. On top of that, I really am fond of how interactive they with their customers through Twitter, Facebook, and their blog. They are very personable and seem to really go out of their way to answer questions and get to know their fans. I really appreciate that in a company. As a consumer, $7 is a bit high for me to pay for nail polish, but the way they make me feel valued and appreciated as a customer makes that $7 seem nothing. That on top of their beautiful and amazing polishes definitely makes them the brand I'd want to own everything from!

What brand did you choose in my poll? Why did you choose them?

Happy Monday!


  1. There are so many Zoyas I love, though I wish they'd do more with silver shimmer, as gold just doesn't tend to flatter me. I keep trying them, though just to make sure. :)

  2. That is such a "Stephanie" polish. It looks fabulous on you. I think I would pick Nubar for the total collection. They're hard to get since you order them on line and rarely get a discount. And their variety is EVERYTHING! :D

  3. I chose China Glaze in your poll for lots of reasons. They have my number when it comes to color - I don't love every one of them, but just when I think "no, I don't need any more nail polish", they come out with a new color that I have nothing like that I just HAVE to have. They also wear like iron for me.

    I just got my first Zoyas with the exchange, and while on the whole I'm quite pleased with them, I've had some early chipping/wear issues with a couple of the colors. I must say that Mimi is an outstanding purple glitter, and Alegra, which I wasn't sure about, is completely stunning - and both of them wore well.

    But I still find myself turning back to China Glaze.

  4. Now you are making me wish I picked up Elke as part of my exchange order. I love Zoya too, but I think China Glaze is my all time fave. =)

  5. Karen-Yeah I don't see many Zoyas with silver shimmer, but they do have plenty of non-gold shimmer ones I like. I love Kiki & Suvi.

    Lacquerware- Thanks, I agree. Screw Elke this is a Stephanie color! I'd love to try Nubar sometime. The more I see their polish the more I want them.

    Tassa- Thank you!

    lipstick-Thanks I'll check it out!

    Tropical- I love China Glaze too, they never cease to amaze me with the what they can come up with. On the lines of you what you said once you think you've got it all they come out with something better tan before.

    Jeweled-Oh yes you should really try to get Elke at some point. When I read about it on blogs people didn't seem overly thrilled with it, but I was in love with it! It's a great color. China Glaze is definitely a great brand too my collection is filled up with it!

  6. I voted "Other" and the brand I had in mind was "Cheeky Monkey"..I love the names!

  7. This is such a pretty color, especially on you!

    And I chose Zoya too! Their colors are just so gorgeous and unique. Honestly, if a person had every single Zoya in the world, they would have literally at least one of every single kind of polish there is. Every color, every blows the mind. And I also love the names.

    My second choice would be China Glaze, and then BB Couture. I would never ever want every single kind of OPI. OPI's done some gorgeous things, but there would be too many damn reds and dupes.

  8. This is gorgeous! I love any polish with gold shimmer :) and I chose China Glaze on your poll they have the funnest colors and the widest range of shades imo xo

  9. Thank you for adding me. I added you back :)
    Anyway I didn't vote but I love OPI and Orly nail polishes. I have yet to try China Glaze and too bad they don't sell Zoya and Essie nail polishes here.



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