Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sephora by OPI-Havana Nights Mini Collection

This Sephora by OPI mini collection is something I bought with a gift card. This set is $18. I know I have a rule to not review anything over $10, but a full bottle of Sephora by OPI retails $9 and this is a set, so I think it's fair game to review?

I like this little collection. I think of the 4 in the mini set 3 of them are unique colors I would have a hard time finding elsewhere for a reduced price.

Rumba Romance

Rumba Romance is my favorite...the true stunner in this collection. I like the other colors, but if I were to purchase a full bottle from any of the 4 it would be this one. It is way better on the nails than in the bottle. This is a bright shimmering gold. This looks like gold jewelry that shimmers in the sunlight. This polish doesn't need sunlight to make it pop it pops on its own. I don't think this is best color for my skin tone, but I don't care! Gorgeous shade!

Caliente Coral

(Please excuse the residential glitter on my hands from another swatch!) Caliente Coral really isn't a coral in my opinion it is an orange. It suits its name though it is caliente! It is a spicy orange creme. I like this color, but this is the one color I think you could probably find elsewhere for a cheaper price. It's nice hot orange, but I'm not doing back flips over it.

Teal We Meet Again

(It looks as though I could of used a 3rd coat on this looking at my ring finger & pinky. I'm sorry 3 coats should do.) Teal We Meet Again is a beautiful deep jewel-toned teal shimmer. This is a beautiful shimmering shine, that like Rumba Romance it speaks for self. I think this is also better on the nails than in the bottle.

Read My Palm

Read My Palm is a jade green creme. I do not have any jade green polishes so this really nice. I usually steer clear from these shades because I don't think they do the best for my skin tone, but I think this one works out OK. I really like the color and it's always nice to have a color you don't have added to your collection. I think this one would definitely be a favorite by many because I know how people go gaga over mint greens and jade greens!

That's it for the mini collection. There are 2 more colors part of this collection...Caribbean Cocktail- blue shimmer & Havana Dreams- a pastel blue. Overall, I like this collection, but I'm hesitant to recommend it for everyone because of the price. Plus, these bottles are TINY 1/8 fl oz each. All four of these bottles in total equal to one full size bottle of polish. It's difficult for me because I really do try to save on nail polish. I know many others do not have the same rules as I do, so if you're looking to try out some fun colors and you don't mind spending a bit more, this would be great for you. However, if I didn't have a gift card I'd probably end up buying the 1 full sized bottle of the color I liked best for just $9 or buy 2 bottles and have twice the amount of product for the same price as the mini collection. I think with anything there are pros and cons, and with any type of spender there will be an option for you with these polishes. I just don't think it would be fair for me to tell everyone to go out and get this collection, when personally I don't find it the most economical for my taste. I hope with my swatches it will help you decide if the mini collection is right for you or buying a single bottle is better.

Sorry, for the ramble above, I hope you understand what I'm getting at and I don't sound insane! :P

Have a great Thursday!


  1. Thanks for these swatches. I don't have any Sephoras very close to my usual haunts so it's nice to see what they have.

  2. Thank you! These are all so pretty!

    Rumba Romance is so pretty, I orignally passed on it cause it didn't look that great online but once I saw a swatch it was love!

  3. KarenD-No problem, I'll be posting more of my Sephoras later this week.

    Jessiaca- Isn't it great? I love Rumba Romance. I would of never thought it could look so good!

  4. I wasn't expecting to love Rumba Romance! I'm so glad you swatched it, would have never considered it otherwise. I love the other three as well :)

  5. I really like Caliente Coral, and I think it looks fab on you!

  6. Rumba Romance is too gorgeous!And I actually remembered its name.I also liked the turqoise one.No name memory here.*sigh*

  7. i completely understood your ramblings... is that bad? lol! i own exactly zero $OPI's, but I think those little ones are cute!

  8. OMFG Rumba Romance is pure awesomeness and totally unexpected from the picture yesterday.

    And I agree about $OPI. The money sign in front of OPI to signify Sephora is there for a reason! :P

  9. Jo-Glad you like them!

    Rebecca- Thank you! I never would of thought orange was my color but it does look good :).

    Ria- I think Rumba Romance is easy to remember because of how great the color is!

    jobrobeck-I'm glad you understand my ramblings, sometimes I don't even understand them.

    Lacquerware- You're right about the $OPI thing. I got some other colors you'll see later on. I really like them, but I think if I really did some searching some of them I could find a cheaper duplicate, but gift cards make things all happy. :P

  10. Ooh, Rumba Romance looks awesome. I might have to get that while I'm near a Sephora next week.

  11. My goodness. Rumba Romance. I probably would almost faint at that colour in real life, it looks so fabulous! So blingy and cool!

    I like Teal We Meet Again, but I pretty much like all blues, which means I would love to have seen swatches of the other two colours in the collection. :)

    And I agree with you on the whole money thing. If only I had more money I would spend big on colours like these.


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