Monday, June 7, 2010

China Glaze Blue Sparrow & Best Buys of the Week

I'm going to show you today China Glaze Blue Sparrow. This was part of the China Glaze INK Collection which you can still purchase on Head2Toe Beauty. This is one of my favorite China Glaze collections and one of the first China Glaze polishes I was introduced to. My first nail trip to Sally's I picked up a few of these and they have always been my favorites! These are bright neon on shades some of them are jelly while others have amazing glitter mixed in.

Blue Sparrow (click to enlarge to see full effect)

Blue Sparrow is a bright royal blue mixed with lighter blue micro glitter. It is AMAZING. I don't know of any other polish like this. It's a beautiful color and the glitter just enhances the polish from amazing to out of this world. This does dry matte, and I know many people who like the matte finish. I prefer it with top coat, but either way you get a beautiful result. I'd have to say this one and Flying Dragon are my favorites from this collection.

Do you have any from this collection? What are you favorites?

This was a weekly thing I was doing when I first started my blog and for some reason it slipped my mind, so I am bringing it back!

I'd like to know in the comment section what your best buys of the week were when it comes to nail polish. It can be from any place stores, e-tailers, ebay, and etc. This is for everyone to contribute international included.

What I need to know:
-What you purchased (It can be more than one item)
-Where you purchased it from
-How much you spent

Tomorrow, I will gather up the posts I got and showcase your best buys. If you are a blogger I will also link to your blog. I will continue this as a weekly tradition. I hope this idea will help others find better deals or inspire them to do some more bargain shopping!

Have a great Monday! I look forward to hearing everyones best buys!


  1. This looks nice on you, I couldn't pull it off.

    Ohh I had a pretty good buy Friday night. I got 3 Art Deco Stipers (2 pink, 1 green) on clearance with an additional 40% off, so I think I ended up paying $.94 for each one! I bought these at Fred Meyers :)

  2. Wow wow wowww, this color is so gorgeous!!! It looks beautiful on you too!
    I can't believe I've never even heard of it until now. Definitely putting this one on my wishlist.

  3. Oh I always want this whenever I see it. Your pics are great, they are really tempting me!

  4. I love this color on you, it looks amazing!!! I have Blue Sparrow and I have worn it once or twice but I wasn't thrilled by it, it's just so neon, but after seeing it on you I may have to try it again! :)

  5. FAbulous color that I didn't know existed. I have Flying Dragon and find it quite fun to wear. :)


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