Saturday, June 5, 2010

Nail Stickers: Yay or Nay?

I’m going to talk about nail stickers today. I have had a fear of nail stickers. I have one of those aunts. I have an aunt who over does everything especially in the clothes, makeup, and beauty department. She’s the type who likes to celebrate EVERY holiday by dressing up in goofy sweaters/shirts with bells, lights, characters with googly eyes, and so on. She will even dress up for Columbus Day. In addition to her attire, she will do her nails to represent every holiday. She will paint each nail a different color and put holiday themed nail stickers on each nail sometimes even more than one. She will put turkeys, Santa Claus, Easter eggs, American flags, shamrocks, smiley faces, anthropomorphic birthday cakes, and etc.

This started a fear of nail stickers for me. I thought all nail stickers were silly turkeys, dancing leprechauns, and overly happy Hanukkah menorahs. I don’t have problems if you throw a Christmas tree on your nails, but if you saw how my aunt does this you’d understand my fear. It was taking it to the extreme! Suffice it to say, I wanted to stay as far away as possible because I didn’t want people to start thinking I get my nail inspiration from my aunt!

Anyways, recently I saw some nail stickers and to my surprise they were not all those scary things I expected.

These are made by Nailene. I believe they are around $5-$6. I really like these. They are simplistic and pretty. They have lots of options to some pearls/jewels, stars, butterflies, and cute tropical flowers. I gathered up my courage and put one on, and I love it!

This is Pure Ice Jackpot with blue hibiscus flowers on my ring finger. I really like this look! I don’t think it looks silly or ridiculous it adds and nice artsy and fun touch in the right way. I’m really glad that I tried these. I think they will become a part of some of my manicures this summer since so many of them are summer themed.

I’m also glad I got these because I don’t have a Konad and I stink at doing my own nail art. These are a great cheap alternative to doing Konads. They also are very user friendly. I put these on with 2 coats of regular top coat followed by 1 coat of Seche Vite and it worked out perfectly.

That’s it for today! Are there any nail things you’ve tried recently that you love or things you’re unsure about trying on your nails? If, so please share in the comment section.

Have a great Saturday!


  1. that really cute. ivé been curious about them. do they last long? or will they fall off while i wash dishes?

  2. I love nail stickers!The last thing I tried was some dry nail polish which looks like a sticker, adjust it to your nail, press and it supposedly lasts for 12 days.Big FAIL!It didn't chip, it just got off my nails alltogether and I didn't even notice.Blah! :p

  3. i use stickers every now and then.. mine lasted for over a week. just don't forget the top coat and all will be fine.

    your aunt is funny.. lol
    nice mani stephanie :)

  4. LOL @ your aunt! I can't believe she dresses up for Columbus Day. She seriously sounds like so much fun.

    And I love nail stickers!! I hated them before I had tweezers, but when I got some, they became so much fun. They're faster, neater, and easier than konading or placing rhinestones. And they come in so many shapes and forms...some are elegant and simple and some are gaudy and loud. So there are lots of options.
    I'm glad you got over your fear, and your nails look beautiful!!

  5. Nail stickers are definitely a YAY! You just shouldn't exagerate. A sticker or two on your whole hand should be more than enough :)
    I always get compliments on my manicures with stickers :)

    P.S. My aunt has made me fear orangeish nail polish but now I'm trying hard to get over it :P

  6. xbbkay- I didn't wash dishes with them on, but the lasted through showers. I don't think they'd be problem as long as you secure them with top coat

    Ria- I have some of those dry polishes I won in a giveaway. I'm curious to try them, but I don't wear manicures for long anyways. We'll see!

    Chaos-Thank you! I think I'll be looking for more in the future. My manicures tend to be just one solid color I like something to spice it up a bit!

    Helena- I understand how you feel. You should definitely experiment to find a good orange for you. There are nice ones and some scary ones!

  7. hah ironic because i've been recently looking at stickers, but i never buy them! you may have swayed me...

  8. i just bought some but haven't tried them...

  9. I loved the story about your aunt. It made me laugh.

  10. Not for me. Not on artistic grounds but I can't position them and I don't like the raised feel on the nail.

  11. I like nail stickers...I wear them on my toes a lot! Its easier than doing 'yoga' to stamp my toes....which I do yoga but standing around with my foot on the dining room table trying to stamp is a bit the stickers are awesome. I like those on you....its not overdone at all. :)

  12. I love stickers, BUT they tend to raise and look weird, maybe it depends on the brand. They do last a good while, and I have noticed that it takes a while for the polish to dry under the sticker.

  13. Hey Steph,

    Nail decals are a fabulous thing. As you well know, I am a huge fan. Mine tend not to go anywhere, its actually a little hard to remove to tell you the truth.
    As far as stamping, I recently bit the bullet and purchased the templates from Bundle Monster on Amazon - not quite as good as Konad, but pretty close. Worth $17 and that includes shipping.



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