Monday, June 28, 2010

The polish that started it all....

My nail polish love started back in December 2009. I remember some specifics one being what polish started it all. The polish that started it all is some unnamed mini Sally Hansen.

I have no idea the name of this polish if anyone can ID this that would be great! It's medium pink with pink shimmer throughout. Nothing special eh?

I found this polish in a set with a few others at Target. It was getting very close to Christmas and I believe these were in a display with other "stocking stuffer" type beauty items. I saw this set and another set. I remember it taking me awhile to pick which set I wanted, but I ended up going with this one. I don't know what compelled me to buy it. I had never really been "into" nail polish. I had a few random bottles that I would wear maybe 2-3 times a year, I'd sport bare nails or, I'd go and get acrylic french manicures every month and get fills every 2 weeks. Ugh, those acrylics screwed my nails up! I will NEVER do that again.

The lady who did my nails ended up leaving that salon, so I just stopped getting them done and I guess the idea to just have some more nail polish options sounded interesting. I ended painting my nails with that pink first and I really wanted to try out all the other colors. So, every 2-3 days I'd try out a new color. While doing that I realized how fun painting my nails was and how neat the colors were. This opened me up to the wonderful world of nail polish. Ever since then I have been into it. I started reading nail blogs and joined the nail board and Makeupalley and I was hooked. I discovered these brands like China Glaze, Orly, Essie, Finger Paints, and loads of others I had never heard of before.

It's funny, that pink color isn't all that exciting or interesting, but it truly got me into this very fun hobby that I really enjoy. It took me forever to start a blog, but I'm so glad I did. I'm thrilled at all the connections and people I have met with this mutual obsession we all have!

What got you in to nail polish? Was it a specific color, an event, something else, or has it always been something you loved?

I'd love to hear everyone's stories on how they got into nail polish!

Happy Monday!


  1. That's a nice color! :)

    I started polishing a lot when I was around 15y old. Dunno why I stopped, but years later I was reading a forum and they had a topic about polish, and it started to itch again.
    Now it's about a year later, I always wear polish and I love it! :)

  2. My nail polish addiction started when 2 years ago I had just entered college and I had to fight against myself to study (I just can't stay concentrated more than 5 minutes) I decided to apply nail polish so that I just could not move until it's completely dry and I studied. Ever since that moment I always put nail polish on but now I know how to move in order not to mess up my manicure.

  3. Steph - I think I just found this exact same set unopened in my closet from that Christmas! Honestly you described the obsession onslaught perfectly. It kind of creeps up on you then won't go away =). Mine started with finding out about water marbling then watching hours on YouTube before I attempted it. I starting reading the blogs associated w/the tutorials and am hooked!

  4. It's pretty much the same exact story for me! I got a set of unnamed Sally Hansens for Christmas and my obsession began!

  5. Hey, I blogged about that very same mini recentlty! Amazing how such a tiny bottle of liquid can hold so much influence, huh?
    I've loved polish since I was a pre-teen, but my mom wouldn't let me wear any till I was about 14. I was in a different country then and couldn't get many color choices. In and after college, I stocked up, but my love waned and my stash of 200 or so languished for years. I rediscovered my love for polish last year - after someone on a sewing blog I frequent showed an awesome color (China Glaze - For Audrey). I never bought that color, but my stash has swelled to over 600 since then (I know, I need help), and I'm loving it!

  6. For me, it all started when I was 7 or 8 and I got a Klutz nail art book, which included 6 peel-off polishes (that was REALLY cool when I was young). The book itself had freehand nail art designs in it, which I thought was cool. I was pretty much hooked after that. :)

  7. what got me into polish: it takes FOREVER to dry my hair, so i have gotten in the habit of drying in my office in front of the computer. i used to poor over the sephora website for hours... believe me i knew more than the poor SA's did. i also read sports (football, really) blogs on one day i wondered if there were BEAUTY BLOGS... low and behold I found Karen's makeup and beauty blog, which led me to Scrangie, which led me to MUA and the NB. The rest is historY!

  8. Pretty color!

    I got interested in nail polish in January, when I was reading around my hair forum, and someone had a picture of Mad as a Hatter in their signature. I googled it and like...fell into a rabbit hole of nail polish blogs. I swear, I didn't go to sleep at a godly hour for that whole month...I would just read the whole night and soak up all the information I could. When February came, I started buying some colors, because it was my birthday. I only meant to buy a little, but I couldn't stop. It only got worse (or better, considering your viewpoint) from there. ^_^

  9. Great color! I become obsessed about a year and a half ago - Sinful Dream On.

  10. Mine started about a year or so ago. I got a mani pedi done and they used China Glaze Ruby Pumps. I searched everywhere here for it. It never occured to me that I should look for it online, so I kept going back just for that colour and at $50 a time, it was a pretty exprensive habit. So I googled and found blogs and brands like CG, Colour Club, OPI. Heaven!


  11. Shiny- I'm glad you back into it!

    Rebie- Oh that's a good idea! How clever.

    Freshie- It does creep up on you and it doesn't go away which is ok :). I really want to try water marbling, but I have a feeling it won't turn out so great.

    Tanya-Cool! Maybe they snuck something in those polishes that got us addicted!

    ABOP- I'm glad you rediscovered your love! 600?!? That's a lot, no worries. I'm sure I'll get there soon enough I'm slightly past 300 now :P

    Deanna- I remember those Klutz books! I never had the nail one, but I had the one for hair. Cute story :)

    jbrobeck- I hear you. I had no idea there were beauty blogs out there. It's weird how something now that seems so common people don't even know about. I still come across nail polish blog to this day that have hundreds/thousands of followers that I never knew about.

    Choas- I know what you mean before I started blogging and had "blogger dashboard". I bookmarked every single blog I read it was a HUGE list and it took me hours to go through daily. I'm glad you got into nail polish. I really enjoy your blog!

    Bec- Ruby Pumps would definitely ignite an nail obsession for many people!

  12. I actually like the simpleness of that SH colour. There's something wonderful about simplicity. :) You haven't been blogging/crazy about np for that long, yet you have so many dedicated followers and you're now so popular!

    I can't really pinpoint when my love with np began, I used to be quite indifferent like you- a few colours, painted nails now and then...I think maybe it was when I discovered ulta3 on vogue forums which opened me up to the possibility of various brands and an infinite number of beautiful colours!

  13. Great color :)

    I became obsesessed when I was in the 10th grade, my mom had a ton of nail polish laying around and I always had really long nails so I just started paiting them one day, then it became a weekly thing and I remember everyone thought my nails were fake haha. I can't even imagine having long nails now though, they would drive me crazy! It's weird to think about life before my nail polish obsession lol.

  14. It was the Essie- North Fork Collection that got me seriously into nail polish. I started looking for swatched of them and found my way into the world of nail polish blogs and my stash has grown exponentially since then :)

  15. My mother has always been into wild colors - not me. I was pretty basic...nothing or something raspberry (my favorite color). But then I bought a bottle of Essence THE WORLD'S COOLEST and I am hooked by wild colors - and I am a late bloomer, age 50!


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