Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My New Zoyas!!!

Today's going to be a quick post writing wise :P. My computer is having a bit of an attitude problem today and my boyfriend is going to try and fix it. I'm just going to share with you my new Zoyas then hand my computer over to him so it will work correctly again!!! So, please excuse me if my descriptions of are pretty lame and uneventful. I'm rushing :P

I didn't think I'd be able to do the Zoya Exchange this year, but I figured I'd be dumb not take advantage of the opportunity even if it means I hardly have any extra money to spend this month. I know the exchange ends tomorrow so if you're interested you need to put the pedal to the metal. It's a great offer!

Here are the polishes I got....


Anastasia..there is no way for me to describe this polish. The color changes depending on the light you are in. I'd have to say it's purple-brown shimmer with gold shimmer mixed in. It's a truly interesting polish that has been on my wishlist for over a year so I'm glad I got it!


Gwin is a beautiful orange that leans slightly towards the coral side. It has that beautiful Zoya signature gold shimmer that lights up this polish.


Kalista is a reddish-brown shimmer. It's one of those polishes that looks great on its own, but once it hits the sun it comes alive.


Oh Kotori, where have you been all my life? This by far is my favorite. Kotori is a black/gray base packed with a jewel toned turquoise shimmer. It is beautiful. It takes a few coats build up, but it is worth it. This is definitely an amazing creation by Zoya. I say this is a must have!


Nidhi is part of the new Sparkle collection. It is a tomato red packed with iridescent glitter that changes from silver to yellow to green to blue depending on how you look at it. Unlike some glitters the red base of this color is truly a creme is it not jelly or sheer. It's quite unique and I can't pass up a great red!


Rihana is a wine colored purple shimmer. It's one of those colors I think is a standard in many nail polishes collection, but I didn't have! It's beautiful color that has touches of red and blue shimmer to it.


Roxy is a purple jelly base packed with purple and pink glitter. This color didn't "wow" me in pictures or in the bottle. It is simply one of those colors you have to see for yourself. In person it really shines and sparkles! I'm glad I got this one.

That's it for today. Sorry for my stinky descriptions and not so interesting of a post! Hopefully, my computer will be working right tomorrow!

Did you get any polishes from the Zoya Exchange? What were your favorites you got?

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Kotori is AMAZING! I love blues so much and that one looks great on you! Roxy is really pretty too :)

  2. They are to DIE for! I'm back! :D And I missed you! I love these especially: Kotori, Kalista and Anastasia. Very sweet! Love your new look too! Oh, and yes, I got 14 polishes from the Zoya exchange. I will be posting on them later. :)

  3. oooooo I like kalista! it's calling out to me haha!

  4. I did I did! So excited for them to come in the mail. I did start to get frustrated with the shipping process until I realized I could donate somewhere local.

    I really like Gwin!

  5. Wow, Rihana looks really unique to me and oh boy, Kotori! I just got 9 polishes in the exchange myself and Kotori was definitely in the package along with Charla and some others of indescribable beauty and shimmer! I will be posting my swatches soon, thanks for sharing your exchange haul!

  6. I also got Rihana and Roxy in the exchange...the jury's still out on Rihana, but I haven't given it much of a chance other than a quick swatch to look at the color. Roxy, on the other hand, is truly a stunner. Unbelievable color and glitter and wears like iron - I wore it all last weekend with only very minor tip wear.

    I also got Charla, Mimi, Yasmeen, Blair, and Zara.

  7. awesome! those colors are gorgeous! i still havent tried my Zoya's out yet.. =P

  8. Caitlin- Kotori is amazing. I think it would look great on you even though you're more of a creme girl!

    Lacquerware- I missed you too! I can't wait to see your Zoyas!

    Tanya- I think Kalista would look great on you.

    Freshie- I did have some issues with my shipping. I had to contact Zoya to get my tracking number. I guess they were bogged down. I can't wait to know what Zoyas you got!

    Aggie- I cant' wait to see your haul!

    Tropical-Roxy is awesome. I love Rihana too, but I can see that you could probably find it from another brand

    Katrina-Thanks! You should try yours. :)

  9. GAH! The Zoya exchange should totally be international! And I love Anastasia and Rihanna. This collection is just fabulous. :)

  10. I got 15 - decided to order at the last minute (Sunday Night), but none of the ones you got. They have so many gorgeous colors!

  11. Thanks for swatching these! I love Anastasia! Another for my wishlist. Kotori is one of my favorites!

  12. Thanks for swatching these! I love Anastasia! Another for my wishlist. Kotori is one of my favorites!


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