Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sephora by OPI Metro Chic & On Stage

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You know what I've noticed? Many nail polish addicts seem to be a season ahead when it comes to color choices or eager to be in the next season. I read many posts on nail boards, twitter, and other blogs about how even though it's summer people are wanting to wear more fall-like colors or vampy shades.

I do this too. Of course, I put on my share of bright colors, but I always am craving the more deep, muted, and rich shades. In winter, I was ready to go with bright pastel. I think it maybe because we wear out the season too soon. We get all excited about the new season of colors sport them regularly and then we're ready for change. Also, it doesn't help to get promo pics from nail brands of their upcoming seasons colors! I don't think anyone needs to wear shades appropriate for the season. You can wear whatever you want when you want, I'm just making an observation. :P

Speaking of more muted and fall-like colors I'm going to share with you the rest of the Sephora by OPI shades I purchased recently.

On Stage

On Stage is what I would describe as a medium muted lavender/plum creme. I'd consider it a neutral where it could go with anything. I don't know what it is, but this color seems very hip to me. I'm not a trendy person. Instead of "That's so last season!" I'm more like "That's so 10 years ago". I am clueless, but this color seems trendy to me.

Metro Chic

Metro Chic is a medium purple-toned grey taupe. This color got a ton of buzz last fall, so I knew I wanted to purchase it when I had the gift card. I think this and On Stage a very similar as far as being a neutral muted shade. I really like this one.

I'm very proud of myself. I have to admit before I started blogging I was very close minded about colors. I stuck to what I thought looked good on me and didn't venture elsewhere. Lately, I've been interested in trying out colors I dismissed before. The shades above are great examples. Muted shades and taupes never appealed to me before, but after trying these out I'm in love!

Do you find yourself craving fall colors even though it's summer (or the opposite for my S. Hemisphere friends)?

Are there colors or finishes you've dismissed before, but are now interested in trying or have found out you love?

Have a great Saturday!


  1. I LOOOVE both of those nailpolishes
    your blog is so cool!
    checkout mine :)

  2. Personally I don't wear certain colors certain times of the year. I wear whatever strikes me at the time :o)

  3. I just whatever feels right in my heart at the time of painting, you may laugh but I take that seriously. =) I just love $OPI polishes, they wear so long on my fingernails!!! and these colors look awesome on you, especially On Stage!


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