Sunday, October 31, 2010

China Glaze Ick-A-Bod-Y

Happy Halloween everyone! I don't have any plans for Halloween this year. I'm not as into Halloween as others. I like the holiday, but it's not one of my favorites. I LOVE Christmas though, so I'm sure tomorrow I'll already have this blog decked out in holiday cheer. Tonight, I'll pass out candy to trick or treaters..if we have any. Last year we didn't have any! That only means more candy for me! I'll also probably watch kids Halloween movies. I'm way too easily spooked to watch anything really scary! Anywho!


 Ick-A-Bod-Y is a deep green jelly base packed with orange glitter.

Yay! I quite like this one. It's very sparkly and perfect for Halloween. I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!!!!

Happy Sunday!
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Saturday, October 30, 2010

China Glaze Zombie Zest

Happy Halloween weekend everyone! About a month ago I realized I had no Halloween nail polishes whatsoever, so I figured I'd better fix that problem. I ended up getting two of the colors from the China Glaze Awakening collection. Today I'll show you Zombie Zest.

Zombie Zest
Zombie Zest is a swampy algae jelly with golden/green glass fleck glitter mixed in.

I have to be honest here. I don't care for this color at all. I LOVE the finish of it. I can't get enough of jellies with glitter, but this color is like baby poop. I know a lot of people love these unusual "ugly" colors, but I'm not terribly drawn to them.  I'm wearing it today for Halloween's sake, but I doubt I'll being wearing it at any other time unless I'm starring as a swamp monster in a Scooby Doo movie. I think partially this just isn't nice against my skin. :-/ Oh well.

Happy Saturday!
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Friday, October 29, 2010

Sally Hansen LCD + Giveaway Winner

I really liked the summer Sally Hansen HD collection. I loved all the sparkly duochrome colors. The only issue with them is they are SO sheer! One of my favorites was LCD, but it's so sheer I don't know hot to wear it really without compromising the true color.

 with flash
 no flash under lamp
I lost track, but I believe this is 5-6 coats of polish to achieve opacity. That is insane and ridiculous, but I love the way it looks that way. This is a light bright pink with glass fleck glitter that flashes violet and blue. I adore this the way it is, but there is no way I'm doing 5-6 coats of it. I guess I'll have to find a suitable pink to layer it over to maintain it's actual color.

On to the Sparkle & Duochrome giveaway winner! Thank you all for participating in this giveaway. I had so many entries!

The winner is......

Congrats Amanda!!! Amanda has a blog Fiercely Fresh Fingertips.

I will be posting a holiday giveaway shortly for US residents. Be on the lookout for it after Halloween!

Happy Friday!
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Thursday, October 28, 2010

China Glaze Midnight Mission

 Reminder: Today is the last day to enter my giveaway!

A lot of times I base what polishes I buy off of swatches I see. I really have relied on this method. However, lately I'm realizing sometimes it's better to see a polish in person. At first I made fun of the Zoya spoons idea, but now I realize how helpful they are! I wish other brands had this. I had this same experience with China Glaze Midnight Mission. I saw tons of swatches of this color and wasn't impressed. I saw it on sale at Sally's recently and I bought it. I still wasn't impressed until I saw it on my nails!

Midnight Mission

Midnight Mission is a midnight blue frost with silver micro glitter. This is a gorgeous shade it's very Vincent Van Gogh "Starry Night" which I love.

This is an excellent shade. I love colors that are reminicsent of the night sky.  I wish I would have picked up this one sooner!

Happy Thursday!
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tres Risk Some Like It Rich Collection

This is the second set of Tres Risk polishes I got. I reviewed the "Glamorous Life" collection yesterday. This is a set of foil neutrals. These are great colors. I love the shades and foil finish of these. This set was $4.99 at Ross.

Buy Gold
 Buy Gold is a warm deeper toned gold foil. Great gold shade. It's nice change from bright golds I'm used too.

Sequins of Events

Sequins of Events is grey-taupe foil. I love that this has a hint of brown to it.

You're a Gem

You're a Gem is a warm deep pink silvery foil. This reminds me of China Glaze Hey Doll. I actually prefer this one better it has more pink to it. I love fall-like pinks. I think they are few and far between.

This Bronze's For You

This Bronze's For You is a rich chocolate brown shimmer. This is very pigmented and has hint of red in it.

That's it for the Tres Risk collections. I hope you enjoyed these. I think they're great polishes for a great price!

Happy Wednesday!
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tres Risk Glamorous Life Collection

 Reminder: There are only 2 more days left to enter my giveaway!

I heard about Tres Risk polishes through Nails Beautiqued's blog. I found these sets at Ross for $4.99 each. There were 3 sets there was set of cremes "Out to Party", metallic/foil cool colors "Glamorous Life", and neutral foils "Some Like It Rich". I got "Glamorous Life" & "Some Like It Rich". I'm very impressed with these polishes. The colors are great especially for the price. I found these colors just as nice as China Glaze, Orlys, and more of the mid range polishes you get at Sally's, Ulta, or etailers. This company is out of Miami, FL and they have a website. The website has "coming soon" on it so I'm assuming they're new.
I'm going to show you the "Glamorous Life" collection today.

Secret Passion
 Secret Passion is a deep grape silvery foil. Great rich color. This is very pigmented!

Midnight Cruise

Midnight Cruise is a medium blue shimmer. This reminds me of the paint on blue cars. It has this bright glowy look to it.

Sequin Gown
Sequin Gown! I adore this shade! It is my favorite. This is a mermaidy teal shimmer. It has that lit-from-within look to it. It glows on your nails! Gorgeous blue-green polish.

Silver Spoon
Silver Spoon is silver-grey shimmer. This is the only polish in the collection I'm not fond of. It's pretty generic, but the rest make up for it.

Overall, I'm very impressed with this collection and this brand. The application and the color selection of these is great! I would of expected to pay more for these polishes, but I will not complain. The names of the polishes are not on the bottles, but are above them on the package. I ended up cutting out the names and taping them to the bottom of the bottle.  No biggie.

Before I go I wanted to share this  picture with you. While I was taking photos of these polishes, my boyfriend thought he would be cute (sarcasm) and put his butt (not bare!) in the picture. Very funny. Since he thinks he so clever I decided to share the photo with you all.
Men are weird. I don't care how old they are they still act like they're 12. That's ok I still love him! :P

Happy Tuesday!
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Monday, October 25, 2010

Savina Carnival &Tag

 I really like Savina polishes. They can be found at Nordstrom Rack stores for around $4 a bottle. They have a similar bottle to China Glaze, but I think their selection of colors are pretty different. It's not a store I shop at often, but when I do I'm sure to pick up some of these!


 Carnival is a fun shade! This ia neon fuschia pink with holographic glitter. This is bright and sparkly. It dries matte, but you can fix that up with top coat if you don't like it.

I love this color. It's very fun. I love neon cremes, but I think neon colors with glitters especially holographic glitter are much more exciting! :)

I wanted to do this tag I saw on Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes blog yesterday. I thought the questions were fun. I tag anyone who would like to participate in this. Also, if you don't have a blog and would like to share your answers in the comments please do. :D

1. Favorite type of music/band?
I have a strange taste in music that is different from my age group. I enjoy the stuff my parents listened to in the 60's, 70's, & 80's. I love soft rock and cheesy love songs. I like bands like America and Chicago. I blame the road trips with parents and this was all we ever listened too. I also love any type of jazz. I like the mid-late 90's pop from when I was a pre-teen/teen. Oh, and I love Christmas music.

2. Heart's desire?
Right now I would LOVE a vacation. I miss the central coast of California. I'd love a trip to Cambria a small town on the sea with cute little shops and restaurants. It's very tranquil there. As far as the future. I'd love to teach high school World History or English Literature.

3. Most embarrassing TV show you watch regularly?
Oh geez, this question hits the jackpot. I love all the Real Housewives shows (or as my bf calls it "The Round Table of Bitches"), Jerseylicious, Degrassi, The Bad Girls Club,  America's/Britain's  Next Top Model, & sometimes Judge I LOVE trash TV it keeps me sane. I realize I don't have that many problems after watching some of the people on these shows.

4. Favorite color?
That all depends on where the color is being used. In general I love aquamarines and rich deep reds. I wouldn't ever put the colors together.

5. What clique you fell into in high school?
I fell into the "non-existent" clique. I did not enjoy the social aspects of high school. I was rather reserved and insecure. I'm very different now.

6. Trend follower or setter?
I don't set trends, nor do I follow them. I could use some schooling in fashion. :P

7. Where do you love to vacation?
My favorite vacations were to Hawaii, Lake Tahoe, Central Coast CA, & England.

8. Favorite Disney character and why?
No doubt about it, Ariel. I loved Ariel since I was 3 years old. She'll always be my favorite princess. I always pretended to be a mermaid while swimming when I was younger. Plus, I never could stop singing "Part of Your World". I love her red hair too..I want red hair...maybe not THAT red.

9. What is your security blanket?
This is embarrassing. My security blanket is literally a blanket..well a piece of it. I still have a piece of my baby blanket I had as a baby. This is truly sad, but when I'm stressed out if I hold on to it for awhile it does calm me down and make me feel better. I'm 24 I need to grow up. I know :P

10. Favorite nail polish brand and why?
This is hard. I'd have to say Zoya. I like their color selection and of course the amazing gold shimmer they have in so many polishes. I find their shimmers and glitters to be really unique too.

Happy Monday!
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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pure Ice Hot Tamale

I don't venture much into Wal-Mart anymore. Honestly, the store is rather scary. It's always jammed packed and takes forever to get through the lines. That being said, I do like to check out their polishes when I garner up the courage to face the swarm of crowds! This is a nice color I picked up recently.

Hot Tamale

Hot Tamale is a rich red-orange with gold shimmer throughout. I'm sure you know why I went for this color the gold shimmer. :P

I'm actually really impressed with this Pure Ice. This reminds me of a deeper version of Zoya's Gwin. I love how Zoya is the master of gold shimmer, but Pure Ice did just a good of a job here. I've also seen some other colors by Pure Ice that remind me of Zoya colors. Pure Ice is $2 so it's a great deal. I think even though this is a brighter color, it is suitable for autumn. I think this would be a great color for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or any day!

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sinful Colors Social Ladder

I'm not a huge fan of white polishes. I think it's because white cremes look way too stark against my skin. It's difficult for me to find a pale or pastel polish that works for me. I really like Sinful Colors Social Ladder though.

Social Ladder

Social Ladder is a soft white shimmer. This is a lovely color. It doesn't scream white, but gives your nails nice clean look. It also isn't bland at all. It's the right balance!

I can pull of these colors. I think shimmers in paler colors help. This isn't a color I'd normally reach for, but I like to have it in my collection. I love these softer colors when I'm burned out or can't decide on what to wear. I usually end up loving these colors a lot more than I expected. I felt the same about Zoya Stephanie. I wasn't impressed with it at first, but it's one I put on frequently.

Happy Saturday!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Milani Hi-Res

Have you ever passed up on a color for months, and then when you finally decide to buy it you realize how silly you were for passing it up so many times? This is how I feel about the Milani 3D holographic colors. I passed up on these for ages. I didn't find them very interesting in the bottle. I was very wrong these are great!


This is a lavender holographic glitter polish. This isn't a glitter as in the sense like mixed in glitter. I can't really describe it. It's not like China Glaze OMG collection holos, but like the Kaleidoscope collection holos. You can really see the hololgraphic action in this polish on the nails. I didn't really see this in the bottle, but it really surprised me on the nails. Fantastic color!! Silly me for not getting it sooner!

What is a polish you held back on buying, but wish you hadn't?

Happy Friday!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Giveaway Reminder!

I just wanted to remind everyone you have one more week to enter my giveaway!

No time for a post today. I have write an essay on Hamlet, and I'm experiencing major writer's block. I have a million ideas in my head, but I can't seem to condense it into something concise. Oy, I normally do not have trouble with writing, but I can't focus! Wish me luck!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

LGBT Spirit Day-Sinful Colors Let's Talk

A girl named Brittany McMillian two weeks ago decided to make October 20th "LGBT Spirit Day" to bring awareness to gay bullying because of the recent suicides. In honor of today people will be wearing purple. I decided to participate in this. I will be wearing purple today in my clothing and also on my nails.

I am not gay, but I have family members and friends who are. I know the struggles they have faced and will continue to face. I fully support them and love them for who they are. I fully support gay rights. I hope that in future that things will change. I also hope that bullying no matter your sexual orientation, weight, intelligence, race, height, religion, or whatever will be taken seriously. I posted on bullying recently, so I will not go into that again. I just wanted to show support for teens whose lives were cut short, their families, my gay friends, my gay family members, and the friends and families of them today.

Sinful Colors Let's Talk

Let's Talk is a vivid purple metallic shimmer. This is an intense purple that sadly my camera couldn't capture.

I think the name of this color is very fitting for today. It's amazing how much we can accomplish with effective communication. I feel like this is what is lacking when it comes to gay rights. People so easily spew out hatred, intolerance, and violence. It's seems like its easier to be that way, but it's cowardly. People need to get together and have conversations and share their stories. We need to have more heart to hearts. I encourage everyone today to spread awareness and have those difficult conversations whether it be about gay rights or any other important issue to you. Words have power!

To read more on Spirit Day and how you can participate you can check out these links:
LGBT Spirit Day
GLAAD Spirit Day

Happy Wednesday!