Wednesday, October 20, 2010

LGBT Spirit Day-Sinful Colors Let's Talk

A girl named Brittany McMillian two weeks ago decided to make October 20th "LGBT Spirit Day" to bring awareness to gay bullying because of the recent suicides. In honor of today people will be wearing purple. I decided to participate in this. I will be wearing purple today in my clothing and also on my nails.

I am not gay, but I have family members and friends who are. I know the struggles they have faced and will continue to face. I fully support them and love them for who they are. I fully support gay rights. I hope that in future that things will change. I also hope that bullying no matter your sexual orientation, weight, intelligence, race, height, religion, or whatever will be taken seriously. I posted on bullying recently, so I will not go into that again. I just wanted to show support for teens whose lives were cut short, their families, my gay friends, my gay family members, and the friends and families of them today.

Sinful Colors Let's Talk

Let's Talk is a vivid purple metallic shimmer. This is an intense purple that sadly my camera couldn't capture.

I think the name of this color is very fitting for today. It's amazing how much we can accomplish with effective communication. I feel like this is what is lacking when it comes to gay rights. People so easily spew out hatred, intolerance, and violence. It's seems like its easier to be that way, but it's cowardly. People need to get together and have conversations and share their stories. We need to have more heart to hearts. I encourage everyone today to spread awareness and have those difficult conversations whether it be about gay rights or any other important issue to you. Words have power!

To read more on Spirit Day and how you can participate you can check out these links:
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Happy Wednesday!


  1. Great post, I also support gay rights and oppose bullying vehemently! I unfortunately forgot that this was te day to ear purple and am wearing green today, and I even forgot to paint my nails, I have on a base coat and ridge filler and nothing on top of that, but I still support all peoples' rights to live safe from bullying!

  2. Beautiful colour and even better its for a good cause. Unfortunately I've witnessed this kind of bullying in my little sisters middle school. I believe schools are the ones who need to be talking about this more than anyone. Its sad that some schools won't even acknowledge these issues.

  3. Steph, you have a huge heart. I'm glad that I can network with you and feel your kindness through your words.
    I love purple polishes - this one is gorgeous on you! I'm actually doing a Sinful Colors mani later tonight. :)

  4. I purpled out too. My jewelry, my makeup and my clothes and shoes. It just sucks when other people try so damn hard to make others not love themselves. I want to shout out 'Gays don't recruit!!!'

    You did pick the perfect color along with the perfect name too.

  5. Im wearing this on my toes and your right its impossible to photograph


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