Disclosure Policy

Press Samples:

The majority of Imperfectly Painted's blog are reviews on products I have purchased. I do, however, accept samples to review from brands. All posts that feature products I have received for review will be reviewed honestly. Imperfectly Painted will not accept any compensation or be pushed to write a favorable review. Reviews are based on my personal experiences and expectations of a product. Review posts where I have received the product to review will include the following disclaimer on top of the post...

"The following product(s) were received in exchange for my honest review".

**I can only guarantee reviews of products I have agreed to review. If samples are sent without contacting me prior, my agreement to a review, or without my knowledge, I cannot guarantee a review.

**Turn around time on product reviews is currently 2-3 weeks upon my receipt of the product. This turn around time is only applicable to products I have agreed to review.

**As stated before, I cannot guarantee reviews on products that were sent without prior knowledge or agreement. I will try to get these reviews done if they are applicable to my blog, but I will have unlimited turn around time, as I was not notified prior to receiving the product.

**I prefer to receive full size bottles of nail polish sent to review. Mini bottles, do change the nature of application in nail polish especially in glitters. I want to be able to showcase your products accurately, so I highly discourage sending mini bottles.

**I will accept other beauty related products to review, however, they will more likely receive a shortened review on Instagram or Facebook, since nail polish is my main blog focus.


Photos or any material from this website may not be reproduced without consent. If you choose to use any photo from my site, please contact me first. I require that any photo used must be linked back to this site.

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