Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bottle Spam Saturday: Top 20 Edition

This week's bottle spam will feature my 2011 Top 20. I hope you're not tired of seeing these yet!

Enjoy! Tomorrow I will share the Best of 2011 results. :)

 a england Tristam, a england Lady of the Lake, Butter London Wallis, China Glaze Life Preserver, & Papaya Punch

 China Glaze Glittering Garland, CND Sheer 24K Sparkle, Cult Nails Captivated, Time Traveler, & Unicorn Puke/Clairvoyant

 Essie Smooth Sailing, Your Hut or Mine, Finger Paints Heavenly Hydrangea, Maybelline Cool Couture, & OPI It's My Year

Orly Frisky, Frolic, Venique Twinkling Snow, Zoya Kristen, & Rica.

Happy New Year's Eve! 

Friday, December 30, 2011

Top 20 of 2011: Part 4

This is in the final installment of my Top 20! Be sure to check out Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.


Orly Frisky---Happy Go Lucky Collection

I've often found bright blues a little tricky as far as working with my skin tone, but I loved this one. I wore it for a week. That is a good testament to how much I like a polish. The longer I wear it means something is right. This blue is bright, fun, and vibrant! Check out my full review.

Orly Frolic---Happy Go Lucky Collection

This is another great unique purple. I mentioned in the last part, my love for purples in spring and summer. This is a nice variation on the typical lilacs and lavenders. This is a bright red-toned purple creme. It's unlike any purples I own. Check out my full review.

Venique Twinkling Snow over WnW Black Creme and Zoya Kristen---Twinkling Nights Collection

I discovered this polish on accident at a small beauty supply store. This glitter instantly attracted me. I love the contrast in the size of the glitters and the combination of iridescent and holographic. It's beautiful, and unlike any glitter I've seen lately..and I've seen a lot of glitters! Check out my full review.

Zoya Kristen- Feel Winter 2011 Collection

The whole Feel collection took me by surprise. I was not expecting to be so interested in winter neutrals, but these are so soft and beautiful. Kristen is my favorite of the bunch. I love the gray with the hint of blue. It's a very flattering shade. Check out my full review.

Zoya Rica---Sunshine Summer 2011 Collection

This was the color I was most looking forward to in the summer Zoya collection. I love a great coral, but this with that insane gold glittery shimmer is awesome! It's funny...I have both Cult Nails Captivated and Zoya Rica on my Top 20 lists and they very similar color wise. I have a thing for corals with golden shimmers or glitters! Check out my full review.

Here are all my Top 20 together.

I see a few commonalities in my Top 20 list. It seems as though the colors fall into 3 categories.

1. Colors that I had been wanting or dreaming of that came into fruition.
2. Colors I typically would not like, but ending up falling head over heels for.
3. Colors that I'm typically attracted to, but had some extra quality that made them super special.

This list was hard to compile! I went back and forth on many polishes. That being said, I do have some honorable mentions! They are China Glaze Holly-Day, Zoya Dannii, Zoya Caitlin, OPI Mermaid's Tears, Revlon Starry Pink, Zoya Yara, & Girly Bits Razzle Dazzle!

Do we have any similar favorites this past year?

Happy Friday!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Top 20 of 2011: Part 3

On to Part 3! Be sure to check out Part 1 and Part 2!


Essie Smooth Sailing---Braziliant Summer 2011 Collection

I think I wore this color at least 5 times this past summer. This periwinkle blue with the light blue glass fleck is beautiful. This was definitely my all time favorite color this past summer. I could gush on and on, but you get my point. I   Smooth Sailing. Check out my full review.

Essie Your Hut or Mine---Resort Summer 2011 Collection

I love this pink! This is a warm bubblegum pink with a pink shimmer. This is another color that suprirsed me this year. I do like pinks, but it's rare to find a pink that really wows me. It really is a nice varation from the pale or neon pinks you typically see. Usually medium pinks can be a bit granny or dull, but this is not either. Check out my full review.

Finger Paints Heavenly Hydrangeas---Palette of Petals Spring 2011 Collection

I'm a big fan of soft purples in spring and summer. I have a huge stash of lavenders. What I love about this is that it's a soft purple, but it's not the typical lavender or lilac. This is a lovely muted orchid creme. Check out my full review.

Maybelline Cool Couture---Fashion Week Fall 2011 Collection

This polish shocked me. I think the last year has been pretty lack-luster as far as Maybelline polishes go. This was just the opposite. I'm used to seeing "been there done that" shades from this brand, but this color is completely unique. I do not own any other shade like it. The grayed out base with the bright teal shimmer is stunning. Check out my full review.

OPI It's My Year---Miss Universe 2011 Collection

There were many variations of this shade this year, but this one after much deliberation is my favorite. I love the rosy purple paired with the intense gold shimmer. I'm sure you're shocked that I love something with gold shimmer! Check out my full review.

Be sure to check out Part 4 tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Top 20 of 2011: Part 2

On to Part 2! Be sure to check out Part 1.


China Glaze Glittering Garland---Let It Snow Holiday 2011 Collection

Yes, I have a green on my Top 20 list. I have to say the past few months I have been loving the greens being released. I'm not typical green fan. I love the color, it just tends to be finicky with my skin tone. Glittering Garland on the other hand is a dream. The richness of this forest green with the green and gold microglitter is polish heaven! Check out my full review.

 CND Sheer 24k Sparkle Effect over Revlon Royal---The Look Fall/Winter 2011 (dupe to Essie As Gold As It Gets)

This gold flakie answered my biggest polish dreams.  I love the look or lapis lazuli. It takes me back to one of the cool places I've visited over the years, Hearst's Castle Roman Pool. If you've followed my blog for awhile I've talk about that incessantly. This flakie helped me recreate the dream look I've always desired! Check out my full review.

 Cult Nails Captivated---A Day at the Races Summer 2011

This was another polish dream fulfilled. You know those awesome glitter glues at the craft store? I always wanted a polish to look like one of those, and this was it. I love the coral base with the golden iridescent glitter. This color is spectacular! I just wish it came in other colors! Check out my full review.

Cult Nails Time Traveler---Super Powers Winter 2011 Collection

There were so many great blues this year. Dark blues are some of my favorites, and it was hard to pick one. I ended up choosing Time Traveler because of the pigmentation of the blue. I love the richness of this color and how it's dark, but it's still clear blue.'s freaking TARDIS blue! Check out my full review.

Cult Nails Unicorn Puke/Clairvoyant over Orly Wild Wisteria---Super Powers Winter 2011 Collection

Well, this was a given! I'm sure this one will be on a ton of Top 20 lists. The different color flakies in here are splendid. The fact that this awesome of color could of been created still surprises me. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. The end. Check out my full review.

Be sure to see Part 3 tomorrow.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Top 20 of 2011: Part 1

It's that time of year! I've been compiling my Top 20 list since summer. I've added a bunch...scaled back...added a bunch...scaled back...contemplated my choices..etc..etc..multiple times. This is a difficult process!

Unlike last year, I will be featuring polishes that were released in 2011. If I were to do all my favorites from any year I'd be posting favorites for a month. The good thing though is that there are so many colors this year that were spectacular!

Without further ado, here is Part 1 of my Top 20 list. These are in no particular ranking order. They are in alphabetical order due to how my photo album is set up.

a-england Lady of the Lake---The Mythicals Collection

When a-england polishes first burst on to the scene. I knew somehow I had to get my hands on the two holo polishes. Lady of the Lake is stunning. I love the pigmentation of the purple with the scattered holo. Check out my full review.

a-england Tristam---The Mythicals Collection

Same story with Tristam as Lady of the Lake. If I had to choose I think Tristam inches just slightly ahead of Lady of the Lake. The base on this is beautiful deep shade of navy unlike any color I've seen before. This is scattered holo done right. There is a perfect balance of holoness and pigmentation of the base. Check out my full review.

Butter London Wallis---Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection

This is so not a typical color for me. I think that's why I ended up loving it so much. This shade is stunning the green-gold shimmer looks rich. This color truly took me by surprise. I ended up wearing it for a full week. I did not want to take it off! Check out my full review.

China Glaze Life Preserver---Anchors Away Spring 2011 Collection

I love this dusty take on a orange. It is a very flattering shade, and it's unique. You know those colors that you can wear with just about anything? I found this color to really suit any attire I wore. It's not too bright, it's not too's just right! Check out my full review.

China Glaze Papaya Punch---Island Escape Summer 2011 Collection

Never, ever, would I have imagined putting a bright orange on my Top 20 list. This color changed orange for me.  I started purchasing more oranges after my experience with Papaya Punch. This color is just fun, it pops, and makes a statement. This was one of my favorite colors this past summer. I wore it on the cruise I went on to the Caribbean, and it suited the atmosphere perfectly! Check out my full review.

Be sure to check out the blog tomorrow for Part 2!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Cult Nails Time Traveler

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!

Today, I have for your one of the polishes in Cult Nail's Super Powers collection. This was the only color I got from the collection (don't worry I got my Unicorn Puke earlier on). This was a standout winner polish for me, so I had to get it, especially after seeing swatches of it on other blogs.

Time Traveler

Time Traveler is a deep royal blue jelly.

I know all of us Doctor Who fans are gleefully cheering this is TARDIS blue! It truly is. I love that this reads blue. I think a lot of blues the darker they get, the more and more they can start to read as black. This is clearly blue. It is vibrant, rich, and I love a good dark blue. This is different than any other dark blues I have. If you're a die hard blue fan, I'd think you want to add this to your collection. Everything about this color is great, but it has one flaw. This stains. I guess it's to be expected, you have to pay some price for a pigmented blue. It's a price worth paying in my book.

Happy Monday!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Share With You Sunday: 12/18/11-12/25/11

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday with family and friends.

Be sure to submit links for this post.

Quiz of the Day:

The Christmas Snow Globe Test

My result:

You Are Brilliant

You are a complex thinker, and you're good at creating elaborate theories and projects.
You tend to have a lot of technical knowledge. You love to learn how to do things.

You are innovative and competent. You can often see where others have gone wrong.
You are also a bit of a skeptic. You aren't going to believe anything until you've investigated it yourself.

Let me know your result in the comments!

steffels shares with us her snowflake manicure.
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Merry Christmas and Happy 6th Night of Hanukkah! 

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Bottle Spam Saturday: Random Grab 1 Edition

You all voted for Random Grab this week. I think that's self explanatory. I think I'll keep this as an option permanently, since I'm starting to run out of bottle spam ideas. :/

Next Saturday, I'll be featuring my Top 20 polishes of 2011 as the bottle spam. I'll also be featuring the swatches of my Top 20 next Thursday and Friday. Also next Sunday, is when I'll reveal your votes for the Best of 2011.  Whew! Needless to say there is a lot to look forward to on this blog this upcoming week!

The poll I have up will be for January 7th's bottle spam. :)

 Savina Ocean Waves, Zoya Kieko, Orly Lemonade, & BB Couture Hermosa Surfer Girl

 Savina Wisteria, Zoya Reece, OPI Catch Me In Your Net, & NYX Alps Bunny

 China Glaze Mrs. Claus, Milani Antique, Sinful Colors Social Ladder, & Revlon Ocean

 China Glaze Twinkle Lights, Milani In A Flash, Icing Jaded, & Revlon Belle

China Glaze Midnight Mission, Sally Hansen Byte, LA Splash Golden Seahorse, & Joe Twilight

Happy 5th Night of Hanukkah & Merry Christmas Eve!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Orly Frolic

I can't believe it took me so long to post this because it has become one of my favorites. In fact, I've become really impressed with Orly this year. I do not have a ton of Orlys, but I have noticed with every collection they've released lately I have purchased at least 1 or 2 from the collection. I love that their bottles are so big too! I know an extra .1oz isn't much, but I like that they give you more. This color is from the Happy Go Lucky collection back in summer.

*I had to photograph this under a lamp to accurately depict the color, so sorry the lighting looks off, but this is color accurate!


Frolic is a bright red-toned purple creme.

This is bright without being neon. I love the color of this. Some of my favorite colors for spring and summer are lavender/lilac cremes, but there are a ton of those. I like how this is red-toned. I do not see many purples like this with that level of brightness. If you're a purple fan, I'd say this is a must have for your collection.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Venique Twinkling Snow

The other day I was out shopping (err more like impulsively buying any pretty glitter polish I got my hands on) with a new polish buddy Alyssa. We went into this small beauty supply store in a mall called Blooming Beauty, and came across a small display of Venique polishes. This was my first time seeing these, and they had some great colors. I especially couldn't keep my eyes off of this glitter polish they had. It didn't take much persuasion for both us to get this pretty, and I'm glad we did, because I'm finding out these are not going to be widely available to the mass market. :(

Venique Twinkling Snow over WnW Black Creme

Twinkling Snow over Zoya Kristen

Twinkling Snow is a glitter top coat consisting of teeny tiny iridescent microglitters mixed in with large holographic hexagonal glitters.

This is glitter is gorgeous, and completely unique. I do not own anything like this. This is an instant favorite for me! It really is a creative use of glitter with the vast difference in sizes, and the combination of holographic and iridescent.

I did some research on this brand, and found more information on Nails Beautiqued and Polarbelle's blog.  From what I gather this is a new brand, and they will be releasing 78 colors in January. The problem is that these are going to be sold at Cosmoprof and select salons. This means that they will be hard to find. I found them at a rather unknown small beauty supply store, so you may get lucky and find them in a salon or a something similar. Sadly, I do not think we'll be seeing these at our typical go-to polish stores like Ulta or Sallys :(.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Zoya Feel Collection

I have the Zoya Feel collection for you today..sans Avery. I really fell in love with this collection more so than I thought. The colors are great and very flattering. I'm going to use Zoya descriptions for each color, because honestly I personally stink at describing various shades of gray. :P


Carey can be best described as a periwinkle gray.



Kendal can be best described as a lavender, beige cream nail polish shade.


Kennedy can be best described as a full coverage, pale, french beige cream.


 Kristen can be best described as a gull gray nail polish with a mild bluish hue.


Megan can be best described as a full coverage, taupe gray cream.

These colors are beautiful. I really love them all. If I had to chose I'd say Kristen, Carey and Kennedy are my favorites. If cooler toned skin and have had difficulty finding a nice nude shade, Kennedy will be for you. I absolutely love this color for that reason. I feel like it filled a void in my collection! There are too many warm toned nudes out there :(.

My only issue is the formula. I find I have similar issues with any pale/pastel shades. These are  a bit streaky and uneven. Personally, I think the formula is a tad bit thick and could benefit from some thinner. I think the trick to these is thin coats, and a very steady hand. I notice with colors this light it shows mistakes more, at least for me!

Happy Wednesday!