Sunday, December 18, 2011

Share With You Sunday: 12/11/11-12/18/11

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Quiz of the Day:

The Over the Rainbow Test

My results:

You are a Thinker

You have a primal energy that drives you to explore the mysteries of life. You have a deep connection to the world.
You are hopeful, honest, and inspiring. You bring out the best in humanity.

You try to live your life with a higher purpose. Life's too precious to not have meaning.
You are a fixer. It bothers you to let any problems go unsolved.

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LimitedAddictionNails shares with us her manicure using Color Club neons.
CANDY COATED TIPS shares with us some nail polish related tips.
Girly Bits shows us her newest polish creation Cosmic Ocean.
Pink Polish Addict shows us her silver nails manicure.
Neverland Nail Blog shares with us her Insane Layering manicure.
Nightly Nails shows us her Peppermint Bark manicure.

Aquaheart's Obsessions shows us her favorite red lipsticks for the holidays.
MandysSecrets teaches us how to create the perfect smokey eye.

What You're Loving:
The Queen of the Nail swatches Essie Pure Pearlfection over Estee Lauder Porcelain.

Happy Sunday!


  1. The rainbow quiz says that I'm a Are a Rebel

    You are both familiar with the dark side and totally comfortable with it.

    You are an open, flexible person who is able to see the world through many perspectives.

    Social graces don't come easily for you. You feel like many social rules are silly.

    You are brilliant and a rule breaker. You insist on doing things your way.

  2. It says I'm a dreamer!
    The world is full of possibilities, and you can't wait to explore many of them. You're ready for a grand adventure.You have both a fiery energy and a warm heart. Your charisma and charm makes it easy for you to influence others.You are naturally happy, but you also feel the emotions of others. You are very empathetic.You always choose quality, and it shows. You are not a fan of gimmicks. 

    Thank you Steph for the shout out! <3

  3. Thanks for the shout out, my love!

    My rainbow said I'm a success:You are ardent and passionate. You have a intensity that burns brightly.You are career-focused. You get a lot of satisfaction from working hard.You are both charming and gracious. People find you to be very desirable.Crafty and creative, you are able to adapt freely to almost any situation. 

  4. Thanks for the link love Stephanie! I am going to check out the rest of them right now ♥

  5. Thanks for the link, Miss Steph =]! 


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