Saturday, December 17, 2011

Bottle Spam Saturday: Maybelline Edition

Maybelline won this week's bottle spam. I must say, Maybelline has really fallen flat over the past few years. As you'll notice, majority of my Maybelline collection are their older polishes from the 90's and early 00's. I wish they still made polishes like this. They have few good polishes in their newer collections, but a lot more misses than hits. Step it up Maybelline!

Be sure to vote for next week's bottle spam. I have added a new category "Random Grab". This is where I'll randomly grab 20 polishes from my stash, and that will make up the week's bottle spam.

 Peach Glimmer, Firefly, Into the Sunset, & Orange Blazes

 Red Aluminum, Red Comet, Heirloom Red, & Plum Potion

 Turquoise Seas, Cool Couture, Purple Aluminum, Zip Fly, & Goody Plum Drop

Colorama Rose n' Shine, Ruby Rays, Gives Me the Chills, & Frosty Pink

Happy Birthday to my Dad & Happy Saturday to you!


  1. Finally Maybelline won!!! I have to say I agree. They haven't been impressing me either. The wet shine diamonds look awesome! Thanks for sharing ;0)

  2. My mother in law has some of those polishes and i like them :) and i love your blog theme. very very nice :D and to let u know i tag you an badge check

  3. Would you be willing to sell the color-ama in ruby rays?

  4. No, I'm sorry Melissa. That's the only Ruby Rays I have.

  5. I actually don't own any Maybelline :P

  6. I have quite a few older Maybelline's....I should dig them out!  Is that Wet Shine Diamond Gem's a holo??


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