Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bottle Spam Saturday: Top 20 Edition

This week's bottle spam will feature my 2011 Top 20. I hope you're not tired of seeing these yet!

Enjoy! Tomorrow I will share the Best of 2011 results. :)

 a england Tristam, a england Lady of the Lake, Butter London Wallis, China Glaze Life Preserver, & Papaya Punch

 China Glaze Glittering Garland, CND Sheer 24K Sparkle, Cult Nails Captivated, Time Traveler, & Unicorn Puke/Clairvoyant

 Essie Smooth Sailing, Your Hut or Mine, Finger Paints Heavenly Hydrangea, Maybelline Cool Couture, & OPI It's My Year

Orly Frisky, Frolic, Venique Twinkling Snow, Zoya Kristen, & Rica.

Happy New Year's Eve! 


  1. Beautiful choices! :D  I'm definitely not tired of seeing posts like this! :D So much fun. ^-^

    Have a happy new year!!

  2. Love, love, love Tristam!!  Must get Frolic ASAP!!!!  Great choices.

  3. Happy New Years, Stephanie :)


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