Friday, December 9, 2011

LA Girls Color Addict Delirious

I feel like this week I've done so many dark colors. I don't want to wear out their welcome before winter has even started. Let's have a bright color today shall we? I am SO thrilled I found out about LA Girls Color Addict colors (thanks Girls Germs!), because a lot of them feature the elusive combination of cooler-toned colors with golden shimmer. This one is stunning!


Delirious is a bright turquoise with a soft golden shimmer.

A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. This color combination is beautiful. Can you imagine some jewelry with turquoise or aquamarine with gold? I want some! Yeah, I'm super psyched about this color combination. Blues/aquas/greens with gold is stunning. It's so luxurious to me. I could go on and on. I know it's probably strange for someone to get so excited about two colors together. You just don't see it often in the nail polish world.

*P.S. Love & Beauty polishes from Forever 21 are really repackaged LA Girls polishes. You can probably find these in their store, but they do not have their real names. It make take some digging. You can purchase the LA Girls version on Cherry Culture

Happy Friday!


  1. Just bought this one ~ love it too!  Usually gold is not my thing, but if you look closely, you see other colours of shimmer too!

    Nice pick! :)

  2. I am loving all these Color Addict shades! I am a sucker for hidden shimmer, they are so gorgeous!

  3. I love learning things like Love & Beauty is really LA Colors.. I tell people stuff like that at work when I can to give them an idea of the quality of the products. Plus, I think it's fun info! I'm lame, I know.

    Delirious is so pretty! It will look SO fab in Spring and Summer! ♥

  4. Oh wow, I really want this one!  So pretty!


  5. im loving this color on you ! rock it girlfriend! 

  6. I'm sucker a for hidden shimmer too!

  7. You are not lame you are awesome possum!!! I can't wait to wear this color in summer!

  8. This is a really pretty colour, Steph! You wear it so well. :)

  9. I *AM* an awesome possum! Chris' nickname for me is "Poss" because I used to play possum all the time. lol :D


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