Sunday, March 31, 2013

Share With You Sunday: 3/24/13-3/31/13

*If you're new nail blogger, interested in starting a nail blog, or a more experienced nail blogger who just enjoys blogging for fun, and are looking for an advice/support blogging group come check out Hobby Polish Bloggers

Imperfectly Painted Posts:
Mon- OPI Oy!-Another Polish Joke!
Wed- Hard Candy Little Bo Pink
Thus- Zoya Maisie
Fri- JulieG Tokyo Nights
Sat- Hobby Polish Bloggers Group

Posts I'm Loving:
Gotham Polish gives us a sneak peak of Zoya's Summer 2013 collections.
Luster Lacquer shares with us her silver zebra nails.
Galactic Lacquer reviews Freeman Beauty body scrubs.
Dipped in Lacquer swatches Aly's Dream Polish Macaron collection.
Musings of a Muse swatches Jordana Sweet n Smooth tinted lip balms.
Nailmattic shows us her Easter marble nails.

Posts You're Loving:
The Lacquered Lady shares with us her stamped nail art.
Chalkboard Nails shows us her Tadashi Shoji clutch design nail art.

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Reader Manis of the Week:

Name: Glittersnapdragon
Location: The Netherlands
Manicure Description: I used China Glaze Tart-y For The Party as a base colour, then I painted China Glaze Sunday Funday, CG In The City and Fancy Pants on a ziplock bag (2 layers) and let it dry for a good few hours before peeling the polish off the bag. Next I took a dragonfly figure punch and made some dragonflies in all three colours. While the Tart-y for the Party was still wet I attached the dragonflies and topped it all off with some topcoat. Et voila there you have it: a ziplock dragonfly mani!
Favorite Polishes: Illamasqua-Rare, Chanel-Ciel De Nuit, Essie-Bonded, OPI-Kiss Me On The Tulips, China Glaze-Liquid Crystal, Catrice-Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans, Nostalgic Lacquer-Mad World, Shimmer-Gerry

Name: Marisa
Location: New York
Manicure Description: Index, middle, and pinky fingers: Colores de Carol Peony Ring Finger: OPI Spark de Triomphe Thumb: Nails Inc Power Pink
Favorite Polishes: OPI Elephantastic Pink, China Glaze Recycle, Aldo Shy Rose, Max Factor Fantasy Fire
Instagram: @marijonails

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Happy Sunday!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Talk it Out Saturday: Hobby Polish Bloggers Group

I know Talk it out Saturday?

Something a little different for today. I know many of my Talk it Out Tuesday posts reflect on blogging insecurities and blogging style. I, for one, classify myself a just hobby nail polish blogger. I do this for fun. I have not made a cent on my blog. This is a choice I made personally because nail polish is just my fun thing. I like to keep the stress and pressure out of my blog because Imperfectly Painted is so personal to me. I'm not saying bloggers who have more professional goals or make money from their blog are bad at all. Please do not think that! I'm just saying that for me my goals are different.

What I've noticed is there seems to be a lacking group on Facebook for bloggers who identify similarly to me with their blogging style. There are very resourceful and great facebook groups out there who are primarily geared towards bloggers looking to go into the more professional route and make money from their blogs. I have not been able to  find a group that advice/support related towards bloggers who blog just a fun hobby or are new to the blogosphere.

I have also noticed in just general nail polish groups there are a lot of questions that pop up from bloggers about the blogging experience. These questions always get tons and tons of replies from other bloggers who want to share their feelings and their advice. I felt that why not have more centralized space for bloggers to be able to support one another?

I decided to create the Facebook group Hobby Polish Bloggers last night for this reason. I'm not trying to compete with other blogging groups or anything at all. I'm really trying to fill a gap for the many bloggers who want advice/guidance in the blogging world who identify as having their blogs as just as hobby or for fun. I also think this would be a great group for new/potential bloggers connect with other bloggers with the same interests as them. No pressure. No stress. Nothing overly serious or anything related to professional blogging. A group where everyone can feel they relate to and feel comfortable conversing with each other!

I will say this group is for bloggers or potential bloggers. This is not a general polish group to post your mani pictures etc. Many of you know there are TONS of groups for that. This group will be primarily information/conversation based on blogging and nail related topics as far as being a blogger. I'm not creating it this way to be mean or exclusive, but really to keep the mission and focus of the blog in the forefront.

If you feel that this type of group is right for you please ask to join--Hobby Polish Bloggers.

Friday, March 29, 2013

JulieG Tokyo Nights

I'm pretty sure blue is my favorite color nail polish now. My blue stash has been growing so much in the past year. I need all the blues! That seems to be the way of nail trends too lately. Blue is very popular! I spotted this new JulieG blue on the Jesse's Girl Facebook page a little while ago, and had to order it!

JulieG Tokyo Nights

Tokyo Nights is a rich deep navy blue creme.

This is actually deeper than my camera would allow me to capture. What I like about his blue, is it has this hint of a muted quality to it. I think it must have a touch of black or gray added to it. I love this color. The formula on this was great. I don't have really any complaints other than I wish we had Rite Aid in Florida so I could shop Jesse's Girl Cosmetics in person! 

I purchased this on Jesse's Girl Cosmetics website for $3.99. 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Zoya Maisie

I swear I've been in a perpetual bad mood for the past few days. I can't shake it! I think I've just allowed a handful of minor annoyances that have happened to build up. I'm not very good at being assertive when I don't agree with or feel uncomfortable with something, so I just end up internalizing it and it puts me in a foul mood. I'm certainly not the most pleasant person to be around right now. I need to work on that! Can anyone relate?

I should talk about polish now since it's a polish blog! I do like to tell you guys how I'm feeling though, it's nice to have this space to share even if it's not always on topic! I have a pretty blue flakie for you today. I remember flakies we're the craze last year, but honestly flakies never go out of style for me. They are an awesome polish topper!

Zoya Maise over Revlon Coastal Surf
Zoya Maisie is is a sheer blue base with a mix of blue/green iridescent flakies.

The flakies in here shift from green-blue-purple over this shade based on how the light touches it. This is what I love about flakies you can apply it to so many different colors and the result will always be a little bit different. I think they're also a lot of softer than a glitter, so if you're looking to spiffy up a nail look without going blingy, flakies are the way to go! This applied easily and nicely. No complains!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hard Candy Little Bo Pink

Time for another newbie Hard Candy polish! I hope more of you have been able to get your hands on these polishes. I'm a glitter junkie, but I found myself really gravitating towards the "Itsy Glitzy" line of polishes. These polishes have what I describe as sun-kissed look to them. You know how when the sun touches water and it gives the water that glistening sparkly effect? This is how these polishes look to me. I have Little Bo Pink from that Itsy Glitzy line to show you today.

Little Bo Pink
Little Bo Pink is warm medium pink filled with an intense pink/golden shimmer.

This is a great pink! I was really drawn to this one because it's a warmer pink with this gorgeous finish. I know us nail addicts are not new to cooler pinks with intense shimmers, but this shade of pink is completely new to my collection. This shimmers and sparkles beautifully. This is on the more sheer/thick side as far application, but totally workable. I did not feel it was much trouble at all. I used 3 coats in the picture above, and I'm happy with the finished look!

I purchased this from Walmart for $3.97.

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, March 25, 2013

OPI Oy-Another Polish Joke!

First, I want to wish a Happy Passover to all who celebrate! I have to start cooking...soon....ah!

Today, I have another polish from the OPI Euro Centrale collection to show you. I figured since this one had  some Yiddish in it with "Oy" it would be fitting for Passover. Or, I'm just really lame for trying to tie in a Jewish holiday with nail polish. This is actually a polish I would of totally passed over if it weren't for Liesl Love Pretty Things who used it to layer over other colors. I give her complete credit for the layering idea. I think this is an amazing topper polish, but I also found it to be pretty nice on it's own.

Oy- Another Polish Joke!
Oy- Another Polish Joke! is a sheer golden shimmer.

I used 3 coats here. I love gold as far as additional shimmers in colors or as glitter toppers, but I really am not a fan at all of gold on its own. I actually don't mind this, and at least with my skin tone it doesn't clash horribly. I was surprised. The formula on this was easy breezy. Note- It took me writing this post to realize "Another Polish Joke!" wasn't in reference to nail polish, it is in reference to Polish as in Polish people. I'm so dumb, but I see the word Polish now and immediately think nail polish!

Oy- Another Polish Joke! over You're Such a Budapest

Oy- Another Polish Joke! over Suzi's Hungary Again

It's obvious that Oy-Another Polish Joke works a beautiful golden topper on a base color. This is stunning. I just used one coat over these polishes, and that is all you need. I love the sun-kissed look it gives on colors! I think you will have fun pairing this one to a ton of polishes in your stash!

Happy Monday!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Share With You Sunday: 3/17/13-3/24/13

Imperfectly Painted Posts:
Mon- KBShimmer Spring Training
Wed- OPI Suzi's Hungary Again
Thurs- JulieG Holla-peno
Fri- Sindie Pop Zoinks!

Posts I'm Loving:
Haute Lacquer shows us her rustic embroidery nail art.
polish cart shares with us her yellow, red, and purple nail art.
manicurator swatches OPI Bond Girls Liquid Sand collection.
Chameleon Stampede shows us her pastel watercolor nail art.

Posts You're Loving:
thenailartandbeautydiairies shares with us her dotty lacy purple nails.
Franken Femme shows us a franken she created using drugstore polishes.

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Reader Manis of the Week:

Name: Jennifer
Location: Tampa
Manicure Description: Two coats of Sinful Colors Rain Storm with accent nail and french tips of China Glaze Water You Waiting For.
Favorite Polishes: Just about every Zoya I've tried (especially Natty), Pure Ice Busted, Essie Beyond Cozy, Sally Hansen CSM Black Platinum, OPI Grape...Set...Match.

Name: Karen D
Location: East coast USA
Manicure Description: I used Fly by OPI first, and then on top I put half moons using Essie Chinchilly. Then I outlined the half moon with a black striper (I think it's from five below).
Favorite Polishes: Zoya Wednesday, OPI William Tell Me About OPI, OPI Get Your Number and Essie Smokin' Hot.

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Happy Sunday!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Sindie Pop Zoinks

I was pretty excited when I saw Sindie Pop had a Mystery Gang collection out inspired by Scooby Doo. Scooby Doo was hands down my favorite cartoon from probably ages 8-11. I know I watched it on Cartoon Network every night no matter if I had seen the episode before or not. I also had sleepovers with my childhood friend Allison where we'd watch Scooby Doo marathons all night! Sigh, I miss childhood. Anyways, I picked up Zoinks! from this collection.

Zoinks! over JulieG Holla-peno

Zoinks! is a mixture of lime green, gold, and red-violet glitters in a clear base.

This is a fun glitter. I love the color combination which is inspired by Shaggy. I never would of thought to pair these colors together as far as nail polish goes, but they look awesome! This applied really easy, and would look great layered over many different colors

Back to Scooby Doo...My favorite Scooby Doo series was definitely Scooby Doo Where Are You? My favorite episode was Bedlam in the Big Top. Clowns always freaked me out, but I loved this episode. Ahhh creepy clown! 

I purchased this polish for $9.00 on Sindie Pop! Lacquer's website. **NOTE** Mystery Gang Collection Restock will be TODAY @ 12pm PST!

Be sure to follow Sindie Pop! Lacquer on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Were you a Scooby Doo fan? What was your favorite episode?

Happy Friday! 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

JulieG Holla-Peno

I have a new JulieG by Jesse's Girl polish to show you today. Jesse's Girl released 27 new shades for the JulieG line this year. I do not have a Rite Aid here, so my experience with this brand has been through people sending me them or purchasing them online. The JulieG line of polishes is awesome! I've always been impressed with their selection and the price. This is an awesome green!

Holla-peno is a medium muted green creme.

I'm not typically a green polish girl, but this polish caught my eye. This is not a typical green shade I have seen. I love that it has a softness and dustiness to it which makes it original. I also like that this leans more towards the green or the yellow-green side rather than a blue-green side. This applied really nicely, and I do not have any complaints about formula. I will say though it did take me a few times to realize the name was a reference to jalapeno. The simplest things always boggle my mind. Oy.

I purchased this from the Jesse's Girl website for $3.99. You can also find this one at Rite Aid.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

OPI Suzi's Hungary Again

Are there nail polish colors you used to wear a lot of but you don't wear much anymore? When I first got into nail polish I really loved pinks and reds. Now, I really don't wear them that much.  I think pinks and reds are definitely colors that are hard to impress because there are only so many shades of red and pink. Pinks and reds are also the most classic and timeless nail polish colors, so they've been around a long time. It really takes a good pink to impress me these days, and I found that in OPI Suzi's Hungary Again!

Suzi's Hungary Again

Suzi's Hungary Again! is a warm medium pink with a subtle silvery shimmer.

This one is from the recent Spring 2013 OPI Euro Centrale collection. I think why this stands out to me is a warm pink. I find that warmer pinks are rarer than cool pinks especially in the case of a spring collection. This is bright and vibrant without being neon or in your face. I love this pink, and it's definitely one of those nail polish colors I think would look lovely on most. The formula on this was nothing to sing home about. The formula wasn't horrible nor was it great. I've had worse and I've had better. It was a little streaky and thick. The polish evened nicely in the end, but I'd really expect better from an OPI polish.

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, March 18, 2013

KBShimmer Spring Training

You know when you buy a polish from an indie and once you get it you wish you bought more colors? I bought KBShimmer Spring Training on a whim and it is so spectacular I feel bad I didn't buy more colors I wanted. Granted, I really couldn't afford to buy more at the time, but ugh I hate that feeling! I think I'm going to need ever KBShimmer color ever made, because I just love this brand!

Spring Training
Spring Training is a soft mint green base with multi-colored/multi-sized pastel glitters mixed in.

Spring perfection. I love and adore this to pieces. The base color is beautiful and the glitter is great. This applied like a dream. This is an all around wonderful polish. Yes, it has been added as a contender to my Top 20 of 2013 list that I started at the beginning of the year. Yes, I'd say this one is a must have. You need this. I love it, and I think you'll love it too!

I purchased this polish for $8.75 on KBShimmer's webiste.

Happy Monday!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Share With You Sunday: 3/10/13-3/17/13

Imperfectly Painted Posts:
Tues- Sinful Colors Endless Blue
Wed- Zoya Storm
Thurs- New Maya Cosmetics March Releases
Fri- Hard Candy So So Sequin
Sat- Chill!: How to Follow Imperfectly Painted

Posts I'm Loving:
Wacky Laki shows us her stamped beach themed nails. '
Love, Varnish, chocolate and more... swatches Catrice Lilactric.
The Crumpet shares with us her Star Trek nails.
Intense Polish Therapy shows us her leopard stamped nails.
BeautyGnome shares with us her Tolkien inspired nails.
Frazzle and Aniploish shows us some springs displays part 1 and part 2.

Posts You're Loving:
The Nail Art and Beauty Diaries teaches us how to create her "Got My Eyes On You" nail look.
The Lacquered Lady swatches Hard Candy Little Hottie and Pinch of Spice.

Reader Manis of the Week:
Name: Beauty Writer
Location: Canada
Manicure Description: I used Zoya Shawn as a base for this St. Patty's Day Look. The gold accent nail features I Herd That from China Glaze, and the white dots were created using a dotting tool and Zoya Snow White.
Favorite Polishes: Zoya Trixie, Zoya Marilyn, Essie Fiji, Butter London Teddy Girl, Butter London Queen Vic, Essie East Hampton Cotage, Essie Mint Candy Apple, Zoya Areej

Name: Chris
Location: Ohio
Manicure Description: I used a base of Zoya Jacqueline and then dotted on some Revlon Knockout dots and connected the dots with my It's So Easy StripeRite striper in Black.
Favorite Polishes: Essie Penny Talk, Zoya Jacqueline, Don't Mess With OPI, Nails Inc. Sweets Way

I need manis for next week and the rest of March! I don't have any manis right now. You can find information on how to submit your manicures for Sunday posts here

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

CHILL!: How to Follow Imperfectly Painted

The world is not ending. Everything will be OK.

There has been such a panic response to the Google Reader feature retiring, I want to pass out chill pills to everyone. Relax, it's not all that you think it is.

First, lets get this straight. GFC (Google Friend Connect) is not retiring or disappearing at the moment. Google Reader and GFC are two separate entities. Your blog is not going disappear. Your followers are not going to disappear. Aliens, as far as I know are not going to abduct us. Google Reader will retire July 1, 2013. Not in 5 seconds. Not in 30 minutes. Not tomorrow. Not next month. Relax.

I personally do not use Goggle Reader to keep up with my blogs. I have used Blogger Dashboard, and as far as I know that is not set to retire at the moment (please correct me if I'm wrong). The post by Little girl, big thoughts fully explains the plans of Google in regards to Google Reader. If you have any doubt about anything please read that post.

What I can gather from all of this is that while GFC is not in any imminent danger of disappearing, it does look like that GFC might not always be here to stay. Remember -GFC will still be here in 5 seconds, 30 minutes, tomorrow, and will still be here July 1st. I'm saying that based on the changes of Google I would not be surprised if GFC is phased out eventually.

So, lets plan ahead? That's always smart. You can now follow me using Bloglovin'. You will see I have button for that now on my right sidebar that says "Follow this blog with bloglovin'". Click that, and it will direct you on how to follow me and set up an account if you do not have one. If you'd like to import all of your blogs from Google Reader to Bloglovin', Oooh, Shinies! has created a great tutorial that will show you how to do that. I recommend you do this for all of your blogs you read.

You can also follow me on Facebook & Twitter. Both of these places repost my daily blog posts.
You can also follow me on Pinterest & Intstagram where I share all of my blog photos from my blog.

I hope this helps clear up some of the confusion and hysteria :P.

Happy Saturday!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Hard Candy So So Sequin

Who else about fell on the floor when they heard about the new Hard Candy nail polishes? I was so excited! I think one of the most difficult things to find in the nail polish market are funky, fun, and creative nail polish colors sold in major stores and at an affordable price. Hard Candy has introduced an amazing nail polish selection that is sold at Walmart for $3.97 a piece! This is just an absolute win-win situation. I am thrilled, and I know many of you are too! I picked up a few shades the other week, and want to show you one of my favorites today.

So So Sequin over a black cream base
So So Sequin is a mixture of pale pink glitter, holographic micro glitters, and a medium light blue hex glitters in a clear base.

This is bling city people! So So Sequin is part of the Glitterazi line of these new polishes I love this combination of colors, and the holographic glitter is spectacular. I think this one would be betters suited layered over another color. I used 2 coats over a base here. This could be built up on its own, but I feel the glitter pops so much better against a base. The formula was a pinch on the thicker side, but I'd expect that with a glitter like this. I did not find it difficult to apply.

Love this one!!!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Maya Cosmetics March Releases

Today, I have for you some new colors by Maya Cosmetics! I adore Maya Cosmetics. I can always count on them to create inventive, fun, and well formulated nail polishes. I have not been let down yet. Without further ado...

Imagine, Parrot Trooper, Reef, Cupcake Violent, and Daydreaming

First, I want to show you that Maya Cosmetics now has cute little tags attached to their bottles!

These tags have their name, ingredients, and other brand information inside of them.

Imagine is a sheer white base with micro iridescent and white glitters, yellow, white, aqua, green, lavender, and pink glitters mixed in. Imagine can be found here.

Parrot Trooper
Parrot Trooper is a bright coral orange with gold, purple, and light green shimmer flakes. Parrot Trooper can be found here.

Reef is turquoise blue with yellow-green and bronze shimmer. Reef can be found here.

Cupcake Violent
Cupcake Violent is a lavender base with holo micro glitter, silver glitter, scattered holo pigment, and violet shimmer. Cupcake Violent can be found here.

Daydreaming is a sheer sky blue base with blue shimmer and white, teal, purple, and pink satin glitter. Daydreaming can be found here.

Colors/Finishes: There is an amazing selection of colors here. I love the mix of soft springy shades with some more punchy bright colors. I love the finishes. There are some glitters, shimmers, and flakes all in the mix. I love how Maya Cosmetics does glitters. There are plenty of glitter bomb options out there in indie world, but I love how Maya Cosmetics opts to do some more subtle and softer takes on glitters.

Formula: I liked the formula on these. I will say I did find Imagine trickier to apply than others. That being said, it wasn't at all unmanageable. Imagine will just take a little more care applying than the others. The rest of these polishes applied great and easily. No complaints!

Overall: These are wonderful new additions to the Maya Cosmetics line. There are others new polishes too be sure to browse the site for more! I love the combination of colors and finishes on these. If you had me pick favorites of this bunch I'd go with Parrot Trooper, Reef, and Daydreaming! That shimmer in Reef is ah-mazing!

You can purchase these polishes for $9.50ea on the Maya Cosmetics website.

Be sure to follow Maya Cosmetics' BlogFacebook, and Twitter.

*These products were sent to me for my honest review by Maya Cosmetics.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Zoya Storm

I'm pretty sure it's safe to say, that among all the love the Zoya Ornate collection this collection did not woo me. I tried to like it. I went as far as to buy them in hopes of loving them, but I just can't. Blaze was OK, and  Aurora really did not cut it for me. What about Storm though?


Storm is black with a scattered holographic shimmer/glitter mixed in.

No, I don't like this. I know why now too. It's the glitter/shimmer mix going on in it along with Aurora. The glitters do not have a rough texture, but they look rough in the polish. Does this make sense? They do not look like smooth shiny glitters. They look like tiny pieces of jagged foil thrown in there. I'm such a huge polish snob, I realize this. The glitter in this does not do it for me. The polish looks more speckled than anything. This color looks flat to me. I know you all will think I'm crazy for saying this. I just can't like it. I'm sorry :(.

Don't worry this is the last of the Zoya Ornate colors I have, so I won't have anymore to bash. :P

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sinful Colors Endless Blue

My love for bright blue nail polish started with Joan Rivers. Yes, Joan Rivers. Many people probably see Rihanna, Katy Perry, and some other young celebrities as their nail icons, but honestly Joan Rivers is mine. On her show Joan Knows Best? on WE TV last year she wore this unidentified bright cobalt blue nail polish, and ever since I've been obsessed with the color. Joan Rivers in general no matter where I see her is always wearing trendy and awesome nail polish colors. She's 79 year's old and knows how to rock her nails! I know she's not probably a favorite person among many of you. I know she has a dirty mouth, but I absolutely adore her! Anyways, here is another recent bright blue I found by Sinful Colors.

Sinful Colors Endless Blue
Endless Blue is a bright cobalt blue creme.

This is actually more saturated than in the photo. My camera can never pick up how bright these blues are! This is a fabulous nail polish. This was a 2 coater, it applied perfectly, and the color is amazing. I think this best part of this one is the price of $1.99. There are a lot of shades out there likes this now, but not at this price. It's a no brainer, you can't go wrong with this one!

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Share With You Sunday: 3/3/13-3/10/13

Imperfectly Painted Posts:
Mon- JulieG Bubble Bath
Tues- Talk it Out Tuesday: Indie Nail Polish Part II
Wed- OPI Can't Find My Czechbook
Fri- Zoya Gwin

Posts I'm Loving:
Cutie-cles shows us her striping tape nails with Zoya PixieDust polishes.
Icy Nails swatches Color Club Wild at Heart.
The Crumpet shares with us her striped nails using OPI Euro Centrale polishes.

Posts You're Loving:
Pixie Dust Nails shows us her Dapper Dans inspired nails.

You can submit your links for Sunday posts here

Reader Manis of the Week:
Name: Michelle
Location: U.S.
Manicure Description: I had a nail art party with my friends and I decided to do some roses. I used 2 coats of Julep Robin for the base, Revlon Really Rosy and Sally Hansen White On for the roses, and Orly Lucky Duck for the leaves. I used dotting tools to create the roses and leaves. I chose the above colors in order to make my nails look as if it had a vintage pattern on them.
Favorite Polishes: Essie Turquoise & Caicos, Sinful Colors Timbleberry, Julep Rose, Avon Don't Be Jaded, OPI Samoan Sand, Sinful Colors Rise and Shine
Instagram: lelacquerhookup (

I need manis for March!  You can find information on how to submit your manicures for Sunday posts here

Happy Sunday!