Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Maya Cosmetics March Releases

Today, I have for you some new colors by Maya Cosmetics! I adore Maya Cosmetics. I can always count on them to create inventive, fun, and well formulated nail polishes. I have not been let down yet. Without further ado...

Imagine, Parrot Trooper, Reef, Cupcake Violent, and Daydreaming

First, I want to show you that Maya Cosmetics now has cute little tags attached to their bottles!

These tags have their name, ingredients, and other brand information inside of them.

Imagine is a sheer white base with micro iridescent and white glitters, yellow, white, aqua, green, lavender, and pink glitters mixed in. Imagine can be found here.

Parrot Trooper
Parrot Trooper is a bright coral orange with gold, purple, and light green shimmer flakes. Parrot Trooper can be found here.

Reef is turquoise blue with yellow-green and bronze shimmer. Reef can be found here.

Cupcake Violent
Cupcake Violent is a lavender base with holo micro glitter, silver glitter, scattered holo pigment, and violet shimmer. Cupcake Violent can be found here.

Daydreaming is a sheer sky blue base with blue shimmer and white, teal, purple, and pink satin glitter. Daydreaming can be found here.

Colors/Finishes: There is an amazing selection of colors here. I love the mix of soft springy shades with some more punchy bright colors. I love the finishes. There are some glitters, shimmers, and flakes all in the mix. I love how Maya Cosmetics does glitters. There are plenty of glitter bomb options out there in indie world, but I love how Maya Cosmetics opts to do some more subtle and softer takes on glitters.

Formula: I liked the formula on these. I will say I did find Imagine trickier to apply than others. That being said, it wasn't at all unmanageable. Imagine will just take a little more care applying than the others. The rest of these polishes applied great and easily. No complaints!

Overall: These are wonderful new additions to the Maya Cosmetics line. There are others new polishes too be sure to browse the site for more! I love the combination of colors and finishes on these. If you had me pick favorites of this bunch I'd go with Parrot Trooper, Reef, and Daydreaming! That shimmer in Reef is ah-mazing!

You can purchase these polishes for $9.50ea on the Maya Cosmetics website.

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*These products were sent to me for my honest review by Maya Cosmetics.

Happy Thursday!


  1. These are all so pretty! I think you've convinced me to add a few of these to my wishlist.

  2. Pretty - love Maya - good product

  3. They all look awesome but I really liked Parrot Trooper and Reef.

  4. OMG Parrot Tropper is just my style! I have never bought Maya polishes before, that may have to be the next one i get!

  5. I really like Cupcake Violent!

  6. Kirsten (Geeky Owl)March 14, 2013 at 6:26 PM

    Ooh! They are all so pretty! But I am loving Imagine!

  7. I don't know which one I like best. They are all beautiful. Daydreaming reminds me of my favorite Easter time candy, those blue colored speckled Robin's eggs.

  8. These are all very pretty! I think I like Imagine and Parrot Trooper the best!


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