Thursday, March 28, 2013

Zoya Maisie

I swear I've been in a perpetual bad mood for the past few days. I can't shake it! I think I've just allowed a handful of minor annoyances that have happened to build up. I'm not very good at being assertive when I don't agree with or feel uncomfortable with something, so I just end up internalizing it and it puts me in a foul mood. I'm certainly not the most pleasant person to be around right now. I need to work on that! Can anyone relate?

I should talk about polish now since it's a polish blog! I do like to tell you guys how I'm feeling though, it's nice to have this space to share even if it's not always on topic! I have a pretty blue flakie for you today. I remember flakies we're the craze last year, but honestly flakies never go out of style for me. They are an awesome polish topper!

Zoya Maise over Revlon Coastal Surf
Zoya Maisie is is a sheer blue base with a mix of blue/green iridescent flakies.

The flakies in here shift from green-blue-purple over this shade based on how the light touches it. This is what I love about flakies you can apply it to so many different colors and the result will always be a little bit different. I think they're also a lot of softer than a glitter, so if you're looking to spiffy up a nail look without going blingy, flakies are the way to go! This applied easily and nicely. No complains!

Happy Thursday!


  1. I've been a little crabby too - but I have been thinking it's because of the freezing/not-springy-at all weather we are having here:( I'm still cooped up inside and it's depressing:( Hope you start feeling better! Go for a long walk or something because I know you can being in Florida:)

  2. Peace, Love and PolishMarch 28, 2013 at 12:26 PM

    I've been moody too - but I account it to my pregnancy hormones & the ridiculous amount of pollen floating around. Plus, it's supposed to be in the low 70s right now, and the temps are in the 50s - so I turn into a grump!

    But I love this color combo here - it's so summery!

  3. I know for me, at this time of the year, if the weather isn't what it is supposed to be or what I feel like it should be, I get kind of moody/grumpy. I think everyone is ready for the spring!

    I really enjoy flakies! I don't use them as much as I should. They are always so pretty and eye catching.

  4. I love this combo!!! Sorry you're in a bad mood. Hope it clears up soon. It happens to all of us ;0).

  5. I've been in a funk lately too :-( Funny enough my nails are also Coastal Surf with Varnish Vixen's Out of Time as an accent. I thought the bright colors would make me happy. Hope it worked a liittle for you too.

  6. I have been in a bad mood too, but that's because it has been a very rough week for me and my family. :( Let's hope all of us feel better soon - you included ofcourse. On a more related note, I love this combination. I love using flakies over bright colours. :)

  7. Sadly, I don't have any of the Zoya flakies. I should remedy that!

    You sound like me, I'm not assertive ether, and let my annoyances eat at me till I can't take it, and take it out on everyone around me at home! I haven't found a solution to it except to find a new job....which isn't going well. When you find something that helps, let us know! And one great thing about blogging is that this is YOUR area to say whatever you want to. I find blogging very therapeutic, even if it's just me bitching, lol.

  8. Love how it gives an iridescent look! Hope your mood has picked up.


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