Friday, March 29, 2013

JulieG Tokyo Nights

I'm pretty sure blue is my favorite color nail polish now. My blue stash has been growing so much in the past year. I need all the blues! That seems to be the way of nail trends too lately. Blue is very popular! I spotted this new JulieG blue on the Jesse's Girl Facebook page a little while ago, and had to order it!

JulieG Tokyo Nights

Tokyo Nights is a rich deep navy blue creme.

This is actually deeper than my camera would allow me to capture. What I like about his blue, is it has this hint of a muted quality to it. I think it must have a touch of black or gray added to it. I love this color. The formula on this was great. I don't have really any complaints other than I wish we had Rite Aid in Florida so I could shop Jesse's Girl Cosmetics in person! 

I purchased this on Jesse's Girl Cosmetics website for $3.99. 

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  1. I'm exactly like that, I've bought so many blue polishes lately :P This one I liked a lot.


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