Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tres Risk Glamorous Life Collection

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I heard about Tres Risk polishes through Nails Beautiqued's blog. I found these sets at Ross for $4.99 each. There were 3 sets there was set of cremes "Out to Party", metallic/foil cool colors "Glamorous Life", and neutral foils "Some Like It Rich". I got "Glamorous Life" & "Some Like It Rich". I'm very impressed with these polishes. The colors are great especially for the price. I found these colors just as nice as China Glaze, Orlys, and more of the mid range polishes you get at Sally's, Ulta, or etailers. This company is out of Miami, FL and they have a website. The website has "coming soon" on it so I'm assuming they're new.
I'm going to show you the "Glamorous Life" collection today.

Secret Passion
 Secret Passion is a deep grape silvery foil. Great rich color. This is very pigmented!

Midnight Cruise

Midnight Cruise is a medium blue shimmer. This reminds me of the paint on blue cars. It has this bright glowy look to it.

Sequin Gown
Sequin Gown! I adore this shade! It is my favorite. This is a mermaidy teal shimmer. It has that lit-from-within look to it. It glows on your nails! Gorgeous blue-green polish.

Silver Spoon
Silver Spoon is silver-grey shimmer. This is the only polish in the collection I'm not fond of. It's pretty generic, but the rest make up for it.

Overall, I'm very impressed with this collection and this brand. The application and the color selection of these is great! I would of expected to pay more for these polishes, but I will not complain. The names of the polishes are not on the bottles, but are above them on the package. I ended up cutting out the names and taping them to the bottom of the bottle.  No biggie.

Before I go I wanted to share this  picture with you. While I was taking photos of these polishes, my boyfriend thought he would be cute (sarcasm) and put his butt (not bare!) in the picture. Very funny. Since he thinks he so clever I decided to share the photo with you all.
Men are weird. I don't care how old they are they still act like they're 12. That's ok I still love him! :P

Happy Tuesday!
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  1. Those are really nice colours, I really like this dark classy look they have.
    There days like this one when I wish I could have easy access to those polishes but well we're not that gifted in France :)

    I really laughed at your last picture, and yes men can be silly... as women can be too ^^

    Thanks for sharing! (errrrr, the polishes, not your man's butt ^^)

  2. Very pretty colors. I think I'm going to go check my Ross this weekend and see what I can find

  3. These are some great polishes and I hope they will be coming out with more colors. Thanks for the website :)

  4. secret passion and silver spoon are hot! i can't see the addition to the last photo, lol.

  5. *Taking a break from studying to blog hop ;)*

    Wow! These colours are gawww-jus! As soon as I saw the picture of the collection, my eye was immediately drawn to the green. And it definitely did not disappoint in your swatch! :D Beautiful!

    I must remember these now for if/when I ever go to the States for vacation, or if I ever do a np swap! ;)

  6. What a deal! Those look like awesome polishes - lovely colors and they all look nice on you! :D

  7. love this collection (very blue) ^_^


  8. OMG! Lovely!
    I´m from Brazil and i cannot find it... If someone want make some polish nail's changes just email me
    see my blog


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