Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sinful Colors Social Ladder

I'm not a huge fan of white polishes. I think it's because white cremes look way too stark against my skin. It's difficult for me to find a pale or pastel polish that works for me. I really like Sinful Colors Social Ladder though.

Social Ladder

Social Ladder is a soft white shimmer. This is a lovely color. It doesn't scream white, but gives your nails nice clean look. It also isn't bland at all. It's the right balance!

I can pull of these colors. I think shimmers in paler colors help. This isn't a color I'd normally reach for, but I like to have it in my collection. I love these softer colors when I'm burned out or can't decide on what to wear. I usually end up loving these colors a lot more than I expected. I felt the same about Zoya Stephanie. I wasn't impressed with it at first, but it's one I put on frequently.

Happy Saturday!


  1. I dont usually like this kind of shade but this rocks!

  2. It looks truly lovely on you. It makes your hands look so healthy- they always look healthy but it makes them look especially so! <3 What a sweet shade.

  3. love the name, lol. i see SC has some great colors. i really want to get a hold of that green flakie.

  4. This is a pretty color for a "palatte cleanse" between darker colors or glitters, etc. Know what I mean? I keep meaning to get this, I really need to. Reminds me a little of the new China Glaze - Frosty... I wonder how they would compare

  5. This polish looks amazing on your nails. I love it. I have an Avon polish that's similar, but SC's version is prettier.

  6. Clau- Thanks!

    Toesthatwtinkle- Me either, but I love it too.

    Tara- I know what you mean. It's very fresh looking. I like to go this route sometimes for that reason.

    Enamel Girl- I hope you find that green flakie! Sinful does have some awesome colors!

    Jana- I know exactly what you mean! That's why I love this color. Sometimes you just need something simple and clean looking. I don't have Frosty, but I've seen photos. Social Ladder has a hint of pink to it, and Frosty I believe is purely white.

    Leslie- Thank you!


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