Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wee Haul!

My parents sadly left yesterday. I feel silly being 24 and so attached to my parents. We live very far apart and I don't get to see them often. I really enjoy their visits. The past 2 weeks up until their visit had been rather hellish for me. I was struggling with a lot of stress, anxiety, and depression for various reasons. Thankfully, about mid-last week I started feeling myself again, and their visit really picked up my spirits. I'm sad to see them go, but I'm sure they'll be visiting again after the holidays. While they were here we did some shopping. I got some new clothes and of course nail polish! I wanted to share with you my goodies!

LA Colors L-R: Amethyst, Copper, Nectar, & Red Stilettos
I found these at Dollar General for $1 each. I also found Poshe Fast Drying Top Coat for $3 each! I grabbed  3 bottles of those!

China Glaze L-R: Midnight Mission, Zombie Zest, Kiwi Cool-Ada, & Emerald Fitzgerald
I got all of these at Sally's. All of them where on sale for $1.99 except for Zombie Zest.

LA Splash L-R: Terra Beach, Treasure Splash, Sparkling Rose, French Sparkle, Pretty Jellyfish, Pink Dream, Sparkling Gold, & Glitz & Berry
I think I now have an LA Splash addiction. These were on sale at Ulta for $1.99 each. 

L-R: Nite Lites Pink Flamingo & Borghese Rossi Apple
I got both of these at Ulta. The Nite Lites was $2.99 and I got the Borghese on sale for $1.99

Lane Bryant L-R: Island Volcano & Mahalo Dream

First of all, I had no idea Lane Bryant had nail polishes, but I'm glad they did. I got these at the Lane Bryant outlet. These are jam packed glitter flakies!!!! I just wish the names were switched. It would of made more sense if the reddish one was Island Volcano. These were $6.00 each but it was BOGO 1/2 off. Pretty pricey in my opinion. The other colors were very general, but for these flakies I think it was worth it!

That's what I got this past weekend. Swatches to come soon. I can't wait to show you these flakies. That blue one is amazing!!!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Great Haul.

    Love those Lane Bryant polishes.

  2. Aaaaah, I wish I could find those kind of polishes on sale in France too!
    The LA Splash ones are really attractive, I can understand this beginning of an addiction that you have :)

  3. Great haul! I can't wait to see the Lane Bryant polishes; they look wonderful.

  4. I definitely feel you about being attached to your parents. I stick to my mother like a barnacle, even though we fight alot. smh. But you'll see them again soon and until then, I hope things go much smoother than they've been.

    Also, I'm so jealous of your haul! Especially the lane bryant polishes...I had noo idea they made polish. And flakies at that.

    And I can't wait to see Midnight and Mission and Emerald Fitzgerald on you...I bet they're gonna look awesome.

  5. Great Haul! Cannot wait to see the Lane Bryant Flakies!

  6. You have to try the night lights polish RIGHT NOW!!! LOL! I saw that at Ulta and didn't believe the glow in the dark claim.

    Lane Bryant polish?!? Whateves. I doubt that those are worth $6 each. That's more than some Sally Hansen polishes! I have a bunch of L.A. Colors polish I have yet to try out.

    Great haul!

  7. I can imagine seeing your parents go wasn't easy, hopefully you'll feel a bit better soon. And that your upcoming weeks will be less nasty!

    And wow, what a haul, some gorgeous polishes there :)

  8. They're so good I can't tell which one I like the most :)

  9. ohmygosh what a great haul! so jealous of you!

  10. You got some good bargains!! I wish my dollar store had good colors - it seems all mine has is blue. Different blues, but blue nonetheless.

  11. very nice haul. can't wait to start seeing your swatches, i'm glad you are feeling more like yourself

  12. ooh! nice haul! i like Nectar..so pretty :) and i looove it that i can get my favorite Poshe topcoat @ dollar general! i almost flipped when i saw them the first time =P

  13. Too bad your parents left. it's always great to see family - as long as they don't drive you crazy ;)

    I thought it was titled a "wee haul"
    man! That wasn't wee. That was a kick ass haul!

    I can't believe how cheap the china glazes were at Sallys! I might be moving to a city with a sallys. I'm pretty excited to see what they're carrying. :)
    and LA colors are great too!

    can't wait to see swatches!

  14. Didn't know Lane Bryant had polish either! Those look like great flakies, and still cheaper than Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure!

  15. Don't feel silly at any age for loving and being attached to your parents, love and cherish them for as long as you are able. Sadly, there comes a time when they will no longer be there so don't ever apologize for loving them now.

  16. I kept thinking about this post because it was so sweet. Your parents may never say anything because they don't want to make you uncomfortable, but someday if you choose to become a parent you will come to realize that your loving them so much that you wanted to tell the world is the most wonderful gift you could give them. All three of you are lucky people.


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