Friday, June 11, 2010

Sephora by OPI- 212

When I was trying decide on polishes to get with my gift card, this was one of the polishes many nail people recommended. I was completely clueless at what to get, so I went ahead and purchased this one. I must say this is the strangest polish I have ever encountered. It's strange in a good way. You'll see what I mean...

212 (click to enlarge)

212 is a hard to describe color. I'd say it's a blackened gold or olive green or black with lots of gold shimmer? I have no idea! It is packed with micro glitter, silver glitter, holographic glitter, and copper flakes. I can confidently say, this is polish I haven't seen before, and I'm sure many others haven't either.

I know 212 is an area code for Manhattan, so I guess this is NYC in a bottle. It's diverse and full of sparkle and uniqueness. I also find this reminiscent of when I used to do art projects as a little kid. I'd use a ton of glitter and paint and I'd always have a ton left over that left a big mess on the table. If I were to mix all of my glitter mess and paint together I'm sure I would of got something similar to this polish.

I really love this polish. It's find it refreshing because it is so different and out there. I would totally pay the $9 for this one gift card or no gift card. It is completely worth it!

Happy Friday!


  1. I love this. I wish I had gotten it when it came out.

  2. omg, I love this one.
    Your description is spot on does look like a jumble of paint color and glitter.

  3. Wow. That is an impressive color. I like how you describe it. :)

  4. i agree with Chris, you did an awesome job describing it! i got this one (so i guess i have bought $OPI) but sent it to another home ASAP. i didn't like it on me but looks great on you!

  5. cute, I'm looking for a fun black for my toes, this looks great!

  6. L-You can still get it on Sephora online

    Choas- I'm glad you like my description that's what it reminded me most of

    Lacquerware- I think you need this color :P

    Jbrobeck. Thanks, I'm sorry it didn't work out for you.

    Mom vs- I think this is a great black to have it's so unique!

  7. I really enjoy polishes with different size and shape glitter. And the color itself is unique! It probably looks blacker or golder (greener?) depending on the light.
    212 is on wish list now! :)

  8. I jumped at this polish as soon as it came out. It was released last year to celebrate when Sephora opened up a store in Times Square. It's just so different from any other polish I own and I love it!


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