Friday, May 7, 2010

I Won't Spend More Than 10! Part Three

Remidner!! This is the LAST day to enter my giveaway! I will be randomly selecting a winner and emailing them tomorrow morning!

This is my final part of my US under 10 posts. Tomorrow, I'll make post of the international under $10 products along with my giveaway winner!

Note: If I haven't reviewed a certain brand it's either because I haven't tried the brand or do not have enough of their product to give them a review.

High End $7-$10


Featured Colors: Zara, Suvi, Elke, Evangeline
Price: $7
Where to buy: some salons, some beauty supply stores, and Zoya website
-Vast selection of stunning colors and finishes
-Unique shades
-Great application
-Usually have AMAZING deals (ex. Green Friday & now Polish Exchange)
-Great trendy/unique collections
-Some of their colors can be very similar to each other which can make it difficult since you are purchasing online
-I haven't experienced this personally, but I have heard that their polishes don't hold up as well unless you are using their top coat


Featured Colors: Bermuda Shorts, Mod Squad
Price: $8
Where to buy: some salons, Target, Head2Toe Beauty, Trans Design, Essie website

-Come out with seasonal collections with trendy colors
-Pricey for the budget buyer
-Personally for their prices I don't find their polishes that unique
-Many of their colors have cheaper dupes


Featured Colors: Red Dazzle, Mad as a Hatter
Price: $8.50
Where to buy: some salons, Ulta, Target, & some grocery stores
-Great application
-Fun and unique location inspired collections
-Polishes have catchy and fun names
-I find the brushes on OPIs my favorite and easiest to use
-Price is bit high for the budget buyer
-Many of their colors have cheaper dupes

BB Couture

Featured Colors: Hermosa Surfer Girl, Horned Devil, Napa Valley Red
Price: $9-$9.95
Where to buy: Overall Beauty, BB Couture Website
-One of kind shades
-Great unique collections
-Excellent application
-Pricey for the budget buyer
-Maybe this is just me but before I purchased their brand I saw bottles pics and thought they were a lot bigger than they actual are. You get the standard .5fl oz
-A few of their colors you can find cheaper dupes

There ya go! I hope you enjoyed these posts as much as I did and I definitely hope you find them useful.

Have a great day!


  1. I've actually heard that Zoya is sold in some beauty supply stores and salons. I've never encountered it personally, but who knows? My town isn't really all that up-to-date with their polish offerings, haha.

  2. Ok, thanks for pointing that out Jean! I'll add that.

  3. Hermosa Surfer girl looks seriously AMAZING! & I want OPI MMAH so badly :( I didn't want it when it first came out because it was so overhyped and glitters are such a pain to remove, but now I'm regreting not getting it and I can't find it anywhere!

  4. lol @ you putting in a red OPI.
    Because really...what would OPI be without red?

  5. I had no idea about BB Couture, so that was news to me. I never see the product and have no concept on it. Thanks for the great education!

  6. Actually BB Couture used to be .6 fl oz, but recently changed down to the standard .5 fl oz.

  7. Arrianne-Wow, ok that makes sense now why the bottles looked bigger they really were. Thanks for the info!


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