Sunday, May 30, 2010

Essie Starry Starry Night Franken

If you're not familiar with Essie Starry Starry Night, it is one of those rare hard to find polishes. I'm not sure when the original release of this polish was, but I know it must of been 2-3 years ago before I got into nail polish. I've seen this polish multiple times on ebay being sold for ridiculous sums of money, and I've also heard about some shady dealings.

I always really loved this polish, but hell would have to freeze over for me to pay a large some of money for it. Please, I cringe at paying over $4 for a nail polish, but...$50...$100...$300+ for a nail polish it better have magical powers, cure the common cold, or make cheeseburgers and milkshakes zero calories for me to purchase it!

Anyways here are some pictures of the original from e-polishblog, Scrangie, and The Edge of Sanity (You may need to scroll down a bit in a few of these to find the swatch).

It is a deep blue jelly with lots of silver glitter throughout. The name fits huh? It's beautiful. One thing I've learned when trying to replicate polishes is there is no way to get a perfect match. You're always going to end up thinking you need a touch more blue...a bit more glitter...etc. It will go on for hours, so just make it the way you like it!

Here is what I used...

-2/3 of a bottle of Wet n' Wild Nocturnal (dark blue jelly)
-1/2 of a bottle of Sinful Colors Queen of Beauty (silver glitter in clear base)
-1/8 to 1/4 a bottle of clear nail polish
-2 silver ballz/BBs you can learn ore about these from Dr. Frankenpolish
-Empty nail polish bottle

I ended up using silver ballz from an old nail polish I didn't use anymore. I also emptied a bottle of clear polish into an empty top coat bottle and used that now empty clear polish bottle to mix my franken in (I hope that made sense). In total, assuming you have an empty bottle and some silver ballz you can make this franken for around $5. You spend $2 on WnW polish, $2 on Sinful Colors, and $1 on clear nail polish.

My result...

Indoor w/ Flash

Outdoor w/ Sunlight


Overall, it is definitely not a dupe, but it's similar and has the right components. My version is much darker and doesn't have same amount or size of glitter, but it works! I love it! It does have the same effect which is what I was aiming for. I love how the glitter shines through the blue jelly..some of them pop more while others are more subtle. It is just like the night sky!

I hope you enjoyed this. Also, I hope it encourages you to start making your own creations!


  1. I've been waiting for your post on this. VERY WELL DONE!!!! Now, will you make me one....pretty please????

  2. This looks good, and definitely better than paying extreme cash on ebay! $5 can't go wrong!

  3. I love how your franken turned out! I guess I'm going to some frankening myself in the future :)

  4. Thanks for explaining in details. I have got to try this :)

  5. I'd say this Franken is a big success! Way to go, Steph. :)

  6. That is so stunning. I love it!


  7. I thought I had left a comment yesterday, but I guess I forgot to type in the code before closing this window so it didn't appear.

    Well, I was just saying that its a great franken and turned out wonderful. Usually I don't franken because I don't have the foresight to see which colours would work well together and instead end up with the grossest combinations! :(

    Anyway, that's about it. I see you've changed your profile pic too. Nice.


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