Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Purple Passion Part 2 & Mini Ramble

Here is Part 2 of the purples I'm loving right now!

China Glaze LOL-is a dark holographic purple! This is the same type of holo as IDK just darker.

Orly Wild Wistera-is a dark purple creme I think it verges on a blurple. It's a rich color. I love these dark cremes!

Sally's Girl Your Majesty-is a med-dark bright purple creme. I think this is one of those that is a cousin/sister/brother-in law/uncle/cousins mom's aunt to OPI Funky Dunkey, China Glaze Grape Pop, Orly Charged Up, RBL Mismas and all those other med-dark bright purple cremes this season! :P

Zoya Zara love love love this color. This is a definite Zoya must have! This is a lavender shimmer with gold shimmer throughout. It is gorgeous!

-Ramble/Rant beginning- feel free to skip over this! I'm not one to usually talk about personal stuff that bugs me, but I figure this is pretty light-hearted.

I learned a lesson today, if you like/love something, it's not a good idea to be curious and ask others with they think about it. I learned this the hard way today and it's my own fault. I saw summery purse at TJ Maxx for $10. I liked it a lot it was cute and colorful. I needed a summer purse and I thought this would be great since I'm in Florida for casual outings or going to the beach. I purchased it excited and instead of leaving it at that I went on well known makeup site to ask their opinions. I got ripped apart big time saying it was ugly,grandma, and etc ( I had probably 50 responses all negative). It hurt my feelings, but I opened myself up to that, so it's not their fault. I felt so good before, why did I subject myself to criticism when it wasn't need? My boyfriend, my best friend, and Dad said they all liked it and it didn't matter what anyone else thought as long as I liked it. That is so true, so lesson learned. I mean as long as you're not walking around half naked in public or wearing inappropriate stuff in a professional setting it shouldn't really matter. If you love something own it and wear it with confidence! You don't need to go seeking others approval. -Rant Over-

Ok that's it for today! Sorry for the ramble. I'm now going to go run some errands with my new cute and awesome purse that I love! :P


  1. Love the rant! I agree 100%, if I love it, its mine, it's what makes me me, and makes my style mine! Wear your purse proudly dear!

    Nails are gorgeous, especially the LOL!

  2. Meh, people are so rude! I agree if you like it, who cares :)

    & I LOVE Zara it's sooo pretty!

  3. Remember, people's opinions are based on their own likes/dislikes/experiences. As long as you love it, flaunt it! We'd all be wearing boring pink nail polish if we let others dictate what colors we wear.
    Just got Zoya Zara. I think I'll be putting it on tonight. Looks gorgeous on you!

  4. Thank you for all the comments everyone. I set myself up for that one though :P. I should of known better.

    Zara is a great color! It's one of those colors you can't find anywhere else.

  5. All of these are so beautiful! Especially LOL...I feel like true purple holos are not so common. And I'm definitely putting Zara on my WANT list. lol!

    And boo at the people who said mean stuff about your purse. You're the one who is wearing it, so it only matters how it looks to you. And even though you asked their opinion about it, there was no reason for them to be so mean. Even if they didn't like the purse, there are ways to express that without being nasty about it. smh.

  6. I love the Zoya purple. You have to stop posting these cuz purples are my weakness, lol.

    As for the purse...this is a quote from Dr Seuss that I live by:
    "Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."

    I think its appropriate (in the big scheme of things) for your purse too! ;)

  7. i didn't see the purse, but i love your taste so i am sure it rocked! love ya! and now i really need that zoya!

  8. I can't believe I don't already have that Zoya--the gold must have scared me away, but now I think I need it!

  9. Love the rant and the polish! If you love the purse, rock it ALL summer!

    Sometimes people just don't know how to phrase things properly.

    Oh and FYI...I just got my Zoya haul from the exchange and now I need to do another because ZARA is beautiful!


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