Monday, May 31, 2010

Borghese Swatches

I picked up 2 Borghese polishes a little awhile ago when CVS was having their 50%-75% of beauty products sale. This is still going on so you can still probably find some of these. These retail for $8, which is a price I'd rarely pay for a polish sold in drugstores.

I got two colors Dolce Vita Fuchsia and Siena Gold with 75% off these ended up being $2, so I saw no reason to pass them up! There was an amazing color I really wanted to called Stellare Notte, but it wasn't on sale :(.

Siena Gold

Siena Gold is a warm toned almost coppery red with gold shimmer throughout. The application was nice and the color is great.

Dolce Vita Fuchsia

Dolce Vita Fuchsia is a bright fuchsia with silver shimmer throughout.

My thoughts: I like these colors, but I think many of the Borghese colors are pretty standard where you can find duplicates or similar colors in less expensive brands. There were a few stand out colors like Stellare Notte (Vampy Varnish's swatch), which I adore that is being sold for their regular price (I may cave in and get this). If you find these at the reduced price I say go for it. If you find an awesome shade for regular price you don't see anyone where else I'd so go for it to. However, the majority of these colors I don't think are worth the price for a brand sold in drugstores. This is purely my opinion though, don't let me sway you!

I hope you all enjoy your day. Happy Memorial Day to all those in the US!


  1. I love the red! I don't really like pink, but it looks good on you :)

  2. Gotta love a sale! I'm liking the red, but the pink looks good on you!

  3. You should definitely get Stellare Notte before it gets d/c'd and becomes hard to find, especially at regular price!

  4. the pink one is gorgeous !!! love it

  5. I'm wearing Dolce Vita Fuchsia on my toes! :)

  6. Thanks for the post on these. I always debate getting them but at $8 in the drug store...they need to do some kind of special trick after I put out that kind of, apply themselves while I watch TV or bake me a cake or something, ya know? I love these on you and you can't beat $2. Fabulous!


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