Friday, May 21, 2010

Essie Resort Collection

I must admit I'm not crazy about Essie polishes. I think they make great quality polishes, but for their price many of their collections and coreline colors are very dupable and not what I'd consider unique. That all being said the Resort Collection is a definite exception. I got 3 out of the 4 of these polishes. I skimped out on Playa del Platinum because that color didn't catch my eye. I also am not one to post new collections on here because I know you all have probably seen these a billion times on other blogs, but this is an excellent collection I'm thrilled about and definitely recommend!

I ended up getting this for a GREAT price. In stores and many e-tailers these are $8 each. I got these for an average of $4 a bottle from Nail Beauty 4U which is a webstore through Amazon. I was skeptical, but I did some research and haven't heard anything bad from them. They also have very good feedback on Amazon so I went for it. It worked out great. I got a great price and these were shipped to me quickly!

L-R: Turquiose & Caicos, Splash of Grenadine, & Lapis of Luxury
These shades are beautiful and unique. I have looked through other blogs and stores and I have yet to find a clear dupe of any of these. These are great colors for summer. My only complaint is the first coat is very sheer, but with 3 coats you get full coverage.

Splash of Grenadine

I don't know why this is called Grenadine because most of know Grenadine is bright cherry red syrup they put in drinks, but who cares! This color is beautiful light pink-toned purple creme. It reminds me of the color of orchids.

Lapis of Luxury

Pretty ain't it? I'd say this a light cornflower blue creme. I wish I had more words to describe this color, but I think it speaks for itself. I don't own or know of any colors similar to this.

Turquiose & Caicos

What a cute name! This is the color that got me into this collection. It is a aquamarine creme. I've seen a lot of people ask if this is a mint green or a dupe of China Glaze For Audrey. It is neither, it is definitely a green-blue and it is greener than For Audrey. It's a one-of-kind shade.

Overall, I love this collection. Essie did a great job with the not only the shades, but the naming of this collection. These really depict a "resort" to me. It reminds me of being in Hawaii at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Resort with the beautiful colors of the flowers and the ocean. Don't you love it when colors can whisk you away like that? If only I had the $$$ I'd really whisk myself away there now and take all of you with me! We could sip Pina Coladas by the beach, go snorkeling, hiking, get wined and dined...ok..ok..enough I'm sorry.. :P

What do you all think of this collection? Do you have any of these shades? Are you thinking about getting them?


  1. so summery and I love that turquoise. It reminds me of Bermuda! Haha, I'd go there if I had money too...or I'd at least buy some more Essie polish :\

  2. Love, love, love! All of them! :)

  3. I really need Splash of Grenadine, it's so pretty! I don't have anything like it :) I like Lapis of Luxury as well but I feel like I already have a few polishes that are simliar to it

  4. ooh, awesome!!~ i wanna go pick ALL of them up now! haha

  5. You made a fabulous search and purchase! I love Lapis of Luxury on you...but I should since I was probably one of the people who enabled you (LOL). I love all of these polishes on you - original and they look sweet!

  6. I'm glad you all like these. Thanks for all the comments. If you really these I think they are worth purchasing or saving up for!

  7. I definitely like them in the bottle shade, but on the nail they don't really stand out to me. They are pretty, but not much more than that. :( But they do complement your skin colour very much!

  8. I love Turquoise and Caicos and Lapis of Luxury. I want to try the Playa del Platinum, too, but I can't decide if it's going to be too "blah".
    Thanks for these great swatches!


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