Friday, May 28, 2010

Pure Ice Swatches

Today, I'm going to show you some Pure Ice swatches. You can find Pure Ice polishes at Walmart for $2 each. I have mixed feelings on them more good than bad. They make some great layering polishes and have some neat colors in general. There are a few ones that are hit and miss formula wise. They're a great price though and have some great funky colors!

Purple Reign

Purple Rein is a muted purple with gold glitter/shimmer throughout. I really like this color. I find it unusual. You don't typically find muted colors with a pop of sparkly glitter in it. Thumbs up!

Celestial Frost

This is a royal blue frost. I know frosts are not in style anymore and are not faves among many, but I really like this one. I know you can see brushstrokes, but I don't mind frosts if they're in funky colors. It's a great blue, plus I like the name. :P

Super Star

Please excuse my graphic description
This is one of those cases where this looks better on the bottle than on the nails. I grabbed this so quickly because I thought it look gorgeous. It's a cranberry with iridescent glitter thought. This looks terrible on my nails. It looks as though I left my fingers soaking in a glass of wine all night and then Tinkerbell came over and threw up gritty pixie dust all over my nails. This stained my nails rather than gave me a shiny pretty finish. It felt gritty and overall looked ugly. I tried painting on another coat. I tried using top coat before taking the picture. I don't know, perhaps if I did another coat of top coat this would look better. I don't know. I'm very disappointed with this one. I still want to try to make it work, but I can't get over how it looks like it stains my nails -tear-

Those are my swatches. I have more Pure Ice polishes I'll share with you all later. I think I may go look for some too. I see they have some pretty blue creme I want!

Happy Friday!


  1. I love purple Reign, i'm going to have to check it out at Walmart! I love purples with gold shimmer, so pretty looking :)

  2. Gritty is bad, very bad.
    But I love Purple Reign - absolutely everything about it is delightful.

  3. Such a shame about Super Star, it definitely looks gorgeous in the bottle! Love the description of it though :D

  4. Every time I'm at wal mart I look at Purple Reign. It's so gorgeous in the bottle that I was afraid it wouldn"t be as pretty on the nail. I'm happy to say that you have proved that worry invalid and I must now purchase it. haha

  5. I wish I liked Wal-Mart...but they are evil to me, so I ONLY go in if I absolutely have to. These are nice colors but I'm okay with skipping them if it means I have to give Wal-Mart my money. If you are on a budget tho...I totally understand! :)

  6. I need to find Purple Reign, still can't catch it!

  7. I like the Purple Reign but I think the Celestial Frost is a colour available through many other nail polishes...ya know?

  8. purple reign is nice, and i enjoyed your amusing description of super star

  9. Oh wow! I'm actually surprised at the response for purple reign. I didn't think people would find it as neat as I did! I'm glad you all see how gorgeous it is too!

    Dragon-The Walmart near me INSANELY busy 24/7 so I try to avoid shopping there. However, the Sally's is right next door so when I go there I'll sneak into Walmart to look at polishes!

  10. Steph, my Sally's is right next to WallyWorld too. I like shopping at WM (ducking!!) but the 'busy-ness' does freak me out.

    I couldn't decide between Purple Reign and Outrageous. I chose Outrageous. Look here:

    The price IS right for these beauts!

    And you saved me money on the Super Star. I'd have gotten it too but, since you say it sucks, I'll leave it on the shelf.

  11. I love Purple Reign! I've never seen Pure Ice in my local Walmart though, hmmm :(

  12. Kimberly-Outrageous looks great on you! It says on your profile you're in Orlando, we may shop at the same Sally's?

  13. steph, have you tried the grey creme??? can't remember the name right now...


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