Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wet N' Wild Swatches & L.A. Colors Haul

Wet N' Wild has done an amazing job at re-vamping their brand. I have been trying all their products and I am very impressed. They are current, the quality is great, and best of all it's all for a great price! I must say my favorites are their eye shadow palettes and their nail polishes! I picked up these 2 polishes the other day.


This is unique black. This is a black creme base with a ton of mixed micro glitter mixed in. It's unlike any other black I have used which tend to be cremes or have sliver glitter mixed in. The glitter in here is mainly bronze but there is also silver,green, and purple.


Shield is a champagne/gold metallic with bits of silver and bronze mixed in. I don't have any colors like this so I'm really excited. It's a great metallic or would you call this a foil? I'm not sure. I'm so bad at identifying finishes.

Today I found another beauty supply store. I think it's a local store because when I looked it up in only showed local in my city. They had great prices, but the people there were far from professional. One of the ladies working there was on her cell phone yelling obscenities while I was in there :-/. They had OPIs for $7, Orly's for $5, and L.A. Colors for $2. I think I can ignore the lady on the phone for cheap polish. I got some LA Colors polishes there. These are my first polishes from this brand so I'm excited.

Berry, Blue Paradise, Enchanting, Antique Burgundy, Metallic Pink, & Pink Sizzle

Anyone have experience with this brand? Thoughts? Favorites? I'll be posting swatches of these later in the week.

Have a great day!


  1. Blackmail is totally on my lemming list now.
    And I've never tried LA Colors either...I actually just bought my first ones yesterday from a clothing store.

    Can't wait to see your pics of them!

  2. i love wet n wild polishes! haha and awesome haul! =)

  3. Choas- What stores did you find them in and what colors did you get?

    Katrina-Me too! I really don't have many but I've seen so many out now that I love. I definitely will be going back for more!

  4. I have Shield.I was going to use it for stamping,but it's not thick enough. I have a couple of LA Colors that I got at Family Dollar too.

  5. OMG OMG OMG I am drooling over your LA Colors haul!! I looove their polishes! :D

  6. Heya Steph,

    Maybe I am going nuts, but your banner on your blog seems a little different to usual. Have you changed it? My brain is a bit fuzzy at the moment, so if I am imagining things, I am going to put it down to lack of sugar. Lol.
    I'm looking forward to seeing swatches from your haul!


  7. I got them from Fashion to Figure.
    They didn't have a good selection though...just red, blue, purple, orange, yellow, pink, white and silver.
    I got Radiation (blue) and Nuclear Energy (purple). ^_^

  8. Hiya. I can pick the LA Colors brand up for a $1 at a local dollar store and I've been very impressed with them for the price. I have Blue Paradise, which I find great as a topcoat to add an irridescent shimmer to a base polish and I am posting on Metallic Purple today which goes on like a FOIL! Really! It is very cool for the $. Can't wait to see your swatches because (of course) we have differnt taste and I don't have the ones you do! :)

  9. LA Colors is surprisingly well done. I have a bunch of their polishes and I have *no* issues. The 2 I have from your group are metallic pink, which I LOVE and antique burgundy, that I'm trying right now for the first time. The other colors I have are metallic purple and metallic blue (foils), static electricity (creme), force (foil or shimmer, I can't tell. Haven't used it yet.), and wave length (duo-chrome). The last 2 I haven't tried yet. But the others are really nice. The application is nice and even, not too watery or too goopy, the colors are vibrant and they last for 4 or 5 days with no real damage. The only issue that might annoy some people is that the foils are A PAIN IN THE NECK to remove, but that's nothing different from any other glitter/foil. If I had a blog .. or camera, I'd take photos for you. :( Enjoy! Let us know how you like your new goodies!

  10. PS - another great cheapo/dollar store brand is bonbons. The colors are really nice and the bottles are teeny tiny and adorable!


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