Saturday, May 8, 2010

Revlon Plum Seduction + International under $10!

I have chosen a winner for my giveaway and sent them an email. I'm going to hold off announcing them until I hear back from them. If I don't hear from them by late Monday I'll draw a new winner, so hopefully we'll hear from them soon!!!

This is Revlon Plum Seduction.

I love this color it's very bright and spring-summer like. This is 3 coats and it goes on smoothly. Revlon makes some great polishes and this is a good one to have in the collection

I know this groan-worthy now but I did put Sally Hansen- Hidden Treasure over it a day later. I think this will be my last Hidden Treasure post for awhile since I think everyone is getting tired of hearing about it, but regardless it is gorgeous.

I don't know what it is but I've been really into plum colors this season. I like the bright ones, the medium ones, and the dark ones. I'm glad I found another color I'm into because it's difficult not to grab the pinks and the corals all the time! Any particular colors you all are reaching for this season?

On to my international under $10! I want to thank those of you who contributed information for this. I really appreciate you all helping me out.

Bec from Bec's Beauty Buzz from Australia to me the following:

Price: $2
Where to buy:most chemists
-Good color range
-Application is good
-Clear polishes are great for adding glitters and pigments to
-Colors not too inspired

Price: $4-$10
Where to buy: Cosmetics Plus & few chemists
-Better color range
-Keeps on eye on global trends (ex. mattes & chromes)

LA Girl
Price: $8
Where to buy: Grab

Brand: Rimmel
Price: $7-$10
Where to buy: Priceline

Brand: Revlon
Price: $5
Where to buy: cosmetic places & chemists bargain bins
-Color selection is poor

lumpika007 of Fleur's Nails&Stuff from Slovenia told me the following:

Brand: Essence
Price: 1,5€ (1,9 USD)
Where to buy: Essence Website
-Quality is quite good

Brand: Miss sporty
Price: about 2€
Where to buy: Miss sporty Website
Info: Quality is so-so

Brand: S-He
Price: 2€
Where to buy: European drugstore called DM
-Great quality

Brand: Joy, Vollare etc (no name polishes)
Price: 1€

That's all I have! I hope to be back later today to announce the giveaway winner!

Happy Saturday!


  1. I got Hidden Treasure a few days ago... I thought I would be so excited to find it but I'm not even really wanting to wear it right now lol I love cremes too much. I might put it on later today though!

  2. Love the Pink (I'm on a pink kick now) looks good with Hidden Treasure!

  3. Great European deals. I know I got some polish in a swap from Germany called P2. Very inexpensive and found in most chemists. Love the colors and application.

  4. love the revlon color!!! and hidden treasure looks great on top of anything! i wonder if they have it in the phils... hmmm

  5. Caitlin-Yeah, I've been going through a creme kick too. I'm back on it now. I love Hidden Treasure but something about everyone talking about and posting it makes me want to step away from it for a bit :P


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