Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Worst Nail Products I Ever Purchased

I'm back! My cable/internet company really screwed up. My BF and I woke up to no internet or TV yesterday and didn't get it repaired until today. Our neighbors have been getting notices on their door from the cable company regarding payment of their account and it turned out instead of shutting off their cable they shut off ours! Annoying! Well all is fixed now and I have my sanity back. TV and internet gone at the same time is bad.

Back on topic! I like to keep my posts positive, but while going through swatching nail wheels I came across 2 products I completely regret buying. The culprits are....

Sally Hansen "No Chip" (hahaha) Acrylic Top Coat & Quick Dry Top Coat.

We'll start with Sally. I'd say for the most part I like Sally products. In my opinion Sally Hansen can be hit or miss especially when it comes to products for your nails, not polish. In the dark ages long ago before I knew the joys of Seche Vite I ran out of top coat (I was using Sally Hansen Mega shine, which is alright). I was in a rush and I grabbed this Sally Hansen No Chip. I got home and went on MUA to look at reviews and they were medicore, but for the most part pretty bad. Since, I already had it, I figured I'd give it a shot myself. The biggest joke about this product is its name "No Chip". This is chip city. I put this over my nail polish and within few hours I was chipping not just small chips but big chips. It was a disaster. I'm a big fan or Seche, but I'm not going to rub it in peoples faces. There are plenty of good top coats out there, but I would avoid this one. In fact I fixed the bottle for them.

On to Quick Dry Top Coat. I got this at Dollar Tree a few months ago for $1. I know it's a $1 you can't expect much and I didn't, but it's a dollar I could of spent on something else. This is not quick dry and this leaves your nails sticky. I waited an hour and my nails were still sticky. I ended up taking it all off and starting over. Blech, it's shame you can sometimes find great stuff for $1 this isn't one of them. I could of used that dollar on pretty nail polish! :(

That all being said, these are the only 2 products I really am disappointed by. There are of course nail polish colors that didn't turn out how I expected. However, since everyone has their own ideas on colors and different skin tones one color could look great on someone else and horrible on me, so I figured I'd leave those out. I might make post on those later though. :D

What are some nail products you regret buying?

Have a great day!


  1. A brillant post! Esp the effort with the Sally hansen's pic ;)
    I regret getting l.a girl nail treatment enhancer. It's a metallic looking base coat I think that is supposed to enhance and alter colours giving a metallic finish. Hmmm. Am trying them with different combinations now:/

  2. Great post! We often tell each other about good products, but we neglect to warn others of the bad ones! Nice!

  3. Hmmm...I'm not crazy about Sally Hansen products. They don't have colors that wow me, they chip after a day on me, their BC and TC don't work for me, and I think their prices are a bit high for a drug store brand. I'm glad others like SH tho cuz we're all different!

  4. Omg, I'm so with you on the acrylic no chip stuff!
    My manis never just chipped with it either.
    No, no...they would crack first. A big crack would appear somewhere on my nail, and then by the next day, the crack would come loose and the polish fall off. It didn't matter what I used or did...as long as I used that stupid topcoat, it would be ruined. I hate that stuff. :(

  5. Jamie & Jackie-I'm glad you all like this post. I wasn't a bit worried someone may be a super fan of these products and get all offended.

    Lacquer Ware- I know you aren't a fan of SH products. I do think the prices are bit high for d/s! There are some lines of theirs I'm not a fan of at all Insta-Dri is nightmare for me, but I do like Xtreme Wear. I can see why you're not to fond of them.

    Choas-That's exactly what happened with me. It's dreadful. I'm thinking about emailing them and telling them my experience with it. I don't know if it would do much they'd probably just be like sorry here is a free coupon for some more of it. LOL, no thanks. :P

  6. I don't know how expensive you are talking when you say they are high for a drug store product, but I paid $15 freaking dollars here for that SH No Chip. And I had the same results as you guys. I was not happy at all. Although my mum took it off me and she seems to like it, although she doen't really paint her nails much.
    In other news, I found a store here on the weekend called GlamourCo and was super excited to see that they carry Essie and Seche Vite. $30 for Seche Vite and $15 for an Essie polish and not even the new ones! Looks like I am sticking to Ebay.
    The SH is pretty much the only regret I have. Lol. So I guess I'm doing ok.
    Great post Steph!


  7. SH is not near as expensive as what you're talking about Bec. Their products probably range from around $2-$8 or $9 which isn't bad, but honestly I find their less expensive stuff better than the more expensive stuff. Their new "Complete Salon Manicure" line I think is around $7.50 per bottle which I find pretty steep, especially since I won't buy nail polish over $10. I like SH because I think they do a good job of having various lines of products that can cater to different styles and taste, but they are not consistent with their products which can make purchasing the pricier ones a downer.

    I feel really bad that they charge so much for polishes like Seche and Essie over there. That is ridiculous and I'm sure beyond frustrating.

  8. Yep, thats Australia for ya! China Glaze and OPI go for around $20 a pop! It's bollocks, but really what can ya do? Apart from trawl ebay sites lol. I refuse to buy anything from an Australian business anymore, if I can help it. I always buy from Overseas, even with the currency conversion and the postage, it still works out cheaper than buying one here AND it's delivered straight to your door. Also theres the fact, that we have limited colours.

    Thanks for following my blog hun, dont forget to enter my giveaway! :o)

  9. I bought that crappy topcoat from the dollar tree too. I'm sure the manufacturer was laughing up a storm when they printed "quick dry" on those bottles. It sucks!


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