Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sally Hansen Bright Cremes & First Helmer!

Sorry if anyone noticed a post before this that was blank. I don't know what happened!

Today I'm going to share with you some Sally Hansen bright cremes I've come across. Summer screams cremes to me. I'm always drawn towards bright creme colors! I used to never be into cremes I was purely a shimmer/glitter girl until the past few months. I think it's the change in weather. I tend to go for more glitters and shimmers when it is cooler out.

Fuchsia Power

This is medium bright pink creme. My bottle has seen better days as you can see. :P

Blew Me Away

This is a true sky blue creme. I want to apologize for my sloppy application. This is not the polishes fault. I put on my second coat too soon and I didn't notice the awful photo until after I had taken it off and started editing my pictures. This does go on smoothly within 2-3 coats just make sure you wait a minute or two before applying the second coat.


This is a bright pinky-red-coraly creme. I am not great at describing colors as you can tell. I think this would look great on your tips or toes. The one thing I don't get about this polish is the name. On my bottle is says it is called "Flamingio"

However, when I go to search this polish under "Flamingio" I get nothing I get results for "Flamingo" which is the exact same polish. So, either my polish was named wrong or people are not reading their polishes carefully. Either way they should just call it Flamingo what the heck is a Flamingio anyways?

I went to IKEA today. I live 5 minutes from IKEA it has been in business near me since November 2008, yet I have not purchased a Helmer. Currently, I've been using wire-mesh 3 basket file cabinet that has not served as great storage. I have to mix colors in one bin and everything gets all jumbled. However, today is an new day I now have a Helmer!

I organized everything by color Pinks, Reds, Oranges/Yellows/Nudes, Blues/Greens, Purples, Blacks/Whites/Glitters/Layering Topcoats. Above is picture of my pink drawer I have 50+ pinks and I still have room to spare in there. This things holds a lot. I believe it holds around 500 polishes! I have about half of that so this works out well! I love my Helmer!

Have a great day!


  1. I just did a search, and I think it might actually say Flaminglo. Though that doesn't really make sense, either, but I suppose there have been stranger polish names. :P Either way, I love the color!

  2. lol, the label does look like it says Flaminglo.
    Either way, it's a dumb name. Why not just Flamingo?

    And I'm so jealous of your helmer!

  3. Haha, yes there are far stranger names out there! Sinful Colors I think has the weirdest names out there. It's not the names are weird, it's just many of them have no relation to the color!

  4. (Apologies if this shows up twice--I had a wee glitch the first time.)

    I'm guessing they went with Flaminglo because it's not really Flamingo-colored, and it is glow-y. But who the heck knows with a lot of polish names.

    Congrats on your Helmer! Mine are red, too. Right now I've got the organized by brand, but I'm thinking of switching to color--will make doing comparisons easier, for one thing. :-)

  5. Haha. I think the Helmer is a girls (and polish bloggers) bestfriend. I have three! I store my makeup in one, polish in another and misc items in the last one. Mine too are red. I love my Helmer.
    I organise polish by colour.


  6. that cabinet is a great idea! my polishes have been piling up in a box and is so disorganized

  7. Bec-I don't know why it took me so long to get one! I like the red one best matches my living room.

    Tanya- I definitely recommend the Helmer. I've only had it a day it has been so much easier for me to locate certain polish. Plus, it's very clean and sleek so everything is neat and tidy. It's $40 which I think is a reasonable price for something like that.


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