Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Some China Glaze Holos-OMG Collection

I wanted to share with you some polishes I have from the China Glaze OMG collection. These are all awesome holographic colors. You can still find many of these on Head2Toe Beauty.

These are the ones I have.


When I first used these I used them the same way I did with any other nail polish. I started out with basecoat. This is where you go wrong with these holos. If you put these on with basecoat the application is terrible. It will go on streaky and you will have bald spots. After this happened I did some research. I found Scrangie's post about these. That's where I got the idea to not use basecoat. These do not stain, so you can get away with it. The application is so much smoother. You can get the perfect application in 2 coats with no streaks or bald spots. She recommends not to use topcoat because she said it dulls the holographic effect. I used Seche Vite and I personally didn't find this to be an issue. The one down side to these is they chip quickly. They don't chip nicely either they will usually chip off in big pieces. I'm on day 2 of wearing 2NITE and I'm just noticing 2 big chips on my index finger and thumb. It's not bad if you're someone who wears a mani for 2-3 days, but these will not last a week in my opinion. I still think they're worth it because they're so pretty! Now, I'm going shut up and show you the colors!

BFF- A holographic cool toned pink.

DV8- A holographic turquoise blue.

2NITE- A holographic sky-periwinkle blue

IDK-A holographic lavender

LOL-A holographic violet-purple

Overall, I really like these polishes and recommend them. Even though they have some negatives I think the uniqueness of the finish and the price make them worth it. I've also heard these are great for Konading! I hope you enjoyed these colors!

I have to add my boyfriend likes these colors. When I ask him to pick my mani he always picks one of these. I think it's because holographicness reminds him of electronics and cars....-sigh- Men are weird :P!


  1. LOL at your boyfriend. I LOVE these holos. I think I have 2 ChG holos in my collection and I will definitely be adding more after seeing your swatches.

    Also, I'm curious how 2NITE and IDK correspond to some of the Nfu Ohs? Hmmmmm....

  2. DV8 is one of my faves from this collection. I love love love them. I still use a basecoat when I wear these, it seems to last a little longer and after the 2nd or 3rd coat everything seems to be evened out and at that point worth every painful second of the application :)

  3. wow these are very futuristic. i love LOL (and the names!)

    o and i finally got tangerine times square! can't wait to wear it, and it's all thanks to your swatch

  4. I'm kicking myself for not noticing these if they were at Sally's. I'm seeing posts of them and lemming.

    These colors are awesome on you. And thanks bunches for the holo mani tips. I'll try them next holo try-out.

    Now off to see if there is a Head2Toe Beauty in my neck of the woods.

  5. Gotta looooovvveee the holo's, I really like the ones from China Glaze. And your boyfriend picking your polish and actually liking it? Wow, where can you buy such men! :-)

  6. Post stalking!

    Gahhh DV8 and 2NITE are two of my biggest ChG lemmings. I regret missing out on them so badly that it makes me feel a bit sick sometimes!

    Your nails are so lovely. Can I have them?

    - Kirsten


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