Monday, May 24, 2010

Maybelline Oldies

Today I'm going to show you some old Maybelline polishes. Two of these I got from Ross and the other 2 I got from polish insomniac who happens to be a new blogger! You can sometimes luck out and find these at Dollar Tree or Ross.

Purple Aluminum

This is purple-blue toned foil metallic. This is a great color with a nice finish. I really like this on my nails, but I'm thinking this would awesome on my toes too!

Red Aluminum

This is cool toned red foil metallic. It's rich and sexy color. I really love the finishes of these aluminums. Foils in generals are awesome, but I especially love colorful ones.

Sand Coral

This is a bronze foil metallic. I'm usually not one for more neutral shades, but this one is beautiful. It definitely doesn't disappear into the background. I love this shade also because it can go with anything!

Turquoise Seas

Index Finger- Turquoise Seas over Black, Middle Finger-Turquiose Seas, Ring Finger- Turquoise Seas over Milani Fresh Teal, Pinky-Turquoise Seas
I knew when I picked this up what I was getting myself into. This is a sheer duochrome. I couldn't pass it up though. It's pale turquoise shimmer with blue/purple/gold duochrome. To get it to be opaque you need 5-6 coats. It looks great on its own or over other colors especially black. It's rare I'd every put 5-6 coats on of one polish, but I think I'd do it for this one!

I hope you enjoy these! I haven't been very lucky in spotting these at my Dollar Tree. I think there another nail polish addict out there getting to them before me! I did find some sets of Maybelline polishs 5 for $5 at Ross though, so do some searching. I don't think these go out of style no matter their age.


  1. These may be oldies, but there are great colors!

  2. My fav is first color..Thanks for swatches =)

  3. I like purple aluminum and red aluminum, I'll be looking for these :)

  4. OMG! All of those are awesome. (picking up keys to head off to Ross')

  5. Thanks for the shout out!!! I love me some old Maybellines!

  6. I love the blog really does make me think of you when I see it. I tagged your blog with an award...go pick it up at my blog and keep the great posts coming!

  7. I'm so drooling over Purple Aluminum. All of you guys with nice Dollar Trees are so lucky. Mine is worthless. :(

    Also, I tagged you for an award, because I love your blog!

    You can get it here:

    Congrats! ^_^


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