Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sinful Colors- Cream Pink & Giveaway is Imminent!!!

Hey everyone. I took my final this morning. It was OK. I think I passed and will get the A I was wanting in the class. I get so anxious and stressed about school I make myself crazy. Anyone else get this way?

Today's NOTD is Sinful Colors Cream Pink these are $1.99 at Walgreens.

My camera didn't capture how bright this pink is. It's not highlighter pink but it is a bright slightly neon pink. What's strange about this is it isn't a true creme. It has a very and I mean very subtle gold shimmer that is completely unnoticeable unless your nails are right up to your eyes or you are in bright light. Overall it looks like a creme. This is one of my favorites because it's probably the one nail polish color I've gotten the most compliments on. People seem to love this pink. It would look great on tips or toes. I used 2 coats.

Moving on..As of now I have 41 followers. When I hit 50 followers I will be hosting my first giveaway. Today I gathered up some goodies for you guys that I hope you will like. So, as soon as I reach my 50 followers I will posting the giveaway and its guidelines.

However, since I know you're curious I will show you what I will be giving away. I won't tell you what each thing is yet, but I'll give you a picture. All this stuff is brand new & never used.

Happy Wednesday! Half way through the week!


  1. WooHOO! Love Sinful Colors at a $1.99! :)

  2. Yay! Giveaway's are fun! I have this Pink but still have not worn it yet. So much polish and so little time! Ha, will get to it soon. It looks awesome!

  3. I know...I'm thinking of counting all my untrieds tomorrow. I think I need to get on trying them! You should definitely try this pink it's one of those that surprises you. It's way better out of the bottle.

  4. Hey Steph!

    Hooray, everyone loves a good giveaway. 50 followers is so close for you now. It seems so far away for me, but good for you!
    I do love that pink.
    We don't get half the brands you do over her is Australia, and when we want stuff like China Glaze, OPI, Orly, Essie we pay through the nose for it, seriously around $20 a bottle for that stuff. So givaways are always an exciting time for us. Keep up the fabulous work!


  5. Bec you have a great blog you will get lots of followers sooner than you think. I can only imagine how frustrating it would be to not be able to get all those brands of polish. I don't know how you cope and for $20 a bottle...geez. :(


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