Monday, April 12, 2010

My Favorite Layering Polishes

As an off shoot of my last post I wanted to show you all my favorite layering polishes. Before that though I'd like to make note that when typing out the title of my blog I put in in "My Favorite Laying Polishes" not layering. That's a good idea for a post, but I don't think we'll be doing that today. :P

I decided to swatch these on nail wheel because I wanted to show you how they look on 2 different color polishes. I'll be layering these over Essie's Mod Squad (a standard bubble gum pink creme) and N.Y.C. Black Lace Creme.

To enlarge any picture just click on it. :)

Here are the layering polishes I'll be using..
L-R: Cover Girl- City Lights, Sally Hansen- In the Spotlight, Cover Girl-Crystal Mist, Milani-Disco Lights, Pure Ice- Spit Fire, Tropez-Sassy, Sinful Colors- Frenzy, Pure Ice- Busted, & Pure Ice- Heartbreaker

and here is how they look on these polishes..

As I kind of touched on in my last post these are great options for adding some depth and life to some plain colors or even great colors you just want to spice up a bit. There are endless combinations too, so if you ever need to hold off on purchasing polishes for awhile you have many different options for creating your own custom colors. All of these polishes cost under $10 and most all you can find either at Walmart, Target, and various drug stores.

On that note I will bid you adieu!

Preview for next time I got these BBCouture pretties in the mail today. Swatches & Reviews tomorrow
Napa Valley Red, Hermosa Surfer Girl, Horned Devil


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  1. I love your variety for layering thus changing up a polish. I was a bit disappointed you weren't *laying* anything, but totally understandable. lol Am looking forward to tomorrows swatches. I don't own any BBC and am curious about the brand.


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