Friday, April 30, 2010

China Glaze Flying Dragon

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Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all had a good week and are ready for the weekend. I now have a project for the weekend. I got 20 nail wheels from Trans Design. I plan on swatching my entire collection. It all sounds fun now, but I think it's going to end up being more daunting. I have around 230 nail polishes! I just pulled out all my reds and I have 36. I know I have twice as many pinks. I wish I had some of you to help me, we could make party out of it!

Anyways here is my NOTD. China Glaze Flying Dragon.



Flying Dragon is a royal purple neon with red and blue glitter mixed in. There are no other polishes out there like it. It's definitely a fun and funky color to wear! This does dry matte, but top coat fixes that up. I used 3 coats. This is a great polish by China Glaze!

That's it for today. I have plenty to do today. I'm also on the hunt for Milani Dot Com. Have a great Friday!

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  1. OMG! It is just as nice as I thought it would be. AND bonus for me - I LOVE matte polish so will use a matte topcoat for it. Thank you so much for the gorgeous swatch! :D


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