Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Zoya NOTD & How I got into Nail Polish

To start out here is my nail of the day. I used Zoya Astra!

It's happiness in a bottle. I love glittery polishes. This is a prominently magenta glitter with some light pink glitter mixed in. This polish came in the Ultra Glitter Winter 09 collection.

I have to say that Zoya is probably one of my favorite brands of nail polish. I even tweeted to them once on Twitter that I'd do hard labor to have every single one of their polishes! I probably have around 15. I wish I had more. I really love their colors especially the gold shimmer they tend to put in many of them. Their polishes retail for $7 which I consider a bit high, but they usually have some FABULOUS deals. So, if you like their polishes too, I recommend following them on their Twitter because you may come across a good promotion!

Now to how I got into nail polish. I never was much of a nail polish person. When I was in junior high and high school I may of had 5 bottles of nail polish. I hardly ever wore any of it, and I did I left it on until it was entirely chipped off. I then moved on to getting acrylic french tips paying $60 for new sets and $25-$30 for fills. I liked the clean look of that, but it was pricey! I'm not entirely sure what the transition was exactly, but in December 08 I found a cute set of Sally Hansen polishes for sale and every other day I tried a different on one. I found doing my nails relaxing. I also found it was a way for me to feel more comfortable about trying out more outgoing and colorful looks without having to do it with makeup or clothes. I'm not the most exciting dresser and I love makeup, but I rarely do really done up eye looks. Nails was a way for me to show my fun quirky side without having to go all out. At that point in Dec 08 I had probably around 15 bottles of nail polish. I started visiting nail blogs and nail boards and my collection skyrocketed from 15 to now close 220. I never have naked nails anymore and I don't get any more french tips. It's a fun hobby for me, playing with colors, frankening my own creations, and creating new looks with polishes I already have. I usually go through phases quickly, but this one has lasted. I hope with this blog I can meet new people who enjoy nail polish as much as me!

Awkward random transition..............

Here is my cat! :P

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. dude your story is basically my story! i totally had almost the same experience!! <3 we're kindred spirits :)

  2. Aw, cool! It's nice to hear we have similar experiences! It's nice to know others out there who enjoy nail polish as much as me. I really enjoy reading your blog..and I NEED OPI DS Reflection! :P

  3. Love your nail story. I've always used polish off/on but rarely on my tips as it would cause them to break. Now that I finally found a good basecoat, I've gone from 7 bottles to 70 in less than 3 months!

  4. Astra looks great on you! I didnt get into polish until I was relatively old (20s) too! :)


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