Monday, April 19, 2010

What were your best buys last week?

When initially making my blog, one thing I really wanted was for my readers to have a part in it. I think what I'm going to do once a week is showcase readers best buys of the week. On Mondays at the end of my post whatever it maybe I will ask you all to put in my comments what was the best nail polish/product buy you found in the past week.

I want you to include...

-What you bought (nail polish/nail product/anything that has to do with nails)?
-How much you spent?
-Where did you get it from (online counts too)?
-Optional Give a description of the polish (color,finish,etc)

Note: This is open internationally. If you are from another country and found something great in a store that can only be found in your part of the world, that's totally fine. I'm sure there will be readers from your area looking for great deals too!

Then on Tuesday I will post everyone's best buys, and if you are a blogger I will provide a link to your blog along with your best buy. There are a few reasons I want to do these posts. I really want to provide people with affordable options. I'm not a book of knowledge either, so I know having others contribute will only help things.

I also am new to blogging and I've noticed some people I've started following or have followed me are fairly new too. I hope by linking your blogs to your best buy I can help bring readers to your blog. I don't ask this to be reciprocated at all! I see nail blogging as a community. I follow over 100 nail blogs and each and everyone one of them offer something different and are worth reading. I think it's great that so many of us have this fun hobby that we'd like to share with each other and anyone else interested.

I hope this makes sense. I'd like to start this today, so in the comment section let me know your best buy and the other information I listed up there. This is open to anyone bloggers, non-bloggers, international readers, Vulcans, Klingons, and etc. Ok, just kidding about he Vulcans and Klingons. I had to slip in my Star Trek nerdiness in there somewhere. All best buys will be posted in tomorrows blog.

Note: This will just be a part of my daily blog that day. I will also be blogging about other things, this will just be a weekly addition.

Ok, to end of so this isn't entirely boring. I know us nail people love pictures. I will leave you off with one of my favorite frankens I made.

This is half Pure Ice-Siren mixed in with half Cover Girl- City Lights. I haven't named it yet. Any suggetions?

Yay for holographic red. I love it. You can use any creme red you'd like with this. I used more or a warm-toned red, but a cool-toned would look great too.

That's all for now. I look forward to everyone's best buys!


  1. I went on a drugstore crawl yesterday, and got a ton of awesome stuff. My best buy, though, would have to be two Milani polishes (Sugar and Parfait) and one NYC polish (Sun Goddess) for a total of about 8 dollars, because I had 3 Extra Bucks for CVS. I had the 3 Extra Bucks because CVS is having a deal right now where if you spend 10 dollars on Revlon products, you get 3 Extra Bucks, and, well, I had bought three Revlon polishes (Minted, Gumdrop, and Cotton Candy) earlier that day.

  2. Great buys! Extra bucks are awesome at CVS. I love having a CVS card.

  3. I spent soooo much money on polishes in the last week. It's actually a little embarrasing.
    I got a really good deal on ebay. A store was cleaning out their colour club range offering 5 bottles for $5. So naturally I ordered 3 lots. Only thing is you can't choose the colours, but you can request shades you want or don't want.
    I splurged on the whole Orly Foil FX collection and also Poison Apple and Enchanted Forest. ($23)
    China Glaze Sci Fi, Emerald Sparkle, Flip Flop Fantasy. ($11)
    Nubar Polish Prisms Absolute and Brilliant ($13)
    And I got a damn good deal on Essie products also on Ebay.
    Ridge Filler, First Base, Good to Go, Apricot Cuticle Oil, Quick-e Drying Drops, Shine-e and Millionails for a grand total of $7.27. All together. Awesome right?
    So all up I spent $69.27 (plus heaps of postage to get them sent to Australia) and got 35 bottles of polish. Not a bad haul right? Now I just have to wait for them to show up, then I can post a pick of everything together.
    Closer to home, I bought 4 chrome polishes for $5 each, 2 matte polishes and some nail decals from the BYS range for $33.
    Man, I just realised that I need to go on a polish buying ban. Great post though.


  4. Wow, that is IMPRESSIVE! You really got some good deals. I need to do more nail polish shopping on Ebay. -goes and looks on ebay now- Look what you did! Just kidding. :) You can never have enough nail polish.

  5. Haha. Absolutely true. If you are interested though, for the Colour Club deal, check out this place.

  6. Thanks! I have no Color Clubs :(. I think this is a good opportunity to fix that.


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