Friday, April 16, 2010

Revlon Lilac Pastelle & Haul Bottle Pics

I got Revlon's Lilac Pastelle yesterday at CVS. I must say pastels usually scare me, especially the cooler toned ones. They usually end up making my hands look dead. I saw Lilac Pastelle and had one of those conversations in my head with myself whether or not this will look awful on my skin tone. Well, I said screw it and got it anyways because it was a pretty color!

I think it looks good or am I horribly mistaken? LOL. I think it has more of pinkish tone to it which makes it work for me if it was more blue toned it wouldn't be pretty. It's a great color, it's not a typical color I'd pick out, but that's what makes me like it more. It seems trendy, different, and perfect for spring and summer. This is 3 coats. It went on smoothly and probably would look even better if I had a bit of tan going on, but overall I love it! <3

They also had Minted there which is a mint green -sigh-. Mint green is a very popular color among nail polish fans, but I have yet to find the perfect mint for me. I am scared of the mint green. Yes, I treat as if it's some evil monster who purposely doesn't mix well with my skin tone just to spite me! I think I'll leave my mint green and green polish story for another blog post, because maybe you guys can help me!

Anyways here are some polishes I snagged recently. I'll swatch these at some point for you all, or let me know if there is one specifically you want to see, so I can do it sooner.

NYC-Canal Street, Sally Hansen- Pink Promise, Sally Hansen- Antique Bronze, Sally Hansen-Zip, Hard Candy- Lava, & China Glaze- Bing Cherry

Happy Friday! Yay weekend and yay sleep!

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  1. I think that color looks fabulous on you - it makes you look tan (or tan-er). It can be so difficult to find the right undertone in a color to match skin tone. Would love to see a swatch and review for Hard Candy - Lava. I've never tried the Hard Candy line and want to. ~Chris


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