Saturday, April 10, 2010

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to Imperfectly Painted. Before I get started I'd like to introduce myself and why I created this blog. My name is Stephanie and I'm 23 yr old Hospitality Management student in Florida. I live with my boyfriend and our diva cat who goes by various names Chara/Kitty/Francis, but mainly "Kitty". Poor cat is probably going through an identity crisis.

The reason behind the name of my blog "Imperfectly Painted" is that to be quite honest I don't do the best job at painting my own nails. I see lots of blogs with women whose nails look PERFECT, well I'm not one of them. I clean them up and make them look nice, but overall I'd like to think that most of us are not that great a painting our nails!

Things to expect form this blog:

-Sense of Humor (I know it's just nail polish, but I find some of my experiences with it to be rather humorous.)
-Affordable products ( Thanks to the blogger Nouveau Cheap I have discovered the beauty and wonders of drugstore products so I will not review/mention nail products over $10.)
-Tips,tricks, and ideas (Share different ideas for layering nail polishes, holiday nail ideas, and etc.)
-Reviews (I will do reviews of newer products I find. Now, I can't get my hands on full collections or every new collection, but I try to sample a few new products I can find in stores.)
-Reader involvement (I want my readers to have a place in my blog. I will read comments and reply to them. If I find some comment interesting or relevant to something I want to blog about I will incorporate your comments,ideas, suggestions into the blog.
-Favorites/Not so favorites
-Future giveaways
-Miscellaneous (I may bring up some non-nail related products or information I may think everyone may find useful.)

And on that note I'd like to show you my nail of the weekend. I did this look using Icing's Blackout & Cover Girl City Lights

I used 3 coats Icing Blackout and 1 coat Cover Girl City Lights. Blackout already has holographic glitter in it, but I wanted more! If you don't have Blackout you can use any Black Creme and put 2 coats of City Lights on top or China Glaze Fairy Dust they are very similar.

Tip: Try not to do your nails late at night because you may get tired and fall asleep. I say this especially to those of you with furry friends who like to sleep on you. You will end up with smudged nail polish with bits of cat or dog hair in it and last time I checked that isn't a current fashion trend. :-/

That's all for now. I expect my next few posts will be about my favorite polishes for each color family. I think I'll start with pink? Does that sound good?

Have a great Saturday and thanks for viewing,


  1. Welcome to the blog world.
    It sounds like your blog is going to be great.
    Check out my blog. I'm having a giveaway.
    I'm following you,

  2. Great combination! It looks chunky and fun. I'm looking forward to seeing more affordable nail polishes and am glad your site is here. :)

  3. Thanks for posting my first 2 followers! I have both started following your blogs.

  4. Omg I LOL'ed at how you call your cat different names! I do the same thing...he's Ivan/Lucy/ and boobs...don't ask me why! lol I love this look too!

  5. Thanks so much for the shout-out, and I'm thrilled that I could inspire you to blog about affordable beauty (the best kind of beauty, IMHO!). Best of luck to you on your blogging journey, honey! It's a lot of hard work, but sooo much fun! xo


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