Thursday, April 22, 2010

China Glaze Glitter Swatches & Happy Earth Day!

Here are some polishes I got awhile ago I hadn't had the chance to swatch. All of these are the China Glaze glitter polishes they released in late summer/early fall of last year.

Mango Madness

This is a coral jelly base with lots of chunky iridescent glitter! It's a fun polish for sure. This is 3 coats and it could maybe use 4. You could use this layer over something else, but I prefer it on its own.


This is a kind of a scarlet red jelly with chunky holographic glitter. Sorry, I couldn't capture this well my camera doesn't really like red glittery polishes :(. This is 2 coats.

Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine is a milky white jelly with goldish iridescent glitter throughout. I'm not sure how I feel about this polish. I love it in the bottle, but I don't think it really suits me. I'm not quite sure what it is but something is off about it? It would probably look better against a darker skin tone. This was 3 coats.

Moving on! Happy Earth Day everyone! I know every blog is posting this, so I'll just give it quick mention. Zoya is having their Zoya Polish Exchange in celebration of Earth Day.

You can mail them a minimum of 6 polishes any kind but their own and they'll mail you equal number of their own polishes in return. This does come with a price tag, but you will be saving a lot! If you're interested click on the link I provided above for more info.

Like many people have said everyday should be Earth Day. I know we all fall victim to this but in our busy lives we sometimes forget about how wonderful and precious our Earth is. I think not only should we take action to be more "green", but we should also educate ourselves more on our Earth. It's always good to know why we should recycle or why we should save water? I suggest maybe reading up, watching a program, or surfing the internet on topic that may interest you on how our world works or has changed whether it be Geology, Meteorology,Paleontology, or etc. Knowledge is important and can never learn enough! In the big picture in our universe the Earth is nothing but a spec of dust (not even). Earth and humanity are unique and one-of-kind as far as we know. We should do our best to protect and take care of planet because it's the only home we have.

To leave off I want to post some pretty pictures I took in England when I visited a few summers ago. Nature is always so beautiful!

Have a great day! I'm 2 followers away from posting my giveaway!


  1. AH, I MUST have Dynasty! It's such a gorgeous color. & I love China Glaze.

  2. Jelly glitters are great huh? You can never go wrong with them, only problem is something they're a pain to take off!


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